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Draco Malfoy X Reader Do You love me by ship_me
Draco Malfoy X Reader Do You love...by ship_me
is this even real anymore? what is going on around me and what happend to my original Hogwarts life? I just wanted few friends who would understand and here I am in midd...
  • draco
  • hogwards
  • malfoyxreader
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INNE(Harry Potter Fanfiction) by DragonowyPisarz
INNE(Harry Potter Fanfiction)by DragonowyPisarz
Zycie czterech przyjaciółek zmienia się o 360' gdy Su dostaje pewien list... Nawiązanie do serii książek o Harrym Potterze(właściwie do Huncwotów xD) Historia dostęp...
  • czary
  • różdzka
  • ron
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Wolfstar OS (pausiert) by ichbindeinKATER
Wolfstar OS (pausiert)by ichbindeinKATER
Nun ja, was soll man sagen sind halt Wolfstar OS. Und es sind unsere ersten OS, also seid nicht so streng zu uns. ° Darth Vader & Wolke
  • hogwards
  • wolfstar
  • boyxboy
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Marauders Era by Darkangelhp
Marauders Eraby DarkAngel
This containes POVs from the Marauders and marauders era characters about different themes. I hope you like it ! (Ships: Jily [Lily+James] and Wolfstar [Remus/Sirius])
  • muggle
  • hogwards
  • siriusblack
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The Ginger & The Blond by RunjhunSagar
The Ginger & The Blondby Jukebox_rj
this isn't some cliched love story its about friend love each other and then falling in love
  • granger
  • victore
  • weasley
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Stupid Love >Draco Malfoy < by minion_malfoy
Stupid Love >Draco Malfoy <by minion_malfoy
El e cel mai bogat, rău si dorit baiat din scoala. Nimeni nu îndrăznește sa se pună cu el. Inafara de ea. Ea il urăște , dar in același timp ii fura inima. Poate el să o...
  • harrypotter
  • magicieni
  • încuiati
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Bliźniaczka Rona by MalwinaRomanowska
Bliźniaczka Ronaby Malwina Romanowska
Nasza bohaterka nazywa się Tiffany. Jakbym napisała jak ktoś inny to przepraszam.
  • hogward
  • londyn
  • harrypotter
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universe || idnur by Swageu
universe || idnurby 𝓹𝓵𝓾𝓽𝓸
Yeşil cüppeler, yeşil umutlar..
  • hogwards
  • idnur
Warum ich? by ZEICHENFUCHS
Es kann sein das die Geschichte manchmal keinen Sinn macht (zumindest nach der Logig von J.K Rowling) ich gebe mir mühe Da ich Draco und Snape sehr mag;-) werden sie o...
  • hogwards
  • potter
  • drarry
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Harry Potter RP seeking  by AnekiSenpai
Harry Potter RP seeking by UltimateDespair
This is my OC :) Id love to do an RP - Probably in the 2nd year of Harry Potter since Flint is and interest or I can do 3rd year but 2nd year would be funnier :)
  • ravenclaw
  • oliver
  • malfoy
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fighting our demons by monkeylalala
fighting our demonsby monkeylalala
meira is a normal witch who goes to hog wards. she is shy, yet has a strong personality. she hides a secret buried deep inside her heart. remus lupin is one of the popul...
  • potter
  • lily
  • maurauders
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The Five [Harry Potter] by xHiimacookie
The Five [Harry Potter]by Rachel
Harry failed to kill Voldemort in the final battle they had. He is still around there and wants to kill every last wizard who will not follow him. Then five wizards are...
  • slyderin
  • potterhead
  • magic
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Back in Time  by riaslytherin
Back in Time by riaslytherin
Lord Voldemort wasn't always bad, something or someone has caused him to be so vile .Lets go back 64 years; when he was Tom Riddle . This Story is written in his 1st yea...
  • hogwards
  • tomriddle
  • lord
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Snape and minoviyana savo by SnehaCutinha
Snape and minoviyana savoby Sneha Cutinha
A girl falles in love wid Snape
  • love
  • jk
  • snape
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Przyjaciel mojego brata. by MargaretMalfoy
Przyjaciel mojego brata.by MargaretMalfoy
Wracam teraz z 4 roku do domu, dawno mnie tam nie było, ponieważ mieszkałam z dziadkiem i babcią, ale w następnym roku jade już do Hogwartu. Byłam już na miejscu, rodzic...
  • harrypotter
  • dracomalfoy
  • malfoy
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Minerva Lilly Potter, Harry Potter's twin book 1 by justahumantrex
Minerva Lilly Potter, Harry Potter...by justahumantrex
Minerva Potter the twin of Harry Potter. Harry and Minerva never really got along since harry has a scar on his forehead and Minerva has no scars at all. why is that and...
  • flinch-fletchley
  • dance
  • harrypotter
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I was feeling epic *Dramione* by ilikepizzaandriley
I was feeling epic *Dramione*by ilikepizzaandriley
-Y si decides quedarte o irte, quiero que sepas que mi corazón siempre será tu sepulcro, Granger.-Draco Malfoy. Esta historia pertenece a J.K.Rowling, pero he decidido h...
  • hufflepuff
  • magia
  • harrypotter
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