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The Book Of Joseph (Far Cry 5) by BryannaGillen
The Book Of Joseph (Far Cry 5)by Bryanna Gillen
This is The Book of Joseph. Only a couple thousand were made and given away to those who bought the Mondo edition of Far Cry 5. I thought this would be a much easier w...
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Collapse (Faith Seed x reader) by scared_POTTAH
Collapse (Faith Seed x reader)by 🖤🖤
"I know you've heard stories about me. That I'm a liar. A manipulator. That I poison people's minds. Well, let me tell you a different story. A true story."
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The new dawn (Carmina rye x male reader) by theman1384
The new dawn (Carmina rye x male r...by the man
"The world tore itself apart the day I was born...my dad was missing due to some sort of assignment he had to do up here so...all I had left was my mom, my big brot...
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Pride || J. S. by PowerOfYes
Pride || J. S.by LuLu
The Baptist "You're in denial" "Maybe it's just my pride" _ In which pride stands between love
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Far Cry 5 One-Shot/Drabble Collection by CuriousWyvern
Far Cry 5 One-Shot/Drabble Collect...by Englass
This is a collection of short, sometimes long, written pieces set in and around the Far Cry 5 universe. Feel free to suggest something in the comments section of any pie...
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Envy || J. S. by PowerOfYes
Envy || J. S.by LuLu
The Father "Envy will follow you till death" "I'll take that" _ In which envy consumes two hearts
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Addicted (A John Seed Fanfiction) [Far Cry 5] by haywills
Addicted (A John Seed Fanfiction)...by PrincessJinTae
Years before the Federal Marshall attempted to arrest Joseph, and failed miserably, Hope County was divided by those who accepted The Project at Eden's Gate, and those w...
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Greed || J. S. by PowerOfYes
Greed || J. S.by LuLu
The Soldier "Your greed will ruin you" "Not before you do" _ In which greed yearns for the wrong things
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He thought I was dead by StarWeasl18
He thought I was deadby StarWeasl18
Joesph says that his wife was killed in that car accident but what if she lives and has coem back to undo what Joesph has done will it end for her in blood or will it be...
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If I was in farcry5  by johnseedlove
If I was in farcry5 by johnseedlove
This is what I would do and say during some side missions, story missions, and just travelling around hope county! some weird thoughts Some funny ones Some just out of a...
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           ❪near light ❫             joseph seed by mohanghales
❪near light ❫...by samira ♡
❝ worlds change when eyes meet. ❞ ━━ [ UBISOFT ] [ FAR CRY 5 ] [ JOSEPH SEED X OC ] [ © MOHANGHALES 2017 ] [ MATURE CONTENT ]
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Pamiętniki grzeszników [Far Cry 5] by Fumusia
Pamiętniki grzeszników [Far Cry 5]by Fumusia
Zbiór wpisów z pamiętników grupki osób, która udała się do Hope County w stanie Montana, aby odkryć sekret tajemniczego kultu tam panującego i ukazać całą prawdę przed m...
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Oh Sinner lets go down to the river to pray by StarWeasl18
Oh Sinner lets go down to the rive...by StarWeasl18
It was quiet too quiet there were no song birds, no howling of wolves in the distance only my breathing in the dark place in the night for me to sound scared and fearful...
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Far Cry One Shots...Maybe by ZombieSmittenKitten
Far Cry One Shots...Maybeby ZombieSmittenKitten
Title says it all. I wrote my current Opum Magnus of one shots and I need to share my sins with the world. Edit 1: I'm gonna go through and edit these when I can cause m...
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Far Cry One-Shots by TheMightyPeanutMan
Far Cry One-Shotsby TheMightyPeanutMan
From the mountaintops of Kyrat to the jungles of the Rook Islands, from the chaotic battlefields of Africa to the vast forests of Hope County, even all the way back in t...
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