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The Siren's Human Mate (The Siren's Human Mate Saga, Book 1)-Completed-CE by meroceank8921
The Siren's Human Mate (The Siren'...by J.L. Knoll
If you found out your savior of the sea was a mythical male siren and your mate, what would you do? After sixteen-year-old aspiring writer and normal girl Kida Aster's s...
The Power Of The Zodiacs by michiehime
The Power Of The Zodiacsby michie
For thousands of years, a newborn set of children born under the specific zodiacs are chosen to be the holders of this spiritual power. Their identities are kept in secr...
Winter's Summer (Unedited) by theenchanterswinter
Winter's Summer (Unedited)by ENCHANTER
Counted from 4 to 7, took a deep breath and held it in, as she paced nearer to the entrance. As the curtains opened, everyone saw her for what and who she truly is... (...
The Astonishing Lives of The Gays by ibumpintodoors
The Astonishing Lives of The Gaysby Sophi
An angsty/sweet story about a group of friends who spend the majority of their lives together. They go the struggles of homophobia, being a teenager, and falling in love...
loud. || luwoo by thatkpopping
loud. || luwooby jihoon's nipple piercing
"meet jungwoo! uhh, he's not a big talker." started 10.22.18 lowercase intended
A Totally Normal Life of Highschool Students by OtakuOne
A Totally Normal Life of Highschoo...by Waifu Stealer
In an universe where the countries of the Earth is all connected... 12 highschool students live out their lives as normal. Character Sign-ups are open. (8/11)
◖High School Story - Book 1◗ by streetartist84
◖High School Story - Book 1◗by STrayArTisT
Sam, A teen girl, Moves into a new town, As she enrolled in a new school A chance to be a new person, To befriend new people And while Homecoming is near the corner, Ho...
Writing #1 by girlsofrosewood
Writing #1by #Rachel<3
Hello!! I know that this isn't necessarily Pretty Little Liars, but it is something that I've been working on. There will be more to the story, and I hope you guys like...
Untitled wings by beanieSCP
Untitled wingsby kadoshiki Aren
Anthony Griffen, 'the outcast', of the school.
Miss Know it All by xStegosaurus
Miss Know it Allby Monroe
Sasuke Uchiha and Gaara Sabaku have a secret. Anyone, who went to Konoha Academy would have loved to find out this juicy piece of gossip. Anyone, except the girl who a...