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Kidnapped by The Holy Emo Trinity by lilchinoodleschu
Kidnapped by The Holy Emo Trinityby lilchinoodleschu
"My family, my frens, someone, anyone, they will look for me. They will come for me. They will find me." "Oh darling, you're so naïve. I would love to see...
The Emo Songs You Know, Except Good by oldmanrustymcgee
The Emo Songs You Know, Except Goodby Bruh
I make emo songs good, which is really hard since they all suck. (Don't come for me, I shop at Hot Tøpic)
In which Gabe and Pete summon a demon that accidently went to hell. A written collab w/ larryismysecret ! Portuguese vers: larryismysecret. Eng vers: myself.
Fandom Bible by thelifeofmemyself
Fandom Bibleby Bands R My Life
This is a bible written for a 'new' religion-the fandom religion, more specifically a bible based off people from the bandom. In this book I take famous people (from al...
book of holy emo-ness  by BentAndScratchyLine
book of holy emo-ness by Cc Way
like the title says. it's just a shit ton of emo shit bc I am a piece of shit
I Know It's Mad (Probably What the Newest Panic! Video Will Be) by falloutphanatdadisco
I Know It's Mad (Probably What the...by Sylvia
Probably what the new Panic! video will be...
Multi-Fandom Crack and Jokes by One-Hell-Of-A-Fan
Multi-Fandom Crack and Jokesby Abby ⭐️
Herro ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) This book is a mash of random fandom references, reactions, crack, and jokes! The Fandoms include: Holy Emo Trinity ( My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy...
Band Quotes  by RiverSongsSpoilers
Band Quotes by Chloe
Random quotes from my favourite bands.
Stuff the emo trinity fandom just gets by sassy666
Stuff the emo trinity fandom just...by Sassy
A book for all your emo souls (even though I don't think these bands are *cough*emo*cough*). Just some random stuff all you fans will get about fall out boy, Panic! At t...
How to make an Emo Cringe/Cry/Slap you! by The-Dare-devil
How to make an Emo Cringe/Cry/Slap...by The-Dare-devil
I'm so not sorry! I was slapped a ton when saying these...
Bandlings  by MumuRasaki
Bandlings by Murasakiyama Shinjo
You have been invited by peet wentz accept? (( 8th graders au! this is inspired by my own group chat haha This is the worst chat fic ever And not even funny And no...
The Emo Bible by KittyCxboose
The Emo Bibleby Kira Rose
Not totally great with these things.
How To Steal A Band by FallOutChurro
How To Steal A Bandby FallOutChurro
Three emo friends conspire to kidnap the members of Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! At The Disco. However, after they kidnap the bands, their plan backfire...
Lying Is The Most Fun... //Brendon Urie (Teacher AU)   by its_just_mili
Lying Is The Most Fun... //Brendon...by its_just_mili
Layla doesn't know what's ahaid of her as she falls for a brown-haired man.
Høuse øf gøld ( fanfic holy emo trinity)  by harrys_first_nipple
Høuse øf gøld ( fanfic holy emo tr...by harrys_first_nipple
Zombie apocalypse!!!!! Tyler Joseph and Brendon Urie just created their happy ending.... till something terrible crashed their plans. Along with Spencer Smith and Pete W...
Feeling As Good As Lovers Can || Holy Emo Trinity by homophobicsaregay
Feeling As Good As Lovers Can || H...by Elsword
I don't ship Ryden but I do ship Frerard and Peterick so yeah. Here's a high school love story about our beloved holy emo trinity. Enjoy!
Pray For The Wicked (Holy Emo Trinity Bible) by -nottheordinarytype
Pray For The Wicked (Holy Emo Trin...by 🌘 Chibi Moon 🌒
You'd better pray to the emo fathers because your bitch ass is going to hell #2 in holyemotrinity #88 Peterick