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Royal Blood #Wattys2015 4evahannah
8.5M 286K
Daughter of the King Tethie
368K 18.2K
One Chance littleLo
156K 14.2K
The Choice #Wattys2015 DeceitfulMystery
97.6K 4.6K
My Dark Knight _imperfect
6.9M 126K
Sovereignty IndieSoul17
83.4K 3.3K
Dark Age Maiden tomboylatte
240K 10.3K
The Queen of Persia[Watty's 2015] LizMack
554K 28.7K
The Reverend's Daughter (Book 2 after The Duke's Daughter) Jaidesmamasmama
830K 34.5K
Red Is The Color Of Desire Ophelia_is_Knightly
88.5K 2.9K
Reverse (mxm) TheoryKierei
30.2K 3.6K
Regency Masquerade VeraLoy
84.8K 2.8K
The Viking Slave CamoJane
190K 9.9K
Purple Is The Color of Passion Ophelia_is_Knightly
18.8K 873
The Duke's Daughter -Wattys2014 Collector's Dream Award Winner- jaidesmama
6.8M 147K
Viking's rage B3cca16
125K 5K
The First Queen Alexis_the_Greatest
183K 8.8K
The Last Queen #Wattys2015 GemmaLawrence31
313K 15.1K