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|| Heartbeat~♡ ||  ▪BNHA▪ by giraffes_are_lit
|| Heartbeat~♡ || ▪BNHA▪by yeetusfetus
This is a story about you, a sarcastic, sleep deprived yet bright girl, people tend to misunderstand your awkward demeanor. But once they get to know you, you bet God wo...
𝐔𝐍𝐒𝐄𝐍𝐓 - 𝐇. 𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐒𝐎 by fratdino
𝐔𝐍𝐒𝐄𝐍𝐓 - 𝐇. 𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐒𝐎by 𐐪 fish 𐑂
꒰📲꒱ ❝ what was the purpose of that? to spice up my nightmares? ❞ ✎ ˎˊ- "心操人使" -', texting the wrong number isn't always a bad thing -', bnha belongs to kohei...
reunited • hitoshi shinsou x reader• by parttimetrash
reunited • hitoshi shinsou x reade...by tacos and burritos
(y/n) used to be very protective over her more weak and sensitive friend. it seemed like everyday she would get into a fight to protect him from bullies and where he wou...
The Robotic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fan Fiction) by ultimatelytired
The Robotic Hero (Boku no Hero Aca...by vibe check
i've had this idea & I wanted to try it out Christian "Havana" Jitami. One of U.A's smartest students with a quirk that is the exact same as the Principle of t...
Violet | Shinso x Reader by BambisBariSax
Violet | Shinso x Readerby Natti
It's the start of her first year at UA and Y/n L/n instantly feels connected to a certain boy with violet hair... Here's the story of their ups and downs, their struggle...
14 days | shinsou √ by softbiscuit
14 days | shinsou √by softie sensei.
前に ── do you love me? ࿐໋₊ ᝰ fourteen days before she is due to die from her quirk, l/n y/n finds herself bonding with a cute purple sleepyhead in her class. and somehow...
Possessive (Yandere Bakugou X Reader) by AlexandraLeshae
Possessive (Yandere Bakugou X Read...by AlexandraLeshae
Y/N was destined to be a villain, but she wants nothing more than to be just like her mother: An inspiring hero. She turns to one of her mother's close friends, Shota Ai...
Cool Down! (Todoroki Sister¡Reader) by Shiyiku_Sprite12
Cool Down! (Todoroki Sister¡Reader)by Shiyiku Sprite
After making a Midoriya Sibling!Reader and a Bakugo Sibling!Reader, it's only fair for me to give the silent, lovable cinnamon roll a turn to have a sibling, who would a...
Erasermic's Daughter by Eraserhead_16
Erasermic's Daughterby H.
On a mission Aizawa finds a scared little girl being hide away he agreed to watch over her for a bit *None of this art belongs to me *Spoilers
BNHA Oneshots by FindingLittleMe
BNHA Oneshotsby FindingLittleMe
NSFW Adventures with Todoroki? ✔ Sickly Sweetness with Bakugou? ✔ Angst Experiences with Midoriya?✔ Here, we se...
fear. || { bnha } by kokodaka
fear. || { bnha }by koda
she was scared of everyone. he scared everyone. except each other.
Mind Fuck by lyssophobiaa
Mind Fuckby lyssophobiaa
Bakugo Katsuki and the twin sister of Shinso Hitoshi. Crazy right? . . © Boku No Hero Academia/ My hero academia and its characters belong to Kōhei Horikoshi
~colors~ /shinkami/ by shinkamitrash
~colors~ /shinkami/by 🧍
#1 shinsou as of September 7th, 2019 #1 denkikaminari as of September 24, 2019 #1 hitoshi as of January 22, 2020 #1 myheroacedemia as of August 4, 2020 •soulmate au• Peo...
Kill Your Heroes (temporarily on hold) by bipolardeprssion
Kill Your Heroes (temporarily on h...by bipolardeprssion
This begins at the chiche villian Deku fic, Bakugou telling Deku to kill himself and Deku carrying out his bullies wish. Deku meets the league and they become a insane f...
Not a Villain kid (Hitoshi Shinsou x Reader) by Space-Disaster
Not a Villain kid (Hitoshi Shinsou...by Space-Disaster
What were you expecting when the other kids heard what your quirk was? You certainly didn't expect to get picked on, that's for sure. You didn't want to be the bad guy...
Moon, Protector Of The Dark (Vigilante! Deku) by 12RUA05
Moon, Protector Of The Dark (Vigil...by ↥Poppy↧
Midoriya. A surname known all throughout Japan -the world even. The family were known to be kind, giving, true heroes. Little did the world know, they were similar to h...
Everything's Not Okay by Dannn_ie
Everything's Not Okayby anxidan
I have it all, huh? I'm sweet and caring for everyone and anyone. Yeah, I'm a little dumb, but that's just because I'm lazy, right? Right?! I'm fine, right?! Don't worry...
Why do children have to be so small? by CancerTheLobster
Why do children have to be so smal...by Charlie Amerioun
Pro hero EraserHead is out during his night patrol. Nothing is really happening, at all. Until something catches his attention, in the corner of an alley. It's a child.
𝕄𝕠𝕟𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕣 by angryicyboy
𝕄𝕠𝕟𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕣by shiggy simp
❗COMPLETED❗ ShinDeku Quirk!Deku Total Word Count: 33,941 -- Izuku had always been shunned for his devilish quirk. His parents abuse him and his best friend turned on him...
Hidden Names by lyzard_fan_fics
Hidden Namesby lyzard_fan_fics
~Soulmate AU~ When teens turn seventeen, they get a name on their wrist, in rare cases two. This is the name of their soulmate, the person they're destined to spend the...