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Tuff Chaser (The Outsiders FF) by gaceline
Tuff Chaser (The Outsiders FF)by céline
Tammy Hicks is an ordinary girl with a feisty spirit. She stands up for what she believes in, and doesn't bat an eyelash when it comes to dishing out justice. Yet, she's...
Schatten der Nacht by Seelenfall
Schatten der Nachtby Träumerin auf Ewig
Der alte Hicks, der Hicks, der von allen verspottet wurde, ist tot. Seiner Heimat den Rücken gekehrt, seine erste große Liebe zurückgelassen, gibt es einen neuen Hicks...
The story of Daisy Evans by DeticatedToMyself
The story of Daisy Evansby Just Another Fan
Daisy has been through a lot, but the most heartbreaking was losing her family. She moved from NY to LA in an attempt to forget her past, but it follows her. Miss Evans...
Sh!t I'd Put In A Bullet Journal by HicksScribbles
Sh!t I'd Put In A Bullet Journalby Alix
Exactly what the title claims, this is a collection of random stuff that floats around in Alix's head. Journal entries, tag challenges, friend adoration, poems, rambling...
BEST OF RTTE 1+2 ~ HICCSTRID-MOMENTE by HiccstridFantasy
BEST OF RTTE 1+2 ~ HICCSTRID-MOMEN...by Hiccstrid :)
Auf frischer Tat ertappt! Die besten Hiccstrid-Momente aus "Auf zu neuen Ufern 1 + 2"...
swat | jim street  by wroetoshaw_
swat | jim street by wroetoshaw_
after weeks of training, amelie makes it into the swat team- but new challenges, relationships and problems stand infrint of her path to join the swat family. * cbs show...
Its Just a Little Rivalry by cassrae24
Its Just a Little Rivalryby Cassandra Bryant
A small town girl from South Dakota gets rude awakening when she moves in with her Tarheel basketball player cousin only to fall in love with a Blue Devil.
Dragons - Große Zeiten by naokoHisagi
Dragons - Große Zeitenby naokoHisagi
Eines Nachts bei Sturm Kommt ein Verbranntes Schiff in Berk an. Als Hicks und Astrid das erfahren, durch - suchen sie das ganze Schiff und finden eine Mädchen... Doch e...
You Don't Know Her Like I Do by MarissaM617
You Don't Know Her Like I Doby Marissa Miller
This is a Brantley Gilbert fan fiction. Based around obviously BG, for those of you that love BG like me, know his song 'You Don't Know Here Like I Do', through out this...
Drachenreiter der Zukunft 2.1 - Magische Realität by MathiasHeilmann2
Drachenreiter der Zukunft 2.1 - Ma...by Mathias Heilmann
Du bist unser Held. Sei das Feuer, Luft, Wasser und der Staub; lass die Lichter uns erwecken. Der Zauber in deiner Hand lässt Blitze sprechen. Geh den Weg, wo Geschichte...
Dragons: Der Fluch des Feuers  by Elementpfote
Dragons: Der Fluch des Feuers by Fire Wings
,,Lasst euch nicht täuschen von dem Schein! Bringt es auf eine andere Insel, dann werdet ihr vorübergehend sicher sein. Sobald sie es sehen, bringt es um, denn sonst, we...
Breakthrough by DenxBlue
Breakthroughby Neko
[Pair of Kings & Lemonade Mouth Crossover] What if the plane that was supposed to get the famous band Lemonade Mouth to Europe for their tour crashed on an island instea...
Falling in Love with You by DenxBlue
Falling in Love with Youby Neko
Rewrite of my very first fanfic "I Fell in Love with You". What happens when Mikayla's cousin Jessica pays a visit to Kinkow? Some interesting things for sure...
Realization by DenxBlue
Realizationby Neko
When Boomer gets sick, Boz starts to spend more time with his friend, a certain guard girl, Mikayla Makoola. But after a while of hanging out with her, Boz realizes he l...
A 'Perfect' Life (on hold) by glowworms
A 'Perfect' Life (on hold)by glowworms
Melanie and Tyler's baby girl Chrissie has just been bought into their large family. Everything about their lives seems perfect, and as though everyone should be jealous...
Unexpected by BTRlover2211
Unexpectedby BTRlover2211
Adam Lucason is a singer at Rouge Records that swore he would never fall in love. Vanessa Harson is a new girl at the Palm Woods, trying to live her dreams of becoming a...
Hicks x Haudrauf One - Shots by Hickzahn
Hicks x Haudrauf One - Shotsby Hickzahn
Eine Sammlung von Hicks x Haudrauf Geschichten ( als Vater-Sohn-Beziehung , nicht als Liebesbeziehung) Ich werde versuchen jede Altersstufe von Hicks hinein zu bringen!