50 Random Ways... by Explosivewafflez
50 Random Ways...by Kayla
Need a good comeback? Need a good revenge plan? Need to cure boredom with randomness? Well you've come to the right place! :D
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Funny BTS Memes by nochicya
Funny BTS Memesby Arpita
Hello friends. ^~^ . This book includes all funny BTS Memes and which are really very funny and relatable. And I am putting the MEMES which I found funny So all the Army...
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SHADE GANG 2 | GROUPCHAT by rhythmiczayn
The shadiest gang of them all has recreated the groupchat that once upon a time was wild, ruthless, and the best kind of mean. Started: November 22, 2018 Completed: TBD
  • zerrie
  • justinbieber
  • louistomlinson
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Autumn Leaves & Pumpkins Please by sisterserenaxo
Autumn Leaves & Pumpkins Pleaseby S
When Autumn visits London with her girl-squad, she is introduced to Xavier Montgomery in such a naughty, intoxicated event. Now in less formal words; Autumn has drunk se...
  • rich
  • soulmates
  • lovestory
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Funny texts by TheLadyandTheFox
Funny textsby ᴏʜ, sᴏ ʟᴏᴠᴇʟʏ
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"It was then my mother was set on fire." When Beatrice stumbles upon a crazed man in the forest she barely gets away with her life. Unable to convince anyone...
  • humour
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How To Be The Best Third Wheel by summerbackthen
How To Be The Best Third Wheelby Summer·Angeles
*Wattpad featured story* Highest rank: #4 in Humour "Hang with us!" they said. "It'll be fun!" they said. Yeah, not too fun when all your friends are...
  • laradelacruz
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The blacksmith (male reader x highschool dxd) by Destroyer_Creater2
The blacksmith (male reader x high...by Silu
You have the sacred gear which can turn anything into a sword ever since you were born you were able to use it but can't control it but after a while you learn to contro...
  • master
  • blacksmith
  • akeno
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 Big Brother ~ Europe •Signups closed•✨ by The_Matryoshka12
Big Brother ~ Europe •Signups clo...by Светлана С✨
Are you ready to live in the most spied house ever?
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Tumblr Posts by linkinpotatopancake
Tumblr Postsby Angry Cupcakes
Basically a collection of funny tumblr posts and yes some of this will be immature. The beginning may not be good but trust me it gets better.
  • tumblr
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Naked Cuddling (✓) by _screamer
Naked Cuddling (✓)by Evelyn Summers
N a k e d C u d d l i n g Picture this. It's 2am and you're minding your own business, pleasuring yourself with the lights on and blinds up for once. It's not like y...
  • funny
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Attack on Titan Pictures by cupcakelover122
Attack on Titan Picturesby shattered_pieces
Attack On Titan pictures DISCLAIMER: I own NOTHING except the book all credit goes to the owners
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✔ Memes by meme_queen04
✔ Memesby Regina phalange ;)
Where I bless your eyeballs with some Memes You'll thank me later
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Funny Tweets by StarsAbove129
Funny Tweetsby Rhea
Just the funniest tweets ever to make you laugh. Enjoy!
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Shooketh (Memes Made by Me) by MikeyLovesMe
Shooketh (Memes Made by Me)by Mikey's Skittles
All these memes were made by me @MikeyLovesMe These are mostly Michael Jackson memes Meme life BRUH Don't be hatin Highest ranks: #1 in "Moonwalk" #1 in "...
  • lmao
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Oh Yay! We've Been Kidnapped! by Amaya_Burke
Oh Yay! We've Been Kidnapped!by Amaya_Burke
(Completed) Sophie and Amaya get kidnapped by one of Australia's most fearful gangs. But are they really that scary? (Use to be The Girl With The Summer Blues) Highest r...
  • lgbt
  • gangleader
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Wattpad's Best Romance Books (Book Three) by KatyDreams
Wattpad's Best Romance Books (Book...by Aimie
Looking for amazing books to read? Well look no further. You have come to the right place. If you think your book or anyone else's book deserves to be on this list, PM...
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Opposites Attract |√ An Interracial Story by Always_Here_868
Opposites Attract |√ An Interracia...by ▫ L O S T • G I R L ◽
"T-Tobias... We can't do this. Society won't accept us, we're too different", She said with her her eyes filled with tears that never came. She can't cry anym...
  • fiction
  • teen
  • white
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Admiration : Soraya's story by GoalDiggerrr
Admiration : Soraya's storyby 𝕊𝕙𝕒𝕖𝕝𝕒 🖤
Soraya Swazel Admire is a 23 year old 8th grade english teacher . She has a 6 year old daughter Lyric Symphony Baldwin. Soraya has family that loves her , family meant e...
  • hilarious
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The Host Club's Army Girl by SamGunderson27
The Host Club's Army Girlby Sam Gunderson
Ayaka has always known about the damned host club, but she has never had interest in boys with too much time on their hands. With her father in a high position of the Ja...
  • richpeople
  • insanity
  • armygirl
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