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Living with a Sohma by Goldenrukh25
Living with a Sohmaby Goldenrukh25
A fruits basket fan fiction. Yumena Honda is Tohru's younger sister. She's very smart and pretty but selfless at the same time. She cares deeply for her sister Tohru and...
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favoritos fics yugioh by ayelen-rock
favoritos fics yugiohby Ayelen
Aqui compartiré fics que me gustan que no están en esta pagina
Give Me Color.  by LordAkihiro
Give Me Color. by MoonLight Writer
The Black Cat was loved by her God, and her friends. She was kind and caring, and love to make them happy. She loved her God. But not in the way her loved her. For the...
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For Ever Lasting(X READER)(COMPLETE) by GreaterGoodMaster
For Ever Lasting(X READER)( GreaterGoodMaster
FAN-FICTION ALSO INCLUDES ROMANCE AND X READER AS IT GOES ALONG THE SERIES Yugi. He was your best friend since kindergarten. What am I talking about was? He still is! Yo...
Brotherhood: Sword Art Online by Millresh
Brotherhood: Sword Art Onlineby Millresh
My name is Michael, for the longest time I dreamed about traveling to other dimensions or realms as some would call them. I finally got my chance but at a price. Me and...
bewd by RoBoomer_r
bewdby blackability
a beautiful story about the best man's creation ever : bewd
Tohru Honda Appreciation book by tonruhonda
Tohru Honda Appreciation bookby I’ll eat you and kill your pa...
this is an appreciation book for the lovely angle tohru honda she does not get any of the love she deserves so im gonna give her some
Anime Imagines/Reactions by Erincullen0
Anime Imagines/Reactionsby ❤︎ℰ𝓇𝒾𝓃❤︎
Anime Imagines and Reactions! I write for the following ANIMES: -Inuyasha -Ouran High School Host Club -Maid Sama -Wolf girl and Black Prince -Sailor Moon -Gugure! Kokku...
With A Little Fate by SukiSakamoto
With A Little Fateby SukiSakamoto
Akito has been sick for as long as he can remember. Always in the darkness. Always uncared for. Never loved. But what happens when a girl from the time when the Mabaduch...
Game Kings and Ice Queens (Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0) by InariKiri
Game Kings and Ice Queens ( InariKiri
All Yugi really wants is some true friends. But as he puts his trust in that wish coming true through a mysterious ancient puzzle, he gets more than he bargained for. Th...
The Alternative by JudeStarkeyMcCartney
The Alternativeby JudeStarkeyMcCartney
Transferring to a new University was supposed to be an exciting turning point in Yugi Mutou's life. Reuniting with old friends and making new ones sounded like a huge re...
Living Louder by RowennaAnderson
Living Louderby Cassi
Akito (male) x Tohru and Kyo x Yuki “Because the important thing is, right now Akito,…. Your alive." maybe she was right. Maybe I should try to just live life whi...
Bella Is A Badass! Take That Edward! by Black_Tipped_Rose_xx
Bella Is A Badass! Take That Cara
Bella is back and she is one ticked off vampire. Going to Volturi she meets the Cullen family again and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!! Edward desperatly want her back but Bell...
The body I'm In by avatarhay
The body I'm Inby A Person
When Tohru Honda and Nanami Momozono Switch bodies what will happen. Will they tell the boys that have be trust into about the mishap or will they try to figure it out o...
We Met Again by Blue_DengDong
We Met Againby YO_BUNNY
2nd part of the book IT WILL NEVER CHANGE..
Fruits Basket (TBD) by Parakeetlovey
Fruits Basket (TBD)by A Silenced Writer
After living with the Sohma boys for almost two years, Tohru was desperate to find a way to break the family's curse. Through this, she still provides emotional support...
Yugioh One Shots (Requests Are Closed) by ShadowVanitas
Yugioh One Shots (Requests Are ✨ℳ𝒾𝓃𝒹𝓈𝓁𝒶𝓋𝑒✨
{Atem Art From Yanariijelle From Deviant-Art, Go Check Them Out For More If Ya Want} Well Howdly Doodly Doo Neighbor Reeno? Marik:SHADDAP I Love Doing That To Random Fic...
The Place I Hide My Secrets (a Fruits Basket fanfic KyoxTohru) by eJay112
The Place I Hide My Secrets (a ~♡Benpai♡~
Tohru was just a ordinary girl. one day she was asked to tutor Kyo Sohma. will this be a mutual relationship or will it become something bigger? Characters that show up...
WeirdoSquad vs Oddguys by PurfectKat
WeirdoSquad vs Oddguysby Dumpling
The WeirdoSquad is an original three person girl group who live completely 'normal' lives. First close Internet friends, but ended up leading to meeting each other in pe...