Ropes by Lemonearth
Ropesby Nymphie
"Darling, grab onto the ropes and we can swing up into the air, far away from all their judging stares." A story about a runaway trapeze artist and an escaping...
  • romance
  • historical-fiction
  • slavery
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Untitled by ariannisleonh
Untitledby no veas mi foto de perfil
Esta obra NO es mía, sólo quiero que me digan qué tal está y si quieren que la siga, yo sólo la comparto más no la escribo. Espero que disfruten mucho de la lectura. Si...
  • extinguir
  • historical-fiction
  • raza
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Madness by ILirealStories
Madnessby Fantasy Fan
Her life is a pilgrimage of despair and destruction, tossed away and forgotten to the likes of others, it seems as through Lily may never discover who she once was or ha...
  • sad
  • historical-fiction
  • mystery
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Tras la llegada a el poder del autodenominado ¨líder¨ aquel país rico e utópico se torno de un color sombrío el cual entro en guerra con naciones vecinas lo cual provoca...
  • fantasia
  • historical-fiction
  • militar
Hiram na Panahon by CuteeViper
Hiram na Panahonby Colen Ayo
Adik sa History? hindi, sadyang nabuksan lang ang interes nya sa ganyang bagay simula noong mag highschool sya at maka rinig ng romantikong nobela na nabuo noong sinauna...
  • historical-fiction
REVENGE by Zerra_the_bookworm
REVENGEby Zerra_the_bookworm
This is a story about Life and Love with a twist of Revenge------- It was inspired by the novel Ghost Emperor Wild Consort so please enjoy @copyright
  • revenge
  • fiction
  • life
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