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HOCKEY MESS | Shawn Mendes fan fiction by mendesxarmys
HOCKEY MESS | Shawn Mendes fan mendesxarmys
Maddison has a pretty normal life until the mess that is Shawn Mendes enters her life. He keeps teasing her and she thinks he's annoying. Until she finds out who Shawn r...
They Can't Tell Us Anything |C. Kreider| by nyhawkey
They Can't Tell Us Anything |C. nyhawkey
Autumn Sanders and Chris Kreider have always had each other's backs. Autumn and Chris have been inseperable since they first met. Through good times and bad, the duo has...
NHL Fanfics by MargaretAnderson212
NHL Fanficsby Gretchen Davie
Just another person writing NHL Fanfics/One-Shots. WARNING: 99% of these are gonna be semi-smutty so... yeah.
A Pittsburgh Penguins Love Story/ Fanfic by pittsburghpens87
A Pittsburgh Penguins Love pittsburghpens87
One day there was a girl named Joanna. She is a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan. She is a girl that is madly in love with Sidney Crosby! Sidney Crosby has been really good...
❝you did banksie!. ❞ ❝i did it for you.❞ ───〃★ 𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 ..Cassidie Conway and her twin Charlie Conway play hockey for district 5, they get a n...
Love on Thin Ice by Stephania_writes
Love on Thin Iceby Stephania
Reina, a university student with a history of heartbreak involving hockey players, finds herself unexpectedly drawn to Max, a charming and charismatic NHL player. Max's...
My Brothers Best Friend /AdamBanks  by kdawgggg2007
My Brothers Best Friend /AdamBanks by kdawgggg2007
17 year old Olivia Conway gets accepted in to Eden Hall and is given a hockey scholarship to join her twin brother Charlie Conway and his team. Olivia finds herself in r...
Hockey love by Hockeygirl5037
Hockey loveby Hockeygirl5037
Theresa has been playing hockey since she was 5 and now she's in high school and she wants to join the team. But they only have a guy's team she wonders if she can make...
for the boys by riversroad9
for the boysby riversroad9
she always loved him he always knew he's the goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks but will he be able to save her from a right wing who scored her heart.
Secret crushed  by Lajdjjjn
Secret crushed by
Andrew heartfeield, the hot shot hockey player, and the hottest guy in school. I mean it's normal having a crush in high-school, but what happens when you and your best...
Back Together - Kris Letang by mollymalkin
Back Together - Kris Letangby mollymalkin
Molly was a young girl who had given up on love. Until one day she was reunited with an old love...Kris Letang and her whole life changed. They were perfect together...u...
Friends with the bad boy by heartsforbookss
Friends with the bad boyby Heartsforbooks
Arabella Jones is cute, entertaining, and funny. She is a good girl to most so it's weird when she starts being friends with the "bad boy". Arabella is friends...
Fight for this by Liviejo
Fight for thisby Zayleejo
My name is Cassie Conway and I play for the district 5 hockey team. What happens when Cassie meets a very cute dirty blond hair boy that everyone says is a cake eater. ...
If This Game Could Talk by thatoneblondechick92
If This Game Could Talkby Cass
Lorraine has had bad luck, really bad luck, but that's all about to change when she and her roommate Kendall spend a week visiting family in New York. Romance, drama and...
But I love her by iluvanimesomuch
But I love herby
Logan Weston is a hockey player who is 6'3 blonde hair fluffy ice cream hair boy all the cheerleader and puck bunnies want him but he swore off love and cheerleaders bec...
In love with Number Nine by 0oAlyssaWriteso0
In love with Number Nineby Alyssa
Allison is just your average, everyday girl. She is Canadian, lives in Ottawa, and loves hockey. Ever since she moved back here from Oklahoma, its been all great for her...
The Frozen Girl by nevertoomuchtea
The Frozen Girlby Mikey
Chris isn't your average girl. Well, she is, and she isn't. After an unknown reason and a huge meltdown 2 years ago, Chris quit doing what she does best. Competitive Fig...