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The Painter by whothehellistim
The Painterby Tim
(Y/N), a human who is always pursued by Rias in order for him to join her peerage. He never accepts her offer.
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The Ancient God: A OC X Akeno Story by IndigoPrince99
The Ancient God: A OC X Akeno Storyby IndigoPrince99
An average 17 year old boy named Shoki Tanahashi did not come from humble beginnings. But he's ready for a fresh start with his elder sister Uzume at Kuoh Academy. So wh...
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Son of darkness (Male  Alucard reader x dxd) by Knightmare6666
Son of darkness (Male Alucard rea...by Knightmare
(Y/N) Belmont is the son of Gabriel Belmont aka the infamous Dracula who was asleep for thousands of years after his father killed the four devil kings and God. he was k...
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Issei Hyoudou: A new comeback by Doom_Slayer
Issei Hyoudou: A new comebackby Doom Slayer
"You had a wonderful life, didn't you? It's a shame you were diagnosed with Terminal cancer, well, at least you'll be able to enjoy a new life."
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Abyss sans reader x highschool dxd  by inksonix
Abyss sans reader x highschool dxd by EXEzyn
Y/n or sans had been going into other universes with mecha as the two were found a new universe that was deferent to their au of sans as they are now their in the new wo...
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Highschool dxd The Strongest Genius  by zexalcielo
Highschool dxd The Strongest Geniu...by zexalcielo
Ren Hyoudou younger brother to issei hyoudou and the bastard child of Mr hyoudou (don't know his name) was treated as a slave by his family for years. Ren doesn't hate h...
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Yandere rp  by DevinRemsburg
Yandere rp by Murader
title says it all
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