Before Them (prequel) by iamantares
Before Them (prequel)by Cactus Cérès
[TERMINÉE] [AU - riordanverse] [prequel et spin-off de The Wise Girl] 1987. L'histoire commence en 1987, avec Perséphone, Zac, Harry, Peter et Sally... tous encore au ly...
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A Sliver Lining {percabeth AU} by ANNABETH765
A Sliver Lining {percabeth AU}by ♡~ Kaori ~♡
Annabeth chase a girl that had a great life living with her family but after an unfortunate accident everything changes . Disclaimer :I don't own any one except the char...
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 the betrayed avenger by t4r4n4
the betrayed avengerby t4r4n4
Percy has been betrayed, but where he ends up is what people would call cool, he's in avengers tower! Living with his uncle, attending school. Learning his new powers u...
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King of Zacron [Percy Jackson Fanfic] by B4ckbit3r
King of Zacron [Percy Jackson Fanf...by Backbiter
Summary: Percy didn't expect his fiancé to cheat on him. He feels really depressed. He decides to leave camp half blood. A year later, he was given a new life by an pri...
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Mister Drowsy (HoO x Male reader) by Jolex_555
Mister Drowsy (HoO x Male reader)by Dynamic Duo
heroes of Olympus male reader insert
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Who are You?- Leo Valdez Story by JessicaRocket9
Who are You?- Leo Valdez Storyby Jessica Rocket
when a incident happens and Leo almost kills someone, he runs away. mean while his friends are looking for him. ALSO, I DONT OWN THESE CHARATERS. RICK ROIDAN DOES. READ...
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Random stuff about PJO,HOO,TOA,TMI by grace12m34v
Random stuff about PJO,HOO,TOA,TMIby G :) :P
There may be other stuff as well such as Magnus Chase and Kane Chronicles(Mostly stuff from Rick Riordan).
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REYNA | ( PLOT SHOP ! ) by doctorwhomst
REYNA | ( PLOT SHOP ! )by rayla x claudia uwu
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NOT AGAIN (BAEKHYUN FF) by uminboazi
when a girl named Park Chaehyun, was determined not to fall in love again but was betrayed with her own heart...
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One Shots | Jenzie + PJO/HoO by Jenziendgame
One Shots | Jenzie + PJO/HoOby Alyssa 🏹
These are my one shots - Jenzie, Bryson, Layden, Cayden, ect. There will also be a few based on PJO/HoO. So some of these might be about Percabeth, Frazel, Jasper/Jipe...
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HoO/PJO soulmate AU by jillabeena
HoO/PJO soulmate AUby KetChUP
A HoO\PJO soulmate AU for the soul, when you write on your arm it appears on your soulmates. How will Jason, Leo, Frank, Nico and Percy find their soulmates? From the pe...
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Nico Goes To Hogwarts by Horsegirl100205
Nico Goes To Hogwartsby Ava V
The giant war ended 3 years ago, Nico has a boyfriend and a life. Until Nico and Will are roped into the wizarding world. To protect the golden trio from Voldemort, and...
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The Art of Not Existing  by AkiraVale75
The Art of Not Existing by Akira Vale
William Solace was always on the adventurous side of the spectrum. He and his girlfriend Lou Ellen have always loved going on elaborate trips. For their sixth anniversar...
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The Lost Heroine by AmeliaHolder
The Lost Heroineby Alexus AP
Ever wonder what would've happened if it weren't Jason and Percy who were taken, but their counterparts? That's right. This is a completely opposite story, where The two...
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Psyche Jackson ↠↠↠ by LilDucksOnQuack
Psyche Jackson ↠↠↠by J U L I E
The story of Psyche Jackson, the twin of Percy Jackson. STARTED: 11/12/18 ENDING: --- [Lightening Thief - ?] (Cover by @doctorwhomst)
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Percy's Going to Goode again? by BlueFoodMakesMeHappy
Percy's Going to Goode again?by BlueFoodMakesMeHappy
DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT READ BOTH THE PJO AND THE HOO BOOK SERIES!! ~Please and thank you💕 Percy is going to school at Goode High School for a second year?! Th...
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GOLDEN | ( H . LEVESQUE ! ) by doctorwhomst
GOLDEN | ( H . LEVESQUE ! )by rayla x claudia uwu
❝I THINK, HAZEL LEVESQUE -- AND IN SPITE OF WHAT YOU THINK -- THAT YOU ARE SIMPLY GOLDEN.❞ in which two cursed and broken people...
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Demigods at Hogwarts?! by LunaLoonie878
Demigods at Hogwarts?!by LunaLoonie878
This is a story that me and my friends made (Most of the people I follow). Please read and enjoy! THX GUYS
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Percabeth Trash<3 (DISCOUNTINUED) by Awesomeamberfox
Percabeth Trash<3 (DISCOUNTINUED)by Bish is Sleeping
Based off my deleted version ;3 CURSING!!!!!!!!!! WARNING Au's! Headcanons, oneshots, lyrics?! And so much more about the PJO Fandom's 1# OTP Updated when an idea pops u...
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Faded by Hades_Loki_Anubis
Fadedby Thomas Lancaster
When the Gods of Olympus begin to fade into oblivion, they decide to elect one of their children to carry on in their place. But how will the Demigods react? What will t...
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