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Homestruck Stories

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8 Stories

Mollys Random Thingy Magiger  by XxunderswapmollyxX
Mollys Random Thingy Magiger by B3 M3H FW3IND PL3AS3
fandoms ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • undertale
  • awsome
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Bored? by ssssslutt
Bored?by ssssslutt
Have any book ideas? Something you've always wanted to read but no one has really done it right? Comment or message me and I will write whatever you want... In the weir...
  • ideas
  • yandere
  • homestruck
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Terminally Capricious by JennieHall0
Terminally Capriciousby MitunaCaptor
Sup, Want some Faygo? The names Gamzee Makara. I'm one of the 24 trolls, Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you.
  • gamzee
  • faygo
  • gamzeemakara
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Trolls on earth  by NaruSasu2222
Trolls on earth by Danielle Butterfield
Crossover between Naruto, InuYasha, and Homestruck. I own just my oc's.
  • homestruck
  • naruto
  • fanfiction
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[]Homestruck[]A HomeStuck AU[] by Katofcats
[]Homestruck[]A HomeStuck AU[]by Katofcats
The 8 humans get struck by a blue lightning bolt, not killing them, but they go unconscious , only to wake up as mythical creatures/Hybrids/monsters Jake-Werewolf Jade...
  • jake
  • jade
  • john
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Zombiestuck Rp by Scaryvite
Zombiestuck Rpby ~Janie~
  • ốc
  • zombieapocalypse
  • homestruck
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The clown and the leader {Gamzee x Karkat fanfiction} by _HonkGamzeeMakara_
The clown and the leader {Gamzee x...by _HonkGamzeeMakara_
This story is one of my favorite ships! Gamzee (my fave :3) and karakt are morials. But that starts to change the more time they spend together! read on to see how thes...
  • love
  • clown
  • leader
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Match-Makers by YumeHoshiko
Match-Makersby Kaida Hoshiko
Ever wondered whom your match would be in the world you choose? I may be able to help you out. With a detailed Original Character Sheet and knowledge of several Franchis...
  • homestruck
  • dark-hunter
  • anime
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