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Home (HideKane) by uminihitori
Home (HideKane)by idiot gay
Kaneki is homesick because his idea of home is a person, rather than a place. Yes it's gay.
Blossom // Hide & Kaneki by Jooheonis
Blossom // Hide & Kanekiby maki
"Nothing... So uh.. Kaneki.. I really like you..." 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 A soft, fluffy story between the characters Hideyoshi Nagachika and Kaneki Ken. Please enjoy! ...
You Make Me Happy (HideKane fanfic) by OwariNoMika
You Make Me Happy (HideKane fanfic)by MeiMei
Hide was always very good at reading people, so whenever people told Hide about the black haired boy who always seemed to have a book, he could tell, nobody knew a thing...
ĸaneĸι х нιde one ѕнoтѕ by kanekiken44
ĸaneĸι х нιde one ѕнoтѕby kanekiken44
Just a bunch of Kaneki x Hide oneshots. Be prepared for le fluffiness. Feel free to request oneshots, I'll be glad to write anything HideKane. I LITERALLY LIVE AND BREA...
My other secret  by Tokyotitans
My other secret by TokyoTitans
COMPLETED Kaneki and Hide have been dating for a few months. One day Hide finds out Kaneki is a ghoul, not only that but his other secret. Hide accepts this secret. Kan...
Are You a Demon, a Human, or an Angel? None. (Boy x Boy) by NATSUMESPOLKAGIRL
Are You a Demon, a Human, or an An...by FireFaithe Pikamon
The angels and demons are going to war, and one angel is in the middle of it all. Enter Hideyoshi Nagachika, a new angel. He has only ever watched over one child, Kaneki...
Mine - A HideKane FanFic [COMPLETED] by RLTThatsMe
Mine - A HideKane FanFic [COMPLETE...by CeNTipedE
Two boys, both with huge personality differences. How will Kaneki be able to get Hide as his own?
Flesh (hidekane smut) by LucifersNugget
Flesh (hidekane smut)by LucifersNugget
If you didn't get the smut part basically, Kaneki and Hide have sex In GRAVE detail, you're welcome.
My Sunshine - (Hidekane Oneshots) by HellishDork
My Sunshine - (Hidekane Oneshots)by Charlie
Just (mostly) cute oneshots! Might have smut and shit but who knows. !! COVERPHOTO CREDS GO TO ORIGINAL ARTIST SNICKERDOOTS !!
My other secret, the one shots!  by Tokyotitans
My other secret, the one shots! by TokyoTitans
Hey! Did you enjoy "my other secret'? Well, here's one shots of it. This basically things that didn't make it into the story and what ifs. So,I hope you enjoy! UPDA...
Deeply Entwined (Hidekane) by cheerfulmelancholic
Deeply Entwined (Hidekane)by Sniffsniff Kanekikun
Kaneki never liked looking at his wrist. Where his soulmate's first words are supposed to be lies a blank space. Hide is Kaneki's deaf mute neighbor. Locked out, he spe...
My Bunny   (Hide x Kaneki)  HIATUS  by wg1234
My Bunny (Hide x Kaneki) HIATUS by wg1234
"When bunnies get lonely, they'll die. So please don't leave me Kaneki. " - Hide "Hide is my most important person so I'll do anything to be with him. &q...
x hidekane pictures x  by sncwflckee
x hidekane pictures x by ☁️ isla ☁️
i was told to keep this book? nothing belongs to me: it was close to impossible to find links to most of these images, i'm sorry. i understand that pretty much nobody...
Hidekane by dave_effing_strider
Hidekaneby Kaneki Ken
AU were hide is in the army and something happens and he meets a boy/man/person named Kaneki.
Together, Apart. {KaneHide Oneshots} by Koroshitekure
Together, Apart. {KaneHide Oneshot...by ° 殺してくれ °
Kaneki and Hide, always... Always together, always apart...
I Love You For Who You Are by GayShipsAreBaeShips
I Love You For Who You Areby GayShipsAreYayShips
What if Hide had not found out about Kaneki being a half ghoul? This is a straight fluff HideKane fanfiction and I will warn you now that I cannot write well, but I'll t...
Hidekane♡ by maehiro
Hidekane♡by ❥ Hajime
Now, this is a actual ship I ship and stan. If this ship sinks(even though it never will) I'll fucking sink too. Unlike Sarumi & Shuuneki, Hidekane is a actual healthy a...
I Failed Him (BoyxBoy HideKane) by Dying_Fire_Lives
I Failed Him (BoyxBoy HideKane)by Full Fledged Weeaboo
HideKane. It's my first go so I hope you enjoy! Kaneki and Hide find each other when at Anteiku, but Hide is hiding something from Kaneki, two things actually. But whic...
Imperfections by TheatreBroadwayGirl
Imperfectionsby TheatreBroadwayGirl
"As I had always read in books, and what I had come to believe, is that any pain, fears, or trouble you have would all disappear with the one you love. I mean, tha...
HideKane by kinkybaefordroz
HideKaneby Dr. Oz’s play thing
Just a little HideKane rp. May be smut. I wont warn you, it's funner that way ;)