Highschoolmystery Stories

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The Sophisticated Hypocrites  by ChillingFruitshake
The Sophisticated Hypocrites by Charles Kleenex
3 Senior students that came from different places transferred to an innocent and peaceful FogVill high to start again after their mysterious past, a once quiet high scho...
THE ENCHANTED KEYHOLE by misschandlior
Watch three friends solve the mysteries that lies within their school grounds.
Christina by anamariadrmos
Christinaby Ana Maria de Ramos
"Hey, by the way," she leaned in closer, a mischievous gleam in her eyes, "since this house was built long ago, did you know that there were passages in b...
Topsy Turvy by sweetnchilly
Topsy Turvyby Nish
Sarah Clive is very ordinary in her ways, simple and plain. However, her mind is anything but that. It scares Sarah, her thoughts scare her, but what will she do when th...
not as pure as it seems by iiOmqIts_Nikki
not as pure as it seemsby ryleestories
When 14 year old, Catherine Santos' best friend Finian Miller goes missing, the police assume a suicide with enough evidence to do so but Cathy won't believe that. Her...
Unfamiliar Hallways by brookeisanerdiernerd
Unfamiliar Hallwaysby brooke 💘
As soon as they come back from summer break, Alexis, Autumn, Sam, and Justin know nothing will ever be the same. But when one student goes missing and turns up dead a we...
DECEPTION by WaterAngelX
Everyone's made mistakes before, but have you ever made a choice that would change your life forever? It ended up being the worst decision of your life but you wouldn't...
The Chased by Veilaa
The Chasedby alexandra veila
After being one of 3 people to receive an eerie threat at school, the strange mystery that commences puts 17yo Rory Brooks' life on a collision course with the infuriati...
listen before I go 💿 by succulenttttio
listen before I go 💿by succulenttttio
Vicky( who I imagine having Billie eillishes hair idk why ) who experiences a death in her school, no one seems to mourn the poor girls death, but feel thankful instead...
Browning and Moonchild: the Beast of Paradise Falls by LauraMadison
Browning and Moonchild: the Beast...by Laura Madison
Chrysanthemum Moonchild is the new (and only brown) girl in school who has two goals: make the JV track team and make some friends. Squirrel Browning just wants to make...
Case Of The Poisoned Posse by cloudiahh
Case Of The Poisoned Posseby cloudiahh
Senior year at Richardson McLean High is going to be a blast...or is it? After a group of friends are questioned for their role in the murder of their dear friend Evelyn...
That Blurry Guy! by Ghost_Kurosaki
That Blurry Guy!by Khairul Harris
Somehow out of the ordinary life of a teenage girl she stumbled upon a mysterious guy who she feels his presence is hard to forget and go away from her...so she then fol...
Fault by Mysteriousblindman01
Faultby Mysteriousblindman01
Dantro a guy who is handsome yet a genius in disguise gas a very awkward life. But when he went highschool, he met this cute girl named Lyca whos very interested in him...
White Lies (Completed - Editing) by Hannah-Jones-
White Lies (Completed - Editing)by Hana
Accused of harassment by her own best friend, Indy Parker struggles to understand how lies came to be and why. The new school year is spent dodging her friend and receiv...