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Hiccup the USELESS by spiderwebbb
Hiccup the USELESSby Spiderwebbb
Hiccup hadn't shot that dragon down, he had never won the dragon training, he never lost a leg and he had never made a single friend. His father's disappointment led Sto...
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Secrets [The Fifth and Final Book of TBND] by BlackSorbet
Secrets [The Fifth and Final Book...by Ano
Astrid gets a surprise visit from a familiar face. Ingrid and Adnette make friends around the village (even if they were forgotten). And Carl becomes depressed. Will Sno...
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True Love (HICCSTRID) by HiccstridAddict
True Love (HICCSTRID)by HiccstridAddict
Astrid is new at Berk her dad is a police officer and very overprotective Hiccup is a the son of the mayor of Berk he is a Bad boy at school he is always looking at astr...
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By the way you're mine (HICCSTRID) by HiccstridAddict
By the way you're mine (HICCSTRID)by HiccstridAddict
Astrid Hofferson just started college she is happy until she find us she has to share her room with the person she hates the most...Hayden Haddock Read to find out HIC...
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Hiccstrid Collections by LinaColdestHofferson
Hiccstrid Collectionsby Hiccstrid-Lovers-forever
A collection of Hiccstrid. Modern and Viking. Showing hiccstrid Love. @TheColdestWater And @LianaHofferson18 We decided to create stories together. We wanted to share...
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I miss you HICCSTRID by HiccstridAddict
I miss you HICCSTRIDby HiccstridAddict
Hiccup Haddock at 16 he has have been disowned,abused by his whole tribe one day he has the chance to get away from his home and he takes it he had enough...3 Years late...
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Hiccstrid one shots by weirdlowkey
Hiccstrid one shotsby agapanthus
[this is so cringe-] 𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕒 𝕔𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕪 𝕙𝕚𝕔𝕔𝕤𝕥𝕣𝕚𝕕 𝕠𝕟𝕖𝕤𝕙𝕠𝕥 ...
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The Hiden (Astrid x Reader) by Machoman277
The Hiden (Astrid x Reader)by Dr.Corpse
I am not good with desriptions
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Hiccstrid one shots by Hiccstridpsycho
Hiccstrid one shotsby Hiccstridpsycho
A collection of Hiccstrid one shots.
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The Storm | How To Train Your Dragon | Hiccup X OC by Poyaay
The Storm | How To Train Your Drag...by Poyaay
legend foretold of a monster born when the heavens ruptured by lightning torn the devil's eyes will become the norm so enjoy the calm before the storm
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Stolen by delacruzjocelyn
Stolenby Eclipse Hofferson
This is my first fanfic and I was forced to write it by one of my friends. Takes place during RTTE. Toothless gets stolen by dragon hunters and Hiccup doesn't know how t...
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Zephyr | How To Train Your Dragon by amymaebrothers
Zephyr | How To Train Your Dragonby Äm¥-Måê 🌷♡
"Until the time comes where dragons can return in peace" The story doesn't end there. --Zephyr Haddock, ready to fight for dragons. --Nuffink Haddock, ready t...
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Hiccstrid One Shots by Toothless_Hiccup676
Hiccstrid One Shotsby Hannah the Sheep
The title says it all. A bunch of Hiccstrid one-shots.
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Olvor (A How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) fanfic) by doggydragon
Olvor (A How to Train Your Dragon...by Doggy
Olvor has never seen another human being in her life. So, when she and her dragon Ivory fly to the island of Berk, she has to learn to fit in and uses her extensive know...
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Love on Dragons Edge by Pheonixtrainer
Love on Dragons Edgeby Hannah
There will be Hiccstrid, Heathlegs, and just read the book and find out😉
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Hiccstrid Through The Ages  by Toothless_Hiccup676
Hiccstrid Through The Ages by Hannah the Sheep
[DISCONTINUED] Screenshots of little Hiccstrid moments in all of the Race to the Edge episodes. If your a Hiccstrid shipper, you won't wanna miss this❤️
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The Hacker  by TheNightFury360
The Hacker by Abderrahmen Lioui
okay guys so this is going to be the book of the one shot i've wrote called The Hacker it's based on the video game called Watch Dogs but it's not going to be the same s...
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Stranded ~A Hiccstrid Fanfic~ by Rolopolo1406
Stranded ~A Hiccstrid Fanfic~by Rolopolo1406
This story is ♡Not Mine♡ so all credits go to rightful owners.
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✧・゚: *HTTYD Oneshots✧・゚:* by ConfusedStateOfMind
✧・゚: *HTTYD Oneshots✧・゚:*by delainey h
A bunch of random oneshots for one of my favourite gang. (mostly hiccstrid.) {[Art and characters are not mine!]}
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Hiccstrid One~Shots by itsyaamazonsqueen
Hiccstrid One~Shotsby Hγlla Ramírεz-Arεllano
Some Hiccstrid One~Shots!
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