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This Kitten Has Claws by Lol5679
This Kitten Has Clawsby Rae Ann
Waking up naked in the middle of the woods wasn't exactly on Amanda's summer wish list. With no recollection as to what happened to her or where she came from, Amanda mu...
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I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what? by CLQuinn
I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, CLQuinn
Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one no...
  • foster
  • xxxcazzaxxx
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His Property (ManxBoy) [on hold] by sleepingwith_PTV
His Property (ManxBoy) [on hold]by Killers be Killed
Roman was 13 when he was adopted by two 21 year old. Who he knows as mum and dad. When he starts falling for his dad, he's scared he'll have to go back into the Foster H...
  • man
  • boy
  • love
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London. (Grande's Twin Sister) (UNDER BIG EDIT) by DanielleRosemberg
London. (Grande's Twin Sister) ( DanielleRosemberg
Ariana Grande is an american actress, singer, and song writer from Boca Raton, Florida. London Johnson is an English student, daughter and sister from Holmes Chapel...
  • homes
  • friendship
  • drama
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The Fosters by life_is_overrated19
The Fostersby K
Neoma, everyone sees her as a badass. Although she is very kind at heart she has walls that protect her. Walls so high and so thick, no one can break through them but he...
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Finding Midnight by heyitstiger
Finding Midnightby MV0301
When 16-year-old Skylar Williams finally, finds a forever family, it happens to have five boys. All to abuse her, right? Well, that's what she thinks. Getting used to he...
  • boys
  • life
  • homes
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For the Love of A Daughter by DemiIsGod
For the Love of A Daughterby DemiIsGod
13 year old Unique was just a normal teenager with light brown caramel hair and blue eyes; so everyone thought. She appeared to have everything together, even through su...
  • group
  • nervosa
  • engagment
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Never Meant To Be (h.s) by WishThatWasMe
Never Meant To Be (h.s)by WishThatWasMe
«If you love someone, let them go. If it's meant to be, they'll come back to you.» Sophie Moore wasn't fond of Harry Styles. He was a nuisance, five-feet-something of...
  • love
  • sophie
  • world
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Outfits, Bedrooms, and More by Emma_Estelle
Outfits, Bedrooms, and Moreby 😇Emmy 😈
Ideas for baby clothes, little kid clothes, teen cloths, as well as bedrooms for all ages, and other ideas. Feel free to use for your stories!
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For the Love of Music by BeccaRibeiro
For the Love of Musicby Becca
Charlotte Grey has not known kindness for many years. After losing her parents in an accident when she was seven, she was thrown in an orpahnage. After four years of jus...
  • charlotte
  • lambert
  • foster
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Soft Spot by One_whoTravels
Soft Spotby A Traveler
Hey! My name is Jayden! I'm 6 years old and I live with my grand mother Mrs Hudson. In 221b Baker Street. My closest friend is a grown man-child named Sherlock Holmes. Y...
  • sherlock
  • moriarty
  • jayden
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I'm Not Gay { BoyxBoy }  by darkunicorn1460
I'm Not Gay { BoyxBoy } by 🖤 Lost Soul 🖤
Alex Finds himself Lost in his mind and struggles to know what his sexuality is.. The New boy levi almost had the same table as Alex and so they got closer friends ekth...
  • love
  • gay
  • alex
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Full Exposure ✓ by tigertowns
Full Exposure ✓by . . . ♕
❝One doesn't need psychometric ability to understand.❞ A house seeker's love for interior design brings out the stories of people who lived out their lives in the homes...
  • glory
  • seeking
  • happiness
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Lorde Piña Colada by maraizasantos7
Lorde Piña Coladaby Maraíza Santos
Ela queria fugir. Não sabia de quê, para onde ou com quem. Queria sair daquela rotina enfadonha e talvez esquecer que seu casamento estava em crise; por esse motivo resp...
  • colada
  • homes
  • classificado
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character stuff by -golden-world-
character stuffby Golden
  • stuff
  • clothes
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Neko Rp by RuthLEzra
Neko Rpby RuthLEzra
Neko high Jobs Homes
  • homes
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Green Clean Carpet Machine by GreenClean5
Green Clean Carpet Machineby GreenClean5
Over time, even the best carpets in Missoula can start to show their age. However, with regular carpet cleaning by Green Clean Carpet Machine, we'll help you make sure t...
  • orchard
  • east
  • upholstery
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Give me love. by Smile_Its_Cute_
Give me brianna
This is Athena williams story. She is a 15 Year old girl with blonde hair and blue green eyes. She is alone. Also she just moved in with her 15th foster home. She always...
  • love
  • malik
  • styles
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