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LET ME BE YOUR HOME ( Completed )✔ by loveforbooks333
"i love you!" he said "shut up!" I barked , he didn't flinch though. "I really do" he looks defeated yet confident about his intentions. ...
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The Middleman | ongoing by trapdoctorx
The Middleman | ongoingby - ̗̀ trap doc ̖́-
❝You think I'm a bounty hunter?❞ Well that surely wasn't how Leia Kar imagined her first conversation with Quinn Carter would go. Hell, she didn't think they would ever...
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Ulterior Motives by NJKuhr
Ulterior Motivesby N.J. Kuhr
(Featured in Paranormal) Reagan Blake is damn good at her job, the best. She makes a living solving cases and helping her community get out of jams. She fixes things. W...
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Finding Happily Ever After by SecretlyAWerewolf
Finding Happily Ever Afterby Secretly A Werewolf
"Stop! Don't come near me!" I gasped out, scrambling back on the bed until my back was against the headboard. Ashton froze, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion...
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Adopted By Jared Padalecki by Brianna_Holton
Adopted By Jared Padaleckiby PandaBearHD
Danny Nicole Shaffer- A girl who has spent 6 years and counting in "Miss Molly's Home For Girls". That's right, an orphanage. She has completely lost any hope...
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Beau and The Beast by platinum_writer
Beau and The Beastby Shahzoda Vareberg
This tale as old as time revolves around Beau, the only heir to the Duchy of Guise, and Eve, a girl cursed to be a beast forever. Beau, a sharp, handsome and adventurous...
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Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Seventh Safeguard by Charlotte-Ann
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure...by Charlotte Ann Kent
Sherlock Holmes takes on the case of tracking down the mysterious, teleporting killer who murdered the quiet Amelia Bones. When he meets three strange teens in a London...
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CRADLES ✔️ by sweetafrican
Every year of Carissa's James life has always been different, the year her father fell sick, the year he died, the year her mother remarried, the year her mother hit her...
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Take Flight - Josie's journey #Wattys2017 by Juwelchen
Take Flight - Josie's journey #Wat...by June
Ranked: #248 in ChickLit Josie had it all sorted out. Everything that happened in her life, happened due to a strict plan. There was no space for the Unforeseen, especia...
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Out Late Sipping Milkshakes || ✔️ by aquamarine_polaroid
Out Late Sipping Milkshakes || ✔️by M E L L I F L U O U S
What should I feel right now? Heartbroken, anger, betrayal? Why couldn't life be easier? I looked up, a bright sign greeted me. Mom and Pop's Milkshake Shoppe... ~...
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The First Girl In The NFL by AhsokaLux10
The First Girl In The NFLby Snips
(Moved this from @The_Mighty_Scott, who was me, to this account so I'm not stealing) The NFL has only allowed guys, right? WRONG! Or, it was that way. Until a courageou...
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Wattpad Library by JalebiWedsBluetooth
Wattpad Libraryby Jalebi Weds Bluetooth
Want to read some good books? Well here is the best recommendation list ever! (And no, they aren't just a collection of million reads books - there's hidden treasures to...
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His Game Of Hide and Seek by My_life32
His Game Of Hide and Seekby Cheyenne
"The better you hide the closer you're to freedom" //////// Kidnapped by her stalker Force to play his game If she ever wants to go home Hide for her life As...
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Valentine's Day Every Day by jimrileyenlight
Valentine's Day Every Dayby Jim Riley
Verses our hearts might sing, had they voices. Highest ranks to date, #1 in Deep Poetry, #1 in Mantra, #1 in Enlightenment, #1 in Naturalism.
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where we cease *complete* by alone_storm
where we cease *complete*by ƭʝ.
a short story
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Safe and Sound  by inspiredskies
Safe and Sound by inspiredskies
PTSD is a disorder that develops in some people who have experienced a shocking, scary, or dangerous event. People can often have flashbacks of the event, anxiety, or de...
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Arabella Park: Season 1 by EPICEVANTYLER
Arabella Park: Season 1by EpicEvanTyler
[A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY/highest ranking: #30 Mystery/Thriller] For fans of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER! Everyone knows that losing friends is...
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Unplugged by justageminii
Unpluggedby justageminii
Just a series of poem and quotes that tells you a story. All rights reserved © Amruta More 2019 Amazing cover made by @FiftyShadesOfTimmy
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