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  When you're in love all the lines get blurred ( YoonMin / BTS ) by httpunkmigc
When you're in love all the line...by Salo 💫
Jimin isn't sure what possessed him to lie to his mother and tell her that he had a boyfriend, but now that he's opened the position, he has no choice but to fill it. Yo...
  • ftisland
  • woozi
  • yoongi
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Model for Me~ [CNBLUE Kpop Fanfiction] by Blueboicegirl
Model for Me~ [CNBLUE Kpop Fanfict...by Blueboicegirl
You have planned the trip to Korea for many months and now you're finally here in Seoul!... But only because you got chosen to come here for an internship. You couldn't...
  • music
  • boice
  • minhyuk
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Never Thought by SeleneBorealis
Never Thoughtby MelodyLightsAhgasesStarlight
A once in a lifetime opportunity opened for you in South Korea unexpectedly offered by a person whom no one will believe you are friends with. Would you accept it despit...
  • bangtan
  • hongki
  • bts
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Raining Fire [KPOP HUNGER GAMES Book 2] by TaeyangsFeet
Raining Fire [KPOP HUNGER GAMES Bo...by TaeyangsFeet
Book two of "KPOP HUNGER GAMES" Minho is still alive, and finds out President Rain's true secrets. Will he tell the world and destroy Rain once and for all? or...
  • tastytwins
  • minho
  • kdrama
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Cherry Flavoured Fate by animeinthestars
Cherry Flavoured Fateby Lillie
Sixteen, 5'3, Hye Yeong is a student from Korea. Her parents want her to improve her English and send her to England. But her host family's son Austin is a seriously dre...
  • catherine
  • flavoured
  • yeong
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Puzzle Pieces (Lee Hong Ki) [Completed] by -BeautifulDreamer-
Puzzle Pieces (Lee Hong Ki) [Compl...by Rin
A girl doesn't know what to do with her life. She's just so bored all the time and things always seem to go too well. She thinks she might actually die from being too bo...
  • fanfic
  • fluff
  • hongki
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My Heaven by vulnerable_garnet
My Heavenby Winn Leviosa
Maybe I've loved you too early. Maybe I've loved you too late. It doesn't really matter. All I want to know is... "Will you still wait for me?" (A short story...
  • fanfiction
  • jaejin
  • hongki
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Niga Eobtneun Nan Eobseo (Without You I'm Nothing) by JunkookieVJimin
Niga Eobtneun Nan Eobseo (Without...by RonnieRadkeFan
Je m'appelle Laury, j'ai 18 ans et je suis en 1ère dans un petit lycée de France. J'aime beaucoup chanter, danser, regarder des dramas et écouter ma musique. Mon groupe...
  • ftisland
  • hongki
  • lee
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I'm inlove with my brother by xoxo_joan
I'm inlove with my brotherby xoxo_joan
Im Yoona and Lee Hong Ki Tandem Hope you like it!!
  • hongki
  • krystal
  • yoona
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FTISLAND Profiles and Facts by MultifandomDiary
FTISLAND Profiles and Factsby Kpop Multifandom Diary
New to this fandom known as "Primadonna?" Well come and read the following fun facts of FTISLAND :)
  • facts
  • seunghyun
  • island
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Jak poznałam mojego idola? (ONE SHOT) |Hongki| by SuzuAzumi
Jak poznałam mojego idola? (ONE SH...by ᴡᴡᴡ.SuzuAz.18sexy.be
Zastanawialiście się kiedyś co mogłoby się stać, gdybyście poznali swojego idola, który przyjechał na koncert do waszego kraju? Co mogłoby się między wami wydarzyć? Pewn...
  • kpop
  • polska
  • hetero
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The Moment My Heart Started Beating by hongminagwgm
The Moment My Heart Started Beatingby hongminagwgm
A young man living the life of a superstar who is unable to love. He has it all; money, fame, girls, talent, and a remarkable voice, but still feels like he's missing so...
  • fujiimina
  • hongki
  • leehongki
Boy Meets Girl by winter_primadonna
Boy Meets Girlby Kilara
Hongki- A teenage boy who always seems to be sad. Lee Jieun- A normal girl who is cheerful, cute and outgoing Kang Jiyoung- A girl hongki has liked for a long time. Bae...
  • girl
  • suzy
  • iuxhongki
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LeeHongKi as HongKi You as JunYunJi ByunBaekhyun as Baekhyun KwonHyeRi as Hyeri sinopsis??mianhaeyo..I don't know what to put here..nak tau apa relationship diorang nie...
  • baekhyun
  • mina
  • jimin
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Heaven's story by LemonsOnAPearTree
Heaven's storyby LEMON
Can Haneul survive a non-normal high school? What obstacles will jump in her and her friends way? P.S. The Korean idols are role playing as character in my story for I c...
  • fanfiction
  • hongki
  • tao
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Summer Festival by FIRE-HEART
Summer Festivalby FIRE-HEART
Love is in the Air... Kpop Summer One Shot
  • kpop
  • festival
  • love
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