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The Cruel Prince Memes by apassableauthor
The Cruel Prince Memesby A passable author
Literally just Cruel Prince/Wicked King/Queen of Nothing/etc memes that I found on the internet. None are mine unless specified. From Google, Pinterest, etc. All rights...
The Princess of Elfhame by AnastasiaCalore
The Princess of Elfhameby TheGayWritergirl
It's been 19 years since Jude Duarte became Queen of Elfhame, 19 years since she became King Cardan Greenbriar's wife, 18 years since she gave birth to me. My name is R...
The Mortal Queen | The Cruel Prince / Wicked King Fanfic by CruelJane
The Mortal Queen | The Cruel Princ...by CruelJane
"What makes you think I'd want to go back after everything that happened? I've been here for months, and this place has actually grown on me. My life is here now.&q...
cardan and jude nsfw by nastienhka
cardan and jude nsfwby nastienhka
jurdan + sex in the throne room + a little bit of tail kink. hope you enjoy !!!
Faeries and Mortals (Cruel Prince/wicked king/ queen of nothing FanFic) by TheGreatMissMuffet
Faeries and Mortals (Cruel Prince...by Fatme
A compilation of fanfic stories about the Cruel Prince Series by Holly Black, featuring mainly Jude and Cardan. *Includes spoilers for all 3 books: the Cruel Prince, the...
Cruel prince one-shots by TheasDamBooks
Cruel prince one-shotsby 𝚃𝚑𝚎𝚊<𝟹
I can't find enough fanfics and those I find are 1 part. Therefore I shall just try to make my own. Warning: I have no good experience with writing or relationships, ak...
Dearest Punishment by IndelibleInk88
Dearest Punishmentby IndelibleInk88
***MAJOR WICKED KING SPOILERS (set two months after end of book)*** Back in the normal world, Jude is desperate to return to Faerie. So when the High King Cardan turns u...
Folk of the Air One-Shots by ohmsem
Folk of the Air One-Shotsby ohmsem
Just some Folk of the Air/Cruel Prince One-Shots! They'll take place either after Wicked King or Queen of Nothing. Most will probably be "Jurdan" because I'm a...
All Things Mortal! (The Cruel Prince One shots/Fanfic) by Justtoreadnow
All Things Mortal! (The Cruel Prin...by Nova
A show where the King of Elfhame reacts to mortal things that he has never seen, done or eaten before... As Jude and Cardan's relationship grows stronger, we get a sneak...
THE FOLK OF THE AIR FANFIC: COLLEC...by dishturbed_dish
If you want a good laugh or shed some tears after finishing reading this amazing series, then you are welcome to open this chaotic fanfic of mostly Cardan fangirling... ...
The Cruel Prince fanfic (Jude and Cardan)  by daisyduke210
The Cruel Prince fanfic (Jude and...by Daisy
Hello so I'm wanting to read some fanfic on 'The Cruel Prince' but there wasn't much. So I decided to make one about the best couple ever and if they don't end up togeth...
A Collection of Cruel Prince Onshots {Fanfic} by As-told-by-lily
A Collection of Cruel Prince Onsho...by 🌙 Lily 🌙
Bunch of cruel prince Oneshots. Ill be updating them as I get requests or come up with ideas. If you wanna request a fic go to the request rules chapter. All characters...
Queen of Everything (Jurdan OneShots) by dawnv28
Queen of Everything (Jurdan OneSho...by dawn v
This is post-canon, post The Queen of Nothing. It will mostly be fluffy married Jurdan because I love them so, so much. Chapter 2 is Cardan's POV from the battle in the...
Cardan's Letters To Jude by Moo-Idol
Cardan's Letters To Judeby Moo - Idol
The letters from Cardan Greenbriar to Jude Duarte. Lady Asha (Cardan's mother) destroyed them in Queen of Nothing, however one special edition book does have them in the...
Jurdan Short Stories and Head Canons by IttaRen
Jurdan Short Stories and Head Cano...by Iza
Jude and Cardan short stories and head canons. The Folk of the Air series Cover made by an extraordinary artist whose name I don't know I am not Holly Black, the tfot...
Jude and cardan short stories by abylin6
Jude and cardan short storiesby abylin6
Short stories of Jude and cardan life after the queen of nothing. Stories are a chapter each. Comment if there are any mistakes and I will fix them.
My heart is drowned with you. by Dunyasj
My heart is drowned with you.by Dunyas
Jude has been kidnapped by Queen Orlagh. As a result, Cardan is forced to truly be king for the first time. Without his Seneschal he finds himself lost, angered -and eve...
The queen of nothing (fan fiction) by Ashley_k_202
The queen of nothing (fan fiction)by ZEZE
Well after reading the book I decided that I wanted to read some fan fictions about what happened after and couldn't find any sooo I thought why not write some? GIVE ME...
cardan x jude by emikajer
cardan x judeby no one u know
BEWARE OF SPOILERS. THIS STORY TAKES PLACE AFTER QUEEN OF NOTHING. this fanfic follows Jude and Cardan(both characters written and created by Holly Black) after a few mo...
A Night with the High King by losttoliterature
A Night with the High Kingby lost.to.literature
**The Wicked King spoilers** "He settles beside me. I am nervous, scared, wary of a trick, but yet...but yet this sickening desire." An imagined extended scene...