♢ A Vampire's Heart ☽ ♢ || Owari no Seraph fanfiction || by mochi-panda
♢ A Vampire's Heart ☽ ♢ || Owari n...by 𝓮𝓵𝓲𝓪𝓼
♠ Evangeline Tepes, heir of the 1st progenitor and the eldest daughter of the great vampire king, as well as the elder half-sister to Krul Tepes. Evangeline, being the...
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[Owari no Seraph] MIKAELA X SHINOA...by Kurosawadiachan
I'm writing about the ship that everyone hardly talk about but for some reasons, this cpl's become my OTP. Look forward to it and enjoy ! Author-chan KURODIA <3
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Deep Blood (Owari no Seraph Fanfic) [UNEDITED] by xxelizabeth37xx
Deep Blood (Owari no Seraph Fanfic...by 『eth』
Shion Hiragi is a foster child of the Hiragi family. She was also adopted by the Hisakawa family, and became her first family. With her childhood being a bloodshed, she...
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YUUNOA- chapter 66 by Saisensei
YUUNOA- chapter 66by Loki Is not Dead
Based on chapter 66 of the manga. What would you do to change your destiny, Shinoa? What would you do to protect your family, Yuu? The inner struggles they faced to rea...
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