Not Just Acting (Negovanman) by FANDOMSUN1TE
Not Just Acting (Negovanman)by C
Season 0 for Carmilla has just been wrapped, and both leading women begin to express wanting a relationship past friendship. Do not duplicate my story unless you ask fo...
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Not Alone by TellMeAStoryGab
Not Aloneby TellMeAStoryGab
Natasha Negovanlis is a woman, a beautiful woman who plays Carmilla in a show with her favorite co-star, Elise Bauman who plays Laura Hollis. In real life, the two girl...
  • negovanlis
  • love
  • natasha
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Someday I'm Gonna Be With You (Carmilla One-Shots) by Anomiac
Someday I'm Gonna Be With You (Car...by Rae
68 one-shots + 1 contents page. Art used in the cover isn't mine
  • angst
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  • ot3
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Never Leave by Negovanstein
"Please don't leave me. Not after all of this." "I don't...I don't want to.." *I DO NOT OWN ANY PHOTOS*
  • laurahollis
  • carmilla
  • carmillakarnstein
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Hollstein One-Shots by bitchyjauregay
Hollstein One-Shotsby That's sum good💩
Just a collection of random one-shots that come to mind about one of my fav couples. *drawing is by @itsbricha on tumblr*
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Save (Negovanman) by LernsLamp
Save (Negovanman)by Dani
Elise is a struggling actor just trying to get by in the big city of Toronto. It isn't until one day, when she meets the most beautiful girl in her acting class, that sh...
  • bauman
  • girlxgirl
  • gay
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Fix You by AddlctWlthAPen
Fix Youby AddlctWlthAPen
"Do I scare you?" The raven haired girl asks. Laura shakes her head with hesitation. She knew nothing of the girl and what she was capable of and That's what f...
  • psychiatric
  • hospital
  • laura
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Forever Charmed by FangsForTheMemories
Forever Charmedby FangsForTheMemories
Laura Hollis is a half-witch, half-human who's just graduated from Magic School. She joins her friends' coven, but they're overly protective of the newbie, especially s...
  • witches
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  • charmed
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Old Fashioned by Waterdragongirl1999
Old Fashionedby Jennifer
Carmilla AU where Laura, Carmilla, Perry, and LaFontaine all share an apartment. Carmilla claims that she is "old fashioned" and goes out of her way to show La...
  • carmilla
  • hollstein
  • fanfiction
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Unexpected Love ~EDITING~ by WriterWithAPen
Unexpected Love ~EDITING~by WriterWithAPen
Laura was in class one day when a new student, Carmilla walked in. Having to partner up with the new student, they develop a friendship... or was it something more?
  • negovanman
  • hollstein
  • carmillakarnstein
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Childcare by FangsForTheMemories
Childcareby FangsForTheMemories
When a mishap involving the Alchemy Club turns most of the gang into children, Carmilla is left taking care of them. (Original plot ends at chapter 32. Random scattered...
  • laura
  • hollstein
  • fluff
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Who Am I by TellMeAStoryGab
Who Am Iby TellMeAStoryGab
A young woman named Natasha Negovanlis, she's a human who turns into a vampire. She hides from her colleagues,with whom she works in Carmilla, that she's a vampire. She'...
  • carmillamovie
  • friendship
  • vampire
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As Long As You're Mine by FangsForTheMemories
As Long As You're Mineby FangsForTheMemories
Carmilla is a freak, an orphan born with green skin adopted by a rich family trying to become more powerful. Laura is the daughter of a governor, intent on following he...
  • hollstein
  • wicked
  • creampuffs
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Hollstein One Shots by BI_BI_BI_18
Hollstein One Shotsby Gabby w/a "Y"
These are just random Hollstein oneshots that I wrote All credit for art goes to the creators
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  • lesbians
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Heartbeat by Negovanstein
3 years after Silas... It was getting harder to make coherent sentences as Laura continued to play with her catlike nature at a painfully slow pace. "I might...hav...
  • laurahollis
  • fanfiction
  • negovanstein
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La Otra Mitad by Anomiac
La Otra Mitadby Rae
(The Other Half) Carmilla and Laura are bonded in more ways than one, thanks to the ritual they have to perfom at the end of every month.
  • ritual
  • blooddrinking
  • fanfiction
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Hollstein: One Shot Prompts  by Doctor15
Hollstein: One Shot Prompts by 'Ello, I'm the Doctor
I stayed up until 12am with a friend of mine and she gave me a list of prompts that she basically begged me to write. Enjoy!
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Kinda Social | Hollstein (and Others) by LiesLike2ndNature
Kinda Social | Hollstein (and Othe...by Carter S.
[1 New Message!] hellahollis: Guess who got a smartphone! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Featuring: Memelord Laura Other Ships to Appear: Supercorp, Sanvers, Carti...
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Is this how it ends? (Negovanman) by not-her-girlfriend
Is this how it ends? (Negovanman)by K
Natasha and Elise are sad to leave their characters behind. What happens when they become Laura and Carmilla again and alcohol is involved? Sunday is update day...
  • kindatv
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  • hollstein
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With You, It's Bearable by thatawkwardnoodle
With You, It's Bearableby Cayleigh
Carmilla HSAU - Carmilla, a chain smoking outcast meets cute journalist wannabe, Laura. Soon she finds out Laura is dating Danny Lawrence, captain of the girl's football...
  • homosexual
  • fanfiction
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