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Hate at First Encounter by gioiaxi
Hate at First Encounterby aj
Hate At First Encounter Written By: gioiaxi Siya si Gaudencia, ang babaeng nagmula sa mayamang pamilya at walang ibang alam gawin kundi ang iikot ang kanyang mga mata tu...
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Rosewood High- A Tiktok Highschool Story by Knndie2
Rosewood High- A Tiktok Highschool...by Knndie2
Your name is jewel and you go to rosewood high with a lot of tiktokers, wanting the fame but am i ready for it?
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My broken bad boy <3 by harleymaeannclark
My broken bad boy <3by Harley Clark
Well here goes nothing, Hi. I'm Veda Summers and this is my sad story. I live with my parents Autumn and Roger who occasionally show up when they feel like parenting. I...
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Forgetting the Past(KOTLC Fanfic) | Completed | Book 1 by tuxedocat22
Forgetting the Past(KOTLC Fanfic)...by Tuxedocat22
Sophie Foster woke up in the hospital afraid. She couldn't remember anything, except for the searing pain of the stab wound on her shoulder and the simple words, 'Sophie...
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Nerdy by MissKay145
Nerdyby It'sYaGirl_Kai
I walk out of the laundry room, and down the hall. I walk over to my room, and pull open the door, and walk in on...LIAM?! "Finally! You're here! I thought you'd...
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We're weak in different ways by 76YesuYesu67
We're weak in different waysby yesu
Nick is a pretty quiet kid, hes introverted and not too popular, in fact quite the opposite, he gets bullied frequently, although at this point he's gotten used to it an...
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The innocent one( Rias x Issei's younger brother reader) by Crusaderknight1095
The innocent one( Rias x Issei's y...by Crusaderknight
You are the younger brother of the biggest perv in the world, and worst for you is that your parents are sending you to Kuoh
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Our Summer by SydneyLittle_0207
Our Summerby Sydney Little
What happens when the ordinary 18 year old highschool girl Kim Soyeon, and the schools most popular guy Choi Soobin have to spend the whole summer together on a school f...
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The Immortalized by Angelo717
The Immortalizedby Angelo717
What happens when a Gemini coven family member tries to stop the merge from happening, or a guy who thought he was normal but finds out he has all 7 werewolf packs blood...
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I Hate When You're Right // bxb by freyamaeg
I Hate When You're Right // bxbby Ginger Spice
"Joined at the hip, those two," is what Curtis's Nana always says about him and his best friend Ollie. Ollie is newly out and trying to figure out this whole d...
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The Saiyan Prince's date by WingedFoxFlight
The Saiyan Prince's dateby WingedFoxFlight
On planet Vegeta, Vegeta starts high school and runs into a student named Kakarot. They became friends and Vegeta has a crush on Goku. (NO MORE SPOILERS) If you like the...
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Alone Together by clownistory
Alone Togetherby Yura
Mia liked her life especially because she didn't think her life was complicated but everything suddenly changes when her first kiss is stolen by a person when she least...
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I'll take thee away(Vicky x reader) by Blueyesblackskies
I'll take thee away(Vicky x reader)by ❤️💔V ï č k ÿ💔❤️
-This is my oc Vicky x you, the reader This will probably be something I make up along the way so keep that in mind!- I won't spoil anything here so just go ahead and re...
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Deceit by Unikengkay
Deceitby Gabrielle Kehnn
Catalina have always prided herself in being the girl who doesn't need a guy to give her joy but when he came around she doesn't know what to do with herself anymore. I...
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School of Chaos (soc) by Oyasumi14
School of Chaos (soc)by Oyasumi14
×°•◍✧*.。*♡ y\n's school letter gets mixed up by mistake with her phsycopathic twin sister's letter and now she must attend the school for the mentally disoriented where...
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The Games That We Play by -TheStoriesAreTrue-
The Games That We Playby Pranitha
As children, we start playing games from a very young age. They're harmless really. Hide and Seek, Tag, Hopscotch. Sometimes we even get prizes when we win them. But as...
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Chasing Colors by victoraeee
Chasing Colorsby Ana
Alina Sullivans has always dreamed of her first meeting with her soulmate. The one scenario she could have never envisioned, however, was losing him three minutes after...
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 ♥️~ Haikyuu Boyfriend Scenarios~ ♥️ by AniMassaBba
♥️~ Haikyuu Boyfriend Scenarios~...by AniMassaBba
Boyfriend Senarios All pictures dont belong to me, credits go to the Original owner Karasuno: Hinata Kageyama Nishinoya Daichi Sugawara Tsukishima Aboai Josai* (I forgo...
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Lumière by tear_drm
Lumièreby 🌟🌟🌟
No one care about his existence. Even his own parents left him all by himself. But it doesn't matter. He's used to it. Suicidal thoughts? He thinks about it everyday. C...
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The Three BadBoys And Me by Airestious
The Three BadBoys And Meby Aires
BadBoy Series 01:
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