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Courtesy Call || HISOKA X OC by sakuichii99
Courtesy Call || HISOKA X OCby Saku
What if you were registered in the 287th Hunter Exam unbeknownst to your knowledge, you possess no skill at all in fighting or surviving since you were always locked up...
Be Mine by Thorn30
Be Mineby Thorn Cipher
I sighed as I stared down at the chibi girl. "Hina Morrow! Go disturb your Brother not me!" I ran a porcelain hand over my face an gave the girl a glare as sh...
Rebirth (HxH fanfic) by gorgeousweeb
Rebirth (HxH fanfic)by gorgeousweeb
Rhea was a girl with a really bad past and very gruesome history she was tortured and forced into gaining power and al she wanted to do was die the only thing she had to...
The Jester And The Mystery ((Hisoka X OC)) by DreamsAreMemories
The Jester And The Mystery ((Hisok...by DreamsAreMemories
((This is being rewritten! Please seek the story, "The Forbidden Tale.")) A mysterious figure walks into the Hunter Exam. Their presence mysterious, cold, and...
Love Me, Love Me , Love Me! by Sayonara_Tomorrow
Love Me, Love Me , Love Me!by Damian Montoya
He Loves Me He Loves Me Not He Loves Me He Loves Me Not He Loves Me.... He Loves Me.... He Loves Me and... I Want Him... [A Hisoka x Yandere Oc]
twine love (hisoka x hayami) by AlleyjoMonroe
twine love (hisoka x hayami)by Alleyjo Monroe
Hayami is 15 and loves to act like a sweet innocent little girl that's she's not. Her eyes changes from blue to red when her blood lust is showing. Netero doesn't want...
Killua's guard // Illumi x oc by justalamewriterr
Killua's guard // Illumi x ocby AlicePearson9
After she was raised by demons she was sent to work for the zoldyck family, after a few years a baby boy was born with hair as white as snow She was ordered to guard the...
Hisoka X OC by trash_rat0
Hisoka X OCby rat
Katsumi doesn't actually care about the hunter's exam. The only reason she's there is because a client hired her for a job that requires a license. She had hoped to get...
The Girl x the Magician x The Magic Trick by GSBreak
The Girl x the Magician x The Magi...by GSBreak
Inspiration from TheGirlxTheClownxTheMeeting By SoundzofSilence on fanfiction.net What if the world brought to us by SoundzofSilence didn't end there? A young girl who t...
The Queen of the Deck: A HisokaxReader by souless_composer
The Queen of the Deck: A HisokaxRe...by midnight.writerxx
Who was she? Even she had no idea. Orphaned and eventually trained and taken in by Zeno Zoldyck, you left the Zoldyck mansion a few years after Killua was born, hoping t...
Selfish (Hisoka x oc x Illumi) by NoodleMan_476
Selfish (Hisoka x oc x Illumi)by 𝙽𝚘𝚘𝚍𝚕𝚎𝙼𝚊𝚗𝚗
Moriah is a normal girl who is caught in a global pandemic and is separated from society, friends, and families. For Moriah to pass the time she writes stories based on...
Bungee love by susansusansalvatore
Bungee loveby Susan
A young 22 years old orphan girl was running around the streets surviving. Then she had an urge to take hunter exam. When she takes hunter exam, how will the things chan...
Vindictive ||ON-GOING|| by wooshuu
Vindictive ||ON-GOING||by wooshuu
♡1ST in Hunter X Hunter Wattys |Phantom Troupe|♡ cover credits to myself Nana was happily, blissfully in love and engaged to Illumi Zoldyck - her long t...
Love the Taste of Fear by Senso-sama
Love the Taste of Fearby Himitsu Cho
Damn above grounders, they keep her from having fun. She's a Goddess why does she even listen to them...oh yes cause it's too much fun playing with the living. When they...
I Can Feel the Beauty in Your Heart (KIlluaxoc) by LabelLess727
I Can Feel the Beauty in Your Hear...by LabelLess727
What if Alluka's first friend was a "maid" in the Zoldyck mansion and something never existed? What if Zeno treated the "maid" like a granddaughter...
Twine Love (hisoka x hayami) [REWRITTEN] by AlleyjoMonroe
Twine Love (hisoka x hayami) [REWR...by Alleyjo Monroe
Know what I'm not gonna do a description of the book you'll just have to read to find out! So almost nothing going to be the same as to first one I wrote, but a few thin...
Blood Red Roses by Alois_Akabane
Blood Red Rosesby Mindless Doll
Cover by: VYSQUARED It's hard trying to find out who you are when there are fiance assassins, blood-thirsty clowns, and terrifying beasts around every corner. Disclaime...
Hisoka x Reader ( oc) Discontinued by lamshtu
Hisoka x Reader ( oc) Discontinuedby jazz
you are a 27 yearold girl who acts innocent to get what she wants. She has a insane side thats is terrifying. she is part human and demon mixed with an angal.