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  The Alphas Prizes by Lillygoldenflower
The Alphas Prizesby Lillygoldenflower
Elsa found her mate and soon when he rejects her infront of everyone she soon is kicked out of the pack. If she lays a paw in any Alphas territory she will pay the price...
Eye Contact ~Hiccelsa~ by Cass_TheAuthor
Eye Contact ~Hiccelsa~by cass
warning: written in 2014 cover doesn't belong to me. Hiccup is the new kid in school. He was bullied in his old school for being a nerd and transferred schools. It's El...
Snow and Fire by Stardust-Fury
Snow and Fireby Stardust - Fury
When one-month-old orphaned boy Hiccup Haddock is brought before the King and Queen of Arrendale, they take him in and act as his parents. During this time the Iduna and...
Frosted Scales - When Worlds Collide: A HTTYD X Frozen Tale by JutZoak9
Frosted Scales - When Worlds Colli...by Justin K. Johnson
She is a princess with the powers of ice, castaway, and drifting. He is the chief's son, thrown out for befriending the enemy. When Elsa and Hiccup cross paths, how will...
Hiccelsa one-shots  by positive_negativity
Hiccelsa one-shots by Smol
Opposites attract. Fire and ice, so different, yet need each other to form a perfect balance. The frosty ice quenches the raging fire, while in return it brings warmth t...
Hiccelsa •|Falling Together|• by Snowfall21
Hiccelsa •|Falling Together|•by Snowfall21
Hiccup has been a single father for around 15 years. He was married to Elsa Haddock and they had one child. Her name was Amelia and she was 15, almost 16 years old. It h...
The Lost Queen(Hiccelsa) by QueenElsa_ofsnow02
The Lost Queen(Hiccelsa)by FT_HP_BIG5_02
COMPLETED Elsa and Anna lived happily at Arrandelle. One day, they were invited at Corona for their cousin, Rapunzel's wedding. Unfortunately, they never made into Coron...
Her Wolf ~Book 1~ [Hiccelsa] by Nobody2014
Her Wolf ~Book 1~ [Hiccelsa]by Meerkat
There's a new guy at ArenBerk High School. He's an amazing artist, and photographer. When Elsa suddenly meets the mysterious, alluring Hiccup Haddock, her life takes a...
 Snow for the  Dragon by fierywolverine1997
Snow for the Dragonby Jean
Can two of the most unlikely people find a home in each other, or will it cause disaster to unfold? A story about finding the one who stays even when it's dark, the one...
Just Business by Lillygoldenflower
Just Businessby Lillygoldenflower
Elsa and Hiccup are forced to Marry from there fathers. Hiccups and Elsa's fathers are top million dollar business owners. Hiccups dad sell the most expensive cars. Elsa...
Hiccelsa by Jomadrid04
Hiccelsaby Arks08
Ok I have been seeing a lot of hiccelsa lately and I ship it. Yeah so this story is about Hiccup gets lost on a flight to search the world when he finds Arndelle he stay...
The Legends  by Lillygoldenflower
The Legends by Lillygoldenflower
Elsa Snow is a legendary Rider of dragons and she's been a princess years and she's been froze for 1,000 years. What if she gets unfroze by Hiccup The new chief. Will...
FROZEN -(Hiccelsa) by fierywolverine1997
FROZEN -(Hiccelsa)by Jean
This story take place during the events of frozen but before the events of HTTYD2 . The story mostly follows the plot line of frozen until the third act .And the stor...
Hiccelsa One-Shots by elsa_la_arendelle
Hiccelsa One-Shotsby Writer over here
I've been wanting to write a Hiccelsa fanfic. It's my OTP along with Jelsa. So, I'm gonna write single page stories of Hiccelsa, and you guys vote for the ones you like...
(Frozen & HTTYD3) Hiccelsa - Book 1 by Bringmeback_18
(Frozen & HTTYD3) Hiccelsa - Book 1by Brıŋg Me-Bʌck
This story takes place during the beginning of Frozen and HTTYD3 events.. after become hiccup Chife berk he is invited attend coronation new queen of arendele. .and too...
Lucky I'm In Love With My Best Friend 《Hiccelsa》 by SprinkleStudios
Lucky I'm In Love With My Best Fri...by Welcome, my name's Naomi!
Elsa Mauricedottir is an average highschool chic, kind and intellegent if you ask me. Hiccup Horrendus Haddock III, we know him for being the new dorky, yet hunky, new g...
[Hiccelsa]💓 true love by FHc_2026
[Hiccelsa]💓 true loveby Ica16_iq
You've probably heard a lot about how difficult it is to find true loveToday we will offer you an odd excursion about the diffic...
Long Ago Love [Hiccelsa] by HiccelsaLover13
Long Ago Love [Hiccelsa]by ღCrystal Dragonღ
Elsa's and Hiccup's parents were very close friends. They always visit each other occasionally. Elsa and Hiccup grew up together ever since they were a baby. Until one d...
The nerds secrets by ElsaQueenofDragons
The nerds secretsby Dragon Queen
ELSA is one regular nerd that's what every thinks but she is the sexist model/bandleader/badass along with her friends merdia punzie and Anna
He Who Used Me by cinna_snowy365
He Who Used Meby Happy_Icicles465❄️❄️
"Im so stupid!" Elsa is pregnant, but with who's baby, her boyfriends, or a to a guy she's only seen once in ten years? Will she tell him or will he find out...