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Lonely Egg by Nickdabeast03
Lonely Eggby Nickdabeast03
Before we get started, this Book was made by both @GamerHal64 and @Nickdabeast03 as a collab. A long time ago, a mostly white nightlight hatchling was born alone and for...
  • abandonement
  • adoption
  • httyd
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(Hiccstrid)~Until They Can Return in Peace  by stories_by_kay
(Hiccstrid)~Until They Can Return...by Kay Robs
*HTTYD 3 Spoilers* This story takes place in the 10 years between the migration of the dragons and the close of the Hidden World film. Following the Movies and TV Serie...
  • howtotrainyourdragon
  • hiccstridfanfiction
  • dragons
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The Fault In Our Love by ScribblingAddict
The Fault In Our Loveby Makenna
Anne Hofferson (Astrid), is a young beautiful woman who was diagnosed with Sarcoma a year ago. Full of life with living in a hospital, she decides to go off the world so...
  • httyd
  • hiccuphaddock
  • astridhofferson
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Catch Me If You Can // Hiccup X OC by AlpineStories
Catch Me If You Can // Hiccup X OCby WB
"Right now, I don't know if I want to kiss you or shove you off a bridge." "Can I pick?" Hiccup is now chief of Berk after the passing of his father...
  • hiccup
  • olderhiccup
  • httyd
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Forbidden (How to Train Your Dragon Fanfiction) by T-Night
Forbidden (How to Train Your Drago...by Toothless Night Fury
Hiccup Haddock III. The chief of Berk, and destined to become united with Camicazi, the girl of every Viking's dreams. Well, every Viking except Hiccup. He's been search...
  • hiccup
  • howtotrainyourdragon
  • ocean
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The Big Four: Convergence (OUAT AU) by BookishNerdHero
The Big Four: Convergence (OUAT AU)by BookishNerdHero
Jack St. North was just an ordinary Sophomore High student from Dreamer Haven's, Dreamworks Academy...sort of. He was more of a loner really; orphaned, invisible, living...
  • ouatfanfiction
  • elsa
  • riseofthebravetangleddragons
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The Lonely Egg by GamerHal64
The Lonely Eggby Draconic Human
Before we get started, this Book was made by both @GamerHal64 and @Nickdabeast03 as a collab(Collaboration). -------- A long time ago, a nightlight hatchling was born al...
  • dragon
  • hiccuphaddock
  • dragons
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Child of Dragons. HTTYD fanfic by FandomFreak0897
Child of Dragons. HTTYD fanficby Reader, Writer, Dreamer
When a mysterious girl washes up on Berk. Hiccup must find out who she is and if she is friend or foe.
  • howtotrainyourdragon
  • hiccuphorrendoushaddockiii
  • httydfanfic
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Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons by FandomFreak0897
Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragonsby Reader, Writer, Dreamer
Mother Gothel gets ticked about Repunzle escaping again. she asked an old friend for help, Pitch Black. HIccup, Merida, Repunzle, and Jack must team up to stop Pitch.
  • jackfrost
  • pitchblack
  • mothergothel
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Below The Shadows  by night_fury_11
Below The Shadows by night_fury_11
*This is during the time of RTTE * Hiccup Astrid and the gang find that the dragon Hunters are back but to take over the island and enslave them they have to run and hid...
  • hiccstrid
  • httyd
  • rtte
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the one I lost by hiccstridlover3
the one I lostby hiccstridlover3
Astrid breaks up with hiccup and regrets it. Can they fix what they lost
  • httyd
  • astrid
  • selfharm
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My Instagram Requests by stranger2_7things
My Instagram Requestsby HTTYD THINGS
These are requests that I have gotten from my Instagram DM's on my How To Train Your Dragon Fan account (go follow me @lighthttydfury)
  • thebigfour
  • howtotrainyourdragon
  • howtotrainyourdragon2
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The Guardians  by RGVB1130
The Guardians by RGVB1130
This six people are reunited by destiny to replace the old age of heroes
  • httyd
  • brave
  • bighero6
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sauve moi de moi-même by Antares_23
sauve moi de moi-mêmeby Antares
Hijack. Hiccup X jack Frost. UA. Jack Frost n'a plus jamais été le même depuis cet accident. S'isolant de tous et refusant toute aide extérieure. Mais et si cette aide...
  • hijack
  • yaoi
  • haroldxjackfrost
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BROKEN HUMAN | ❝ Un compilado de historias sobre mi ship fav: Frostcup, Jaccup, Hijack, etc. ❞ ( historia 1OO% original. ) ( cover by @. ) ( -voidhiccup | ―𝒉𝒂𝒅𝒅...
  • hipo
  • eordl
  • hijack
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How To Train Your Dragon: Return To Berk by NovaDawne
How To Train Your Dragon: Return T...by Ky
In an alternate universe, the ending of httyd 3 didn't happen. Grimmel discovered and destroyed the hidden world, and Sif Stormballad, Hiccup's cousin, defeated him in a...
  • drama
  • hiddenworld
  • lily
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And, 5, 6, 7, 8!-Hiccstrid Oneshot by neffie_ali
And, 5, 6, 7, 8!-Hiccstrid Oneshotby 𝒾𝒻 𝓃𝑜𝓉 𝓃𝑜𝓌, 𝓌𝒽𝑒𝓃...
Hiccup has recently moved to Berk with his parents, he's been dancing since the age of 5-hip hop to be exact. Astrid is one of Berk's top choreographers and is assigned...
  • snotloutjorgenson
  • tuffnutthorston
  • and5678
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Caught: HTTYD short story  by BrookeMcNaulty
Caught: HTTYD short story by BrookeMcNaulty
The gang were trying to enjoy a nice meal when they notice that two members are missing, they all go looking for them. Will they ever find them or will they be lost fore...
  • tuffnutthorston
  • fishlegs
  • ruffnutthorston
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Broken (A How to Train Your Dragon Shattered Glass Fanfiction) by T-Night
Broken (A How to Train Your Dragon...by Toothless Night Fury
After Hiccup's father was killed in a battle with the Dragon Fliers, his desire to kill them rises. He gathers the group of misfits and Vikings with deadly reputations a...
  • snotlout
  • dragons
  • stormfly
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RTTE Truth Or Dare. by BlackroseWaCa
RTTE Truth Or Dare.by Bisma Amjad
This takes place during season 5-6 in Race To The Edge.
  • dagur
  • snotlout
  • truth
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