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Our love will survive  by Sukorian
Our love will survive by Sukorian
A gift for my friend one of my best friends Sonja A major lands in the country where he founds love A girl who is not ready to marry finds a soulmate in a stranger
  • border
  • trust
  • tejasswi
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Who dares to ask for my wife? by Sukorian
Who dares to ask for my wife?by Sukorian
Serial based Who is this Sheikh?
  • chakoriya
  • suraj
  • proud
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The Book Of Random by MsReannaVCJPC02
The Book Of Randomby Reanna Bajnath
The typical book about nothing in particular...... Got yuh there. I lied. Of course it's a story. *$*$*$* "Make me!" I dared to test Jackson's patience . "...
  • scepter
  • glory
  • powers
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War zone by Veterancivilspider
War zoneby Veterancivilspider
Poetry from the soul of a military girl.
  • weapons
  • navy
  • war
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Within The Shadows of Her Dreams by ritzee_13
Within The Shadows of Her Dreamsby Rithu Arun
Everyone she'd ever known had avoided her like the plague, no one spoke to her and all of them called her a curse upon the world. But Ash was just an innocent fifteen-ye...
  • politics
  • newadult
  • discrimination
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The runaway Couple - SuKor (under editing) by Sukorian
The runaway Couple - SuKor (under...by Sukorian
What happens when the bride runs away at her wedding day...? Unknown which journey is waiting for her! She meets the man of her dreams... !
  • sukor
  • honour
  • proud
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Sayings that stir up your mind and makes you inspire... by rizwana0411
Sayings that stir up your mind and...by rizwana0411
This is my 2nd trial... This is about quotes and slogans about different topics...which in turn makes you inspire and move further...It will be a turning point for ur li...
  • knowledge
  • failure
  • anxiety
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Lakshya (target / under editing) by Sukorian
Lakshya (target / under editing)by Sukorian
A story around Laksh how he suffered. This time Ragini has to show the love and try to make him forgive her. First post 02.04.18 currently under editing and new parts ar...
  • ragya
  • hate
  • wattys2018
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The Awaited Dawn by ShootiiiiingStar
The Awaited Dawnby Aatii..
✨ // Collection of Short Stories // ✨ Contents : - امتحانِ محبت ✨
  • love
  • haveli
  • fiction
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Christian by beatlesfangal
Christianby Macca rules
  • jesus
  • sprit
  • amèn
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The Fool by ablueartist
The Foolby S.A Barlow
This is the first part of S A Barlows epic adventure The Council of the Light. The Banned Planet Earth is due for self-destruction and Clarence O'Leary, a Leprechaun, me...
  • politics
  • adiction
  • portals
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Silence by adventureworld
Silenceby adventureworld
How strange, depressing the idea that someone would spend their whole life...concealed, faceless behind a dark canvas. And how terrifying the prospect of spending your w...
  • dark
  • arranged
  • danger
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The Thorned Citadel by Exquisitely_nerdy
The Thorned Citadelby Exquisitely_nerdy
The world is a...cruel place, a haven for brutal struggles, silenced voices, tortured souls. Life is anything but simple, it is an elaborate dance, An endless game drive...
  • classstruggle
  • mediaeval
  • powers
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For One's Honour | | Under editing by SweetDoodles
For One's Honour | | Under editingby Sweet Doodles
_____________________________________ Her mother killed for believing in what is right, her father a criminal on the loose. Adopted by her aunt and Uncle as that was her...
  • cultural
  • killing
  • education
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Aitraaz hai... - RagLak by Sukorian
Aitraaz hai... - RagLakby Sukorian
It's about a woman (Ragini) who fights for her husband (Laksh). Against his ex-girlfriend (Swara) who is accusing him. It's inspired by the movie Aitraaz.
  • helly
  • help
  • woman
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Mrs. Lakshya Maheshwari - RagLak (ON HOLD) by Sukorian
Mrs. Lakshya Maheshwari - RagLak (...by Sukorian
Peep in...
  • love
  • revenge
  • honour
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Fulfilling my wife's desires - SS RagLak by Sukorian
Fulfilling my wife's desires - SS...by Sukorian
The real spin-off of Fulfilling my Husbands desire
  • romace
  • ragini
  • hope
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Book 1; Guns, Love, Roses by officialglv
Book 1; Guns, Love, Rosesby Jerome Kay
Follow Jordan, a 17 year old teenager who grows up with one of the most infamous gang in the western suburbs of Melbourne for all his life he is taught to only show love...
  • brotherhood
  • truestory
  • australia
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Main Maayke Chali jaungi 😁 - RagLak  {Tuesday} by Sukorian
Main Maayke Chali jaungi 😁 - RagL...by Sukorian
Serial adaption
  • friendship
  • motherinlaw
  • love
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