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African American Y/n + Naruto * "I don't play your shit." by tadane-chan
African American Y/n + Naruto * "I...by xX.shattered Image
✨DISCLAIMER✨ I DO NOT OWN THE ANIME NARUTO In this particular story we will be starting from the very beginning. Your a kid with no parents or siblings. You've been trai...
Another chance for family ~ Itachi x OC Yuri  by bringontheemos
Another chance for family ~ Itachi...by Amber
Itachi meets a young woman name Yuri. Despite not seeing her very often, he develops feelings for her. Watch how the Uchiha family grows and changes to life's challenges...
Boruto : Going Rogue by BoruSaraHokage
Boruto : Going Rogueby BoruSaraHokage
Disclaimer: I do not own Boruto or almost every character I am writing nor do I own the images. Boruto goes rouge after his father, Naruto, shames Boruto in front of the...
Child of a Snake by HokageOrochimaru23
Child of a Snakeby Andreina Cummings
Kaiya was abandoned at the gate of Konoha by her father for her own safety. All she had was a scroll with a letter written by her mom and a snake necklace in a box with...
Naruto various x reader by DeathHappens
Naruto various x readerby DeathHappens
Y/n L/n the last survivor of the L/n clan. Will protect Naruto with her life. Meets Gaara. Decides to protect him at all costs too. Fuck everyone else. Cover was made by...
Life as an Uchiha - Neji x Reader by soupxtoon9
Life as an Uchiha - Neji x Readerby tentenxtoon9
You are one of the survivors of the Uchiha clan and had activated your Mangekyou Sharingan at a young age. You fall in love with Neji Hyuga but coming from 2 completely...
The Path of an Uchiha - A Naruto Fanfiction by CapricornSiren
The Path of an Uchiha - A Naruto F...by Duchess Fraldarius
Kotomi Uchiha witnesses her brothers go down a completely different path from hers, changing her life forever at a tender young age. Many people in the village expect he...
Waiting Game by Blue-Kitten245
Waiting Gameby Blue-Kitten245
"I, Haruno Tsubaki, am waiting. I am waiting to leave this village. I am waiting to be set free." Sakura's twin sister was an albino. Her mind was built up on...
Heavy Hearts  [[Kakashi x OC]] by jin-chu-riki
Heavy Hearts [[Kakashi x OC]]by jin
She excelled in genjutsu, naturally shining in taijutsu as well as ninjutsu and becoming known as a prodigy in Konohagakure, thanks to her upbringing by the White Fang...
Child of The White Snake: Naruto Fanfic by Sayori_Shizune
Child of The White Snake: Naruto F...by Sayori
Orochimaru's offspring can be just as dangerous as he is, but no one suspects that Kokoro is his daughter. She is everything he wants in a child as well as a subordinate...
you are mine. { Yandere! Sasuke X reader } by kage_konan
you are mine. { Yandere! Sasuke X...by xXx_sleepy_xXx
"dont worry my little rose I will keep you with me, and I'll keep you safe, even if I have to lose my life." Naruto©masashi kishimoto 🌟 achievements 🌟 #20 at...
In Their Shadow  by Blue-Kitten245
In Their Shadow by Blue-Kitten245
Stuck behind the shadows of Naruko and Sasuke how will Yuma Ito deal with being in a team with his talented teammates while doing his best to achieve his dream. MinatoAl...
Imperfectly Perfect by cfigueroawriter
Imperfectly Perfectby Carmen Angélica
Naruto Uzumaki attends the prestigious Konohagakure Academy with the rest of his friends. Ino Yamanaka is the new girl from town and joins the Academy to start a new li...
Kakashi X Reader One Shots by MPLotions
Kakashi X Reader One Shotsby MP Lotions
Just short stories involving Kakashi and you. WARNING some of these are gonna be lemons yall! I'll make a note in the beginning of the chapter to let everyone know and...
Guardians - a Naruto Fanfic by gloriouskpop
Guardians - a Naruto Fanficby GLORIOUSKPOP
Abandoned at main gate by her own mother, due by to a abusive father who wants the powers of Mila's special yet different jutsu she holds. Bullied and teased while growi...
Bonds: Boruto & Sarada by TheHylianOtaku
Bonds: Boruto & Saradaby TheHylianOtaku
(My first story ever on Wattpad! Hopefully you guys enjoy ^-^) [Dedicated to her, Ivar Cao ❤] Boruto Uzumaki, the son of the Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, and Sarada U...
Time travel by blondie_goldilocks22
Time travelby Blondie_goldilocks22
I do not own Naruto ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Naruto, Konoha 12, Lady Tsunade, Kakashi, Gai, Kurenai, Asuma, Sasuke, orochimaru, and Juraiya are sen...
Rouge  by JahshaunWinkyFace
Rouge by Jahshaun.
Boruto Uzamaki decides to run away from the hidden leaf village after he is caught cheating in the chunin exams. He swore to everyone that he will come back stronger. Wh...
Ninja Love Kakashi x reader (female) by thunderpaw1182
Ninja Love Kakashi x reader (femal...by Thunder
Not from a village, but super skilled. Who is this mysterious ninja? Why it's you of course! You come across squad 7 when they are guarding the bridge builder. You watch...
Sunflower by MayArclight
Sunflowerby MayArclight
[Tobirama x Oc] Before the Village Hidden in the Leaves was established, there lived the Senju Clan and the Sarutobi Clan. For the clans to coexist, the head of the Saru...