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Come back by sentaicouples05
Come backby sentaicouples05
After 6 years of hiding from him, she finally decided to comeback. Unlikely to expect the news, he already had a new girlfriend. What will she do? Will they forget the p...
Food Wars: The Heaven's Senses by Rubyrose645
Food Wars: The Heaven's Sensesby Rubyrose645
I'll never forget the day I first held a cooking knife. At the age of three, my older twin brother and I received our first knives, and after that, I never once lost my...
Risen from Betrayal by JZH1999
Risen from Betrayalby Jerry
Ash Ketchum, with Pikachu and the rest of his Kalos team (except for Goodra & Greninja), return home to Pallet Town, where his former travelling companions and rivals ar...
The Human Heart [COMPLETED] by Szallejh
The Human Heart [COMPLETED]by Szallejh
Chishiya Shuntaro never cared about other people, until one day, a certain woman tries to change that. And Chishiya can't seem able to get out if it... not without giv...
Paul and Dawn: First Light by gymnastgirlflips
Paul and Dawn: First Lightby gymnastgirlflips
Paul, now 17, decides to return to the Hoenn region to capture a Bagon and raise it to be a mighty Salamence. However, he doesn't realize that right after arriving an an...
Tortured Uchiha [CURRENTLY EDITING] by Its_Beaumont
The first branch of the Uchiha never approved of those from the second branch. As Etsuko Uchiha discovers, the second branch are never tolerated. So, when she befriends...
Vigilante Hikari by 2021Night
Vigilante Hikariby 2021Night
Deku was a quirkless boy who nearly gave up on his dream, but Bakugo convinced him to continue. Due to an accident when he was 7, he gave up on becoming a hero and swore...
Hikari; The Forgotten Otsutsuki by Laufeys_Universe
Hikari; The Forgotten Otsutsukiby Laufey's Universe
Otsutsuki Hikari was the firstborn of Otsutsuki Kaguya, he was sent to the future by an undeveloped jutsu of his mother in order to save him from himself. Alone in the p...
Ultraman Mebius {The Sunshine's Life} by KittyOyen
Ultraman Mebius {The Sunshine's Li...by KittyOyen
Ultraman Mebius who is a sweet,kind and caring ultra is wondering of his full of shocking life The story of him being the mysterious ultra warrior Have a slight of thing...
The Rising of the Hammer Hero [Volume 1+2] by Azumi_Niko
The Rising of the Hammer Hero [Vol...by Crimson Asura
[Volume 1] Yaketsuku Hiro is an ordinary student living in the city of Sendai, and he sometimes skips school to peruse his preferred hobby, LN and manga reading. He visi...
Sekirei x Male Reader by jasonmakoni54321
Sekirei x Male Readerby Jason Makoni
A young weeb is reincarnated into the world of Sekirei.
Karasuno's Ojou-sama by gaiskafirasn
Karasuno's Ojou-samaby Nairaa
Indonesian Version Book 2 - [Lanjutan] Dari story : Karasuno's Girl On Boy Team of Volleyball Note : Cerita di buku ini berlanjut mulai dari Season 4 Haikyuu, jadi bagi...
Kakashi x oc book two by mindofawallflower
Kakashi x oc book twoby mindofawallflower
after love and heart break hikari struggles with fighting her demons. After three long years she returns to the village. Only to run head on back into the storm.
Chapter 4  by Hikari_Michaelis
Chapter 4 by Hikari
Zero lands stranded in the Devildom again, this time there is no hope of finding his familiar demon friend. Rather a relative, who is simply one hell of a butler...
I Will Rescue You.  by _Sterek_24
I Will Rescue You. by 🖤STEREK🖤
*BASED ON TEENWOLF THE MOVIE ENDING* Scott calls Stiles to update him on what all happened; that the Nogitsune escaped thanks to Harris. Harris! Their freaking chemistry...
PANIC ROOM ▶ teen wolf movie by MARVELMAZETEEN
PANIC ROOM ▶ teen wolf movieby ˗ˏˋ꒰𝐬𝐮𝐩𝐫𝐚𝐣𝐚 - 𝐭𝐚𝐲𝐥...
Digimon Adventure 01: The Crest of Inspiration by DiaryLH531
Digimon Adventure 01: The Crest of...by DiaryLH531
Naomi Imoan (ee-mo-an') was a normal girl living her happy life when suddenly, she was trapped in the digital world with the rest of the digidestined. Everyone feels uns...
High & Low Higher Grounds 「Amamiya Kyodai」 by artalicous
High & Low Higher Grounds 「Amamiya...by artalicous
The three Amamiya Kyodai lost their parents. They maintain an affectionate brotherhood. Takeru was the one who taught them to fight. Takeru went missing. Watanabe Hikari...
Lazy Hero: Naruto Time Travel by Cyber_TechDude
Lazy Hero: Naruto Time Travelby Cyber_TechDude
I DO NOT OWN NARUTO!! It's Masashi Kishimoto's. (Edited Description: December 6, 2021) Welcome to my cliched work for a first attempt as a Naruto Time Travel. It's bein...
BRAIN x BEAUTY by SuperNerdC
What if there was more to Conway than meets the eye... What if his journey through Sinnoh was only a training journey to prepare him for an even greater goal... What i...