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Bound By Honour (Book 1) by randomthoughts96
Bound By Honour (Book 1)by randomthoughts96
Two lands, one much richer than the other. A betrothal is suggested. Wolfe and Raven are to be married, or at least that is what Sparrow believes when she arrives to wis...
  • betrothal
  • warrior
  • lord
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Loyalty Or Honour (Book 3) by randomthoughts96
Loyalty Or Honour (Book 3)by randomthoughts96
The time has come for Hunter, the only illegitimate son of the late Lord Usani, to know the true meaning of family, loyalty and honour. The path ahead is fraught with da...
  • knights
  • queen
  • loyalty
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The Silent Female Alpha by DianaShadoWish
The Silent Female Alphaby Diana
[In editing] After the death of her parents, a female She-wolf, Selyen Stormrage was supposed to be the next Alpha but due to her age, her uncle took over the Alpha rol...
  • pack
  • alpha
  • mate
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Love And Honour (Book 2) by randomthoughts96
Love And Honour (Book 2)by randomthoughts96
Nothing has gone as planned. Logan of the Usani family had every intention of persuading the powerful Ricell family that he was worthy enough to marry their daughter. H...
  • historicalfiction
  • death
  • warrior
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1885 When her father dies, Rosalind Trevellian (19) is left destitute and homeless. Grief-stricken and apprehensive, Rosalind travels far west to the mansion of her dist...
  • adultry
  • death
  • loveless
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For Him - Shawn Mendes by mendestastic
For Him - Shawn Mendesby Nim 💫
People, he told me, care a hell of a lot more when you're gone. So here, in loving memory of Shawn.
  • trust
  • safe
  • aaliyahmendes
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Book 1; Love and Roses by jeromekayy81
Book 1; Love and Rosesby Jerome Kay
Follow Jordan, a 17 year old teenager who grows up with one of the most infamous gang in the western suburbs of Melbourne for all his life he is taught to only show love...
  • love
  • belonging
  • identity
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Alpha Brothers - The Trickster (book 4) by penniebroekman1
Alpha Brothers - The Trickster (bo...by Penniebroekman1
Congrats on finishing Alpha Brothers - the Lonely Brother!!!! Vote, comments are very much appreciated!!!! Now it's Graham's turn. Last time we met Bleu, it was long ag...
  • alpha
  • hotties
  • honour
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Our love will survive  by Sukorian
Our love will survive by Sukorian
A gift for my friend one of my best friends Sonja A major lands in the country where he founds love A girl who is not ready to marry finds a soulmate in a stranger
  • love
  • laksh
  • lakshya
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Main Maayke Chali jaungi 😁 - RagLak  {Tuesday} by Sukorian
Main Maayke Chali jaungi 😁 - RagL...by Sukorian
Serial adaption
  • raglak
  • ragini
  • faith
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The Awaited Dawn by ShootiiiiingStar
The Awaited Dawnby Aatii..
✨ // Collection of Short Stories // ✨ Contents : - امتحانِ محبت ✨
  • separation
  • spiritual
  • marriage
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Crossing Worlds (Avatar: A Fanfiction) by BonnieTheHuman
Crossing Worlds (Avatar: A Fanfict...by Bibliophile
"I raise my head slowly to look at the person talking to me. A bald kid with blue tattoos in the shape of arrows on his arms and head stands in front of me. He look...
  • love
  • katara
  • iroh
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Falling For A Village Girl  by AdamQudrah
Falling For A Village Girl by Adam Qudrah
Rumaina is an intelligent village girl who crossed part with the all famous business tycoon Mr Amir sheik who is a very rude person who wants nothing but to get back at...
  • fellings
  • rude
  • attitude
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Daughter of Markus by ShaknaIs
Daughter of Markusby Shakna Israel
First book of The Heart of Madness Trilogy, followed by Savrsen of Isein and Sister of Magick. Bethia was a young girl abandoned at an orphanage, until the day that Mark...
  • watcher
  • machine
  • basement
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Sayings that stir up your mind and makes you inspire... by rizwana0411
Sayings that stir up your mind and...by rizwana0411
This is my 2nd trial... This is about quotes and slogans about different topics...which in turn makes you inspire and move further...It will be a turning point for ur li...
  • victory
  • failure
  • honour
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Book 2; Love and Roses by jeromekayy81
Book 2; Love and Rosesby Jerome Kay
Meet Jordan Kai, a young adult who is the proud leader of the infamous gang called YKS who ruled the streets of Melbourne within their era. Jordan's loyalty, honour, and...
  • honour
  • gangs
  • loyalty
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Aurora - Book One of The BrightStone Saga -  'Currently Writing & Editing' by Leed21
Aurora - Book One of The BrightSto...by Lee Dawson
- Book One of The BrightStone Saga - In a dying and repressed world, a cruel and deranged king controls his kingdom with his death squads. East, on the outer edges of K...
  • fantasyadventure
  • war
  • fantasy
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Pearl of the Stars by AngusEcrivain
Pearl of the Starsby Angus Ecrivain
In the aftermath of an epic battle, the Pearl of the Stars arrives home, ready for her next mission...
  • spaceship
  • sciencefiction
  • military
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Lakshya (target / under editing) by Sukorian
Lakshya (target / under editing)by Sukorian
A story around Laksh how he suffered. This time Ragini has to show the love and try to make him forgive her. First post 02.04.18 currently under editing and new parts ar...
  • lakshya
  • raglak
  • understanding
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Fulfilling my wife's desires - SS RagLak by Sukorian
Fulfilling my wife's desires - SS...by Sukorian
The real spin-off of Fulfilling my Husbands desire
  • wish
  • arranged
  • ragini
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