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Kurama's Jealousy (Hiei love story) by Nanumi
Kurama's Jealousy (Hiei love story)by Nanumi
A new student is arriving at the school, some guy named Hiei...what happens when he arrives? Read more to find out
My neighbor is a demon! (Hiei x OC) by InariKiri
My neighbor is a demon! (Hiei x OC)by InariKiri
Ever wondered what Hiei was up to during his stay in the human world? How he was able to survive after finding himself stuck in a world where he'd rather not be and know...
What if: Yu Yu Hakusho Boyfriend Scenario (One Shots X reader) by bloodyredrain
What if: Yu Yu Hakusho Boyfriend S...by bloodyredrain
Are you a fan girl of Yu Yu Hakusho? Especially Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei or Kuwabara? Have you ever imagined how it feels like to be the love of their life? Have you ever dr...
Sinful Pride ─ H I E I J A G A N S H I [MAJOR EDITING] by Locality_
Sinful Pride ─ H I E I J A G A N S...by Locality
When the dark tournament arrives, Team Urameshi find themselves needing a substitute to help them win. Cereza puts aside her past to pay off her debt to Koenma and joins...
The Tournament by CelestialMoon42
The Tournamentby Sakura Luna Yuki Wolf
The boats about to leave. And suddenly Yusuke appears with two strangers. Who are they and are they friend or foe? And what awaits our young hero's at the tournament? Yo...
Hiei x reader by Xiaostea
Hiei x readerby ⊂((・▽・))⊃
You met a strange short boy in a forest even though he isn't so kind to you still somehow fall in love with him. this person who is slowly falling for a Beautiful person...
Yu Yu Hakusho Boyfriend Scenarios by Hilla899
Yu Yu Hakusho Boyfriend Scenariosby Hilla899
Kiss from a Rose by seakid09
Kiss from a Roseby seakid09
Ayaka is a demon foundling raised by Master Genkai in the human world. After meeting our YYH gang, it seems like there is more to her identity than what she already know...
A different kind of Rose (Kurama x OC) by InariKiri
A different kind of Rose (Kurama x...by InariKiri
Rosa is a spirit detective just doing her job, but what will she do when she finds out about a schoolmate's secret? Will she turn her back on their newfound friendship a...
Hiei reader x Rosario + vampire  by otakujalen2
Hiei reader x Rosario + vampire by otakujalen2
You are (Y/N) Hiei, a strong demon. You soon attend a highschool just for monsters, what will happen there? And how will your adventures pan out?
Yu Yu Hakusho (Hiei Love Story) by DeadlyPurpleBunny
Yu Yu Hakusho (Hiei Love Story)by Ann
Ann Urameshi is the twin sister to the famous, Yusuke Urameshi, and is loving it. Everyday she spends time with her brother, from watching him beat up Kuwabara, to beati...
Living beyond life (Kurama x OC) by InariKiri
Living beyond life (Kurama x OC)by InariKiri
There is more between life and death. This grey area is where May operates, has been for a long time. She knows what she's doing, well, at least she used to. When a dem...
To Battlestations!: The Combined fleet by Kingtiger_the_Heavy
To Battlestations!: The Combined f...by KingTiger_The_Heavy
(Note: There are some changes i made cuz i wasnt happy how it ended) Its been 2 years since the Crimson Axis split apart while the Sakura Empire is still at peace the Ir...
A New Ship... Boy? (Kantai Collection story) by MatthewThank
A New Ship... Boy? (Kantai Collect...by MatthewThank
Beginning my third story. Something not RT related finally. Hope it's not that bad. I have experience from all free KC related things, movie, anime and game. We'll see i...
The Fox Child by yuukicross790
The Fox Childby Yuuki Cross
A 4-year-old girl falls victim to child abuse. As she tries to escape her father, she falls into a portal, sending her into the arms of the Urameshi crew! Can they help...
Divine Spectre(Kantai Collection X Male Fortress Ship Reader) by Creeper_Corporation
Divine Spectre(Kantai Collection X...by Krystal 『©』
Prioritization:⭐ A Kantai Collection Ship Girls X Male Fortress Ship Reader story!. the humanity's greatest enemy rises to the depths once more, the Abyssal Fleet. Warsh...
Was I not good enough? (Ongoing) by Creepyfangurl666
Was I not good enough? (Ongoing)by 魂 Studios
Yusuke Urameshi, your crush has been heart broken. You decide you must put the fact you have a crush on him down just to help him, Buuut what will happen (personally idk...
Book Of Randomness 👌😎 by simps_for_Aizawa
Book Of Randomness 👌😎by 🖤Meli🖤
... funny pictures of yu yu hakusho, more like yu yu hakusho on crack!! I just realized it's mostly about Hiei... Some of these pictures aren't mine, while my bf made so...
Kurama x Fem! Y/N by MandyKazumi
Kurama x Fem! Y/Nby Mandy
Disclaimer: Of course Yu Yu Hakusho characters aren't mine, they are from the original creator. Some story's may be written by the episode so if you haven't watch Yu Yu...