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Hero Of Song and Story by Jona_Jameson
Hero Of Song and Storyby Jona_Jameson
Y/N "Hercules" L/N, a legendary Demi-God and a son to Zeus now has his sights set on Union Academy. While the Gods have their own plans for him. (Just a discl...
The MissAdventure of Issei the errand boy from gensokyo  by VanGohUserLOL
The MissAdventure of Issei the err...by VanGohUserLOL
Issei your errand boy from gesnokyo, we'll mostly he does the task and job he was given, founded by yukari has a child and created has a gesnokyo watcher and drones (he...
King of Games 3: Great War (OP Gamer Male Reader x Crossover) by Winter_Wanderer
King of Games 3: Great War (OP Gam...by Grandpoggers
Three years ago the fall of Sacred King's Academy, the war between the two opposing sides still rage on. The sheer firepower of Ursula is only rivaled by (Y/N) tactics a...
The Ultimate Omni-Hero of Union by PatrickEstvo
The Ultimate Omni-Hero of Unionby Patrick Estêvão
(Ultimatrix User OC X Crossover Harem) Ren Tennyson lost his parents when he was a kid, and since then he started living with his cousins Ben and Gwen, and their grandfa...
Son of darkness (Male  Alucard reader x dxd) by Knightmare6666
Son of darkness (Male Alucard rea...by Knightmare
(Y/N) Belmont is the son of Gabriel Belmont aka the infamous Dracula who was asleep for thousands of years after his father killed the four devil kings and God. he was k...
the second badass pawn by Frost_King2077
the second badass pawnby Frost_King2077
you become the second pawn of rais gremory Note:i dont know how Japanese school years go so I'm going by American standards koneko and gasper sophomores hushin Issei X...
Heaven or Hell by BlazeDX7
Heaven or Hellby BraeonX2
Let's not focus on Noah, Azure, Gojira, Titans and Jaegers. Let's leave and enter the realm of magic. The realm of Demons, Angels and Gods. As we have seen in Kaiju Girl...
The cyborg and his goddess. (Belldandy x male oc x massive harem)  by UrielGonzalez574503
The cyborg and his goddess. (Belld...by Toad Skywalker
Meet Toad Skywalker. a college student with an unusual ability. he can summon a manifestation of his inner soul called a persona. One night, Toad dialed the wrong number...
DXD: The Greater Evil by Wetterpad
DXD: The Greater Evilby Wetterpad
(Slightly Remade. Just dumped it out of my drafts since ill move on to make an original on another platform soon. I am DEFINITELY redoing this cover, since I liked this...
Fangs Of A Fox by Cursed-Prince
Fangs Of A Foxby Accursed Vessel
I heard that Kurama dies in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. And that makes me upset! So this story is to pay my respect.
Battle of the New Devil [Lock For Now] by Nodici
Battle of the New Devil [Lock For...by Nodici aragami
[Hahaha, how Weakling you are... you guys really are the bottom of failures and big talk, barking but no bite... how sad, the New life that I feel and the Determination...
Yandere rp  by DevinRemsburg
Yandere rp by Murader
title says it all
Garo The Golden Knight of Kouh by CJB900
Garo The Golden Knight of Kouhby CJB900
Horrors start to appear in the town of Kouh and one attacks a young devil but is saved by strange man who trues out to be a member of old order of knights. See how the...
Shinigami no Musuko X High School DxD by ElRumeu
Shinigami no Musuko X High School...by ElRumeu
Soy Rumeu el dios de la muerte y gracias a mi maravillosa amiga Rim he tenido que reencarnar al universo de High School DxD.
The Painter by whothehellishe
The Painterby Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax...
(Y/N), a human who always thought the world could use a bit more color. With his unique sacred gear, he's pursed by the supernatural constantly. Look and see what happen...