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Kagehina - What love's suppose to feel like by ElsaSvensson1
Kagehina - What love's suppose to...by Eden
Kageyama is a quiet profile, he doesn't like sharing what's going on in his head. He didn't have much to say until he suddenly felt strong affection towards his best fri...
Day to Night - Kagehina by Moonfishh
Day to Night - Kagehinaby Moon fish
As the god of night, Kageyama has to put up with a lot. Somehow that included dealing with the god of sun. And that annoyed him. It annoyed him a lot....no matter how c...
Pretty boys! (Kagehina oneshots)  by nothingwrittenhere
Pretty boys! (Kagehina oneshots) by Gayass lesbian
Some kagehina Oneshots I've written :))
~ Dumbass (KageHina) ~ by AnimuFiction
~ Dumbass (KageHina) ~by Zelleda
Hinata and Kageyama kiss to try and prove a point to some bullies, but does this fake kiss actually ignite a spark that's been inside them ever since they met?
Kagehina smut/fluff oneshots💕 by le_crackhead_weeb
Kagehina smut/fluff oneshots💕by le_crackhead_weeb
Hello! I'm pretty new at this sort of stuff. But kagehina is my OTP. And I love smut, and fluff. I can't deal with ansgty stuff, so I don't think I'll put any of tho...
Let's Play.  by bettertrees_
Let's Play. by bettertrees_
"Why does my heart race when I see you?"
Hinata x Kageyama  by Miriam141991
Hinata x Kageyama by Anime Fanatic
(Nsfw 18 +) Its the summer before their final year of high school and lately Hinata seems distant. Kageyama decides to find out why.
Kagehina Oneshots (Haikyuu!!) by yaoianddepression
Kagehina Oneshots (Haikyuu!!)by Yaoianddepression
Just writing some cute gay stuff about these cute little beans and what, not UwU. I hope you enjoy this Kagehina cringe TwT. None of these characters and the cover of th...
Jealous - a KAGEHINA fanfic  by LadyBee910
Jealous - a KAGEHINA fanfic by Bee
Hinata was his. Only his. H I S.
haikyuu omegaverse by naruto_456
haikyuu omegaverseby naruto_456
I've written many of these bout I ended up not liking them do here
ᴀᴘᴇx ᴘʀᴇᴅᴀᴛᴏʀ  [Hαιƙყυυ! AU] {On Hiatus} by ImaginationPocket
ᴀᴘᴇx ᴘʀᴇᴅᴀᴛᴏʀ [Hαιƙყυυ! AU] {On H...by ImaginationPocket
In japan's male volleyball teams, few names are notable. The king and the grand king are known to most if not all, but what if Hinata Shoyo, our lovable little sunshine...
Join The King by YouKenRun_
Join The Kingby YouKenRun_
this is hinata x kageyama also known as kagehina ;3 its gonna be full of smut and fluff and GAYNESS c; I'm probably gonna do 10 or so chapters on different stories both...
The Mistake // Kagehina AU by oOFandomsOo
The Mistake // Kagehina AUby ~(^•^~)
Lemon! Smut! And Fluff! Hinata is looking for a job, his silly payment from his old one just isn't paying the bills. Stumbling into a large building looking for work he...
tangerine boy - kagehina by caffineandtears
tangerine boy - kagehinaby ellie :)
Haikyuu au where Kageyama dropped a love poem in a hallway and Hinata picked it up. Quickly, Hinata realized the poem was about him, and he needed to find the person who...
Shoyo hinata x reader by xoxoxo_Amy_xoxoxo
Shoyo hinata x readerby ♡︎Amy♡︎
I used to admire hinata in middle school I never expected to talk to him...but little did I know we would become friends in high school and maybe more then friends...
The Sun and Rain // kagehina by mkairi
The Sun and Rain // kagehinaby inactive ☆
"Hinata, do you like Kageyama?" "Uh.. yeah. A-As in, I like him as a teammate! A.. friend." "No, he meant like like. You know. Love."...
Summer Camp ( Kagehina ) by YoungMidoriya_23
Summer Camp ( Kagehina )by levi and eren ❤️
Karasuno's volleyball team goes to a summer training camp to prepare for Nationals. Nekoma, Fukurōdani, Shinzen and, Ubugawa will all be attending the camp as well. Whil...