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Hoist the Colours by CJDaia
Hoist the Coloursby Daia
Everyone knows who her mother is even if you never been to the deepest, darkest part of the bayou. Here in Auradon if you dress a different way or talk different or even...
Never Shall We Die by CJDaia
Never Shall We Dieby Daia
As Marilyn and her friends face their biggest challenge yet when an unfathomable dark force threatens the people of Auradon she also have to face the truth about herself...
In Lieu of the Expressionist by mjjj956
In Lieu of the Expressionistby Adeto Kunbo
Influenced by art, mythology, folklore, and alternative expressions, these poems are the culmination of growth over three years. Having had the chance the participate in...
The Craft; Witchcraft Basics by equinoxwitch
The Craft; Witchcraft Basicsby Equinox Witch
A basic rundown of everything I know about the craft. I am a Christian witch who incorporates hoodoo into my practices as a way to honor my ancestors, the ones who carri...
Echos by happyaxident
Echosby Please sage Salem
A story of love, magic, ancestry, and reincarnation. What if we could relive parts of our past lives, look into our future, and experience life in someone else's shoes...
Voodoo Doll//Legacies by VikturrisChildrn313
Voodoo Doll//Legaciesby VikturrisChildrn313
Sabine Laurie a young witch with voodoo and hoodoo in her blood. She's the last of her coven and carries the magic of 300 witches in her. She's been sat the Salvatore Sc...
Sinners All by nriemann
Sinners Allby nriemann
Welcome to New Orleans and the first book of my "Sinners" series! The Grey family will be your tour guides as they introduce their world to Dyson Grey's best...
Supernatural Hunting Guide by thanksimgay
Supernatural Hunting Guideby Jordan Schmidt 👽
Heey, I brought this diary-like book to you based on the novels, the series and the anime, I wrote everything I could down and it took me a LOT of research, but I'm alwa...
-Book Of Shadows Volume One- by batteryaccid
-Book Of Shadows Volume One-by Mia
This spell book will include the spells that I have memorized and use myself. I will also include photos of the spell and what it might look like.
Black Magic Woman by CourtneyChaChi
Black Magic Womanby courtneychachi
In the modern world witches have to hide who they are and what they can do especially from witch hunters. What happens when the two opposing worlds cross paths? Will the...
Star Conjure: Book 1 Brotherhood of Able by Zhirydaconqueror
Star Conjure: Book 1 Brotherhood o...by Zhirydaconqueror
There is a world of magic that lives beside our own. The council runs the civilized world while Covenants run the underground. This is the story of how four young adults...
Eric's Enigma by chrisybabez
Eric's Enigmaby Christiana (kris-tee-anna)
*IN THE PROCESS OF EDITING* Chloe Walters is just a freshman attending a university in a small town in upstate New York. There is nothing much to Cedar Crest until a str...
Easy houdou  by Luka-Vem
Easy houdou by Ti Luka
Simple Hoodoo I use
A Family of Witches, Book 2 by LoLoTheLibra
A Family of Witches, Book 2by Salome Raphaela
A family of witches descended from royalty, placed on this planet to help bring back peace and unconditional love into a world of hate and fear. They would battle dark e...
Everything Has A Price by VickiPsytheMoore
Everything Has A Priceby Vampire Queen Vicki
Zelina uses voodoo to return her dead parents to her, but soon finds out that everything has a price. Cover Photo by Yadira Gibson on Unsplash
The Best Joke Ever by TheBeastlyTeletubby
The Best Joke Everby Ryan Cawley
(Depending on the circumstances)