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The Fag Swag [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
The Fag Swag [boyxboy]by Jen
When she determines that he’s too nice for his own good, Nick Bradley’s best friend Molly decides to toughen the gay boy up. Sadly for Nick, Molly’s method is to have Ni...
The Sacred Temple by yourdailydoseofthis
The Sacred Templeby ANoob IsHere
A story of how my friend's typo became a story.. interesting. Characters: Charlotte Xavier (from Wednesday /j) Abby Lia Zachary Ophelia (SIDE NOTE: This will not have a...
Blind to Beauty by Somethingtrue
Blind to Beautyby Kaila
"What is beautiful anyways? Is it the color of someone's skin or eyes? Their height? The way they dress? What is it?" I asked, not really expecting an answer. ...
Hunted by Corinder
Huntedby Corinder
Book 1 Elizabeth, a twenty six year old Australian, had no idea such things as 'werewolves' existed before she came to America. Captured by a mad man who claimed he was...
And Then the Night Went Bump by GrumblinGremlin
And Then the Night Went Bumpby GrumblinGremlin
A short story Minimal editing. This is my first time publishing. Everything is subject to change. Please enjoy and be kind to me and each other.
Stuck In The Middle With You by kywildcat28
Stuck In The Middle With Youby kywildcat28
To Ebony, nothing is worse than being the middle child. At least that's what she thinks until she escapes her crazy home life, and goes on vacation with the boys next do...
Star Wars: It's So Much Bigger [A Meditative Crossover Story] by Matheos86
Star Wars: It's So Much Bigger [A...by Matheos86
"He was ambitious. Young. And tired. Not sure whether more from the obstacles to his ambition or from the ambition itself. ... He wanted to climb that mountain. For...
Smaller Than Nature ~~ REMAKE ~~ Wilbur Soot Fanfic by SimpburStan
Smaller Than Nature ~~ REMAKE ~~ W...by Kobilyee
Sarah, A normal girl who lived with her mother due to her being kicked out of her dorm in college goes on a hike only to forget her lunch. She finds a suspicious mushroo...
Stay by FakeHoney
Stayby FakeHoney
An attempt to fluff no plot no villains just a comfort fic with zero inciting accident Domestic kookjin
THE HIKE by crazy_gurl_0914
THE HIKEby _ft.alison_
this is a super random story but anyway enjoy the randomness
Greystone by SillyStoriesByC
Greystoneby Christina O'Brien
Greg's life had gone to shit. His fiancee abandoned them, being a single father has stalled his career, and his condo board is telling him he has 60 days to GTFO. Gre...
The Race by Shannsha
The Raceby Sami
Throw yourself into the future of Earth, where the countries have been flipped by terrible people taking over. In Alaska they're hosting a race where kids are replacing...
Pacific Crest Trail by DeziraesDesire
Pacific Crest Trailby Dezirae's Desire
The Pacific Crest Trail is an adventure that covers 2,655 miles that range from Cabo, Mexico to Canada. In this book I will keep a journal of not only my adventure, but...
Unforeseen Circumstances I Complete by fluffleberrysweets
Unforeseen Circumstances I Completeby FluffleBerrySweets | ia.
Everyone has heard that hitchhiking can be very dangerous. Either the driver or the hitchhiker could be a killer.. what happens when two killers meet by hitchhiking? Do...