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Vongola's Cat || KHR x OC by hinari2_
Vongola's Cat || KHR x OCby Aisha | on hiatus
Reincarnation? Does that even possible? Her question was answered and proven when she woke up on the side of the road, and soon encounter the certain Hitman. But the thi...
She's My Wife, Hibari Kyoya's Wife by Chocochibi
She's My Wife, Hibari Kyoya's Wifeby choco_late~
The deal was that we get married and have our first kid. That way, both our fathers would get off our backs. So now I'm to married a girl like this. Seemed normal and b...
Varia's Chained Cloud (Nanbaka x OC x KHR) by al_fluffy1209
Varia's Chained Cloud (Nanbaka x O...by alf
Hibari Akiri, the Cloud Flame user from Varia, Vongola's assassination squad, is sent to Nanbaka Prison for an assassination mission. Her personality is exactly like her...
Mob In Khr by anime7105
Mob In Khrby anime7105
You know, I would think reincarnation to be something fun or relaxing But NO When you're reincarnated into a dangerous mafia world, you stay back and try not to die *Sma...
Hibari Kyoya-WIZARD!? (HP x KHR) by TETRACIDE
Hibari Kyoya-WIZARD!? (HP x KHR)by Tetra
PLEASE READ ANNOUNCEMENT FIRST!!! After having his wand snapped, Harry left his loved ones and went to a muggle school in Japan to live as a normal muggle. But Harry Pot...
Dino Cavallone x Hibari Kyoya Valentine's Day by d18forever
Dino Cavallone x Hibari Kyoya Vale...by d18forever
Both Dino and Hibari had make this year's Valentine day unforgettable for each other. Read and see what they did ^-^
Aeonian (KHR Fanfiction) [HEAVY EDITING] by pakupocky
Aeonian (KHR Fanfiction) [HEAVY ED...by pakupocky
What do you do when you get pulled into mafia battles? I didn't know that the time, but now I know how I feel. Disclaimer: Photo cover does not belong to me and all oth...
Reborn in KHR by kufu_fu
Reborn in KHRby Lin
He died at the hands of his brother. His wish has come true and thanks to Natsu and Mavis, his curse is broken and he rests in heaven with Mavis. Yes, everything was goi...
Just A Mere Cold by Kuro_Yuuki_Neko
Just A Mere Coldby Kuro Yuuki Neko
Hibari wasn't in the right mood today. And a certain brunet isn't there to calm him down. 1827 Shounen-ai. Lots of fluff and love made by me. Disclaimers: Hikaru does ow...
In Your Care by KouMamoru
In Your Careby Kou_M
Adult Reborn fic. Summary: Reborn is assign by Timoteo on a special job. After doing that job, Reborn found his heart begins to change. What is the job? How can a singl...
Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - The Fate of Ai {Hibari Kyoya X OC} by RosieeChanman
Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - The Fate...by Rauressuyo
What was thought to be impossible came true in the form of Mai. She'd gotten the stoic and battle-crazy prefect, Hibari Kyoya, to fall in love with her. Through trials...
Adventure Time with Hibari Kira! by Astronomina
Adventure Time with Hibari Kira!by Astronomina
A cutesy little fluff story following the daily shenanigans Hibari Kira stirs up for his beloved big brother, Kyoya!
As long as I have you season 1 by Melissayeoo
As long as I have you season 1by Mel
Hibari x Reader (someone requested for this ;) )you're a new face in school with the attention of many guys on you but more importantly an ally clan of the Vongola Famil...
Protect Hinata 2k17 (KHR x Haikyuu) by AnelloDiTempesta
Protect Hinata 2k17 (KHR x Haikyuu)by AnelloDiTempesta
A Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Haikyuu crossover. Tsuna and his guardians moved to Italy to be homeschooled by the Arcobalenos before they graduated from Middle School. Now...
Guardians undercover(Katekyo Hitman Reborn FanFic) by ju7393
Guardians undercover(Katekyo Hitma...by Juana Vargas
#COWAwards2018 Gianini makes a new modified version of the Ten-Year bazooka, a new version that will allow the future selves stay a longer time than just 5 minutes. But...
The Little Birdy Whispered in my Ear (Reader x Hibari Fanfic) <KHR> by Hazukinyan
The Little Birdy Whispered in my E...by Hazuki
BOOM! ~~~ ...and when the pink smoke disappears in the thin air, you look around, only to find a pair of big eyes looking up to you- more like, glaring up to you. A lit...
また会える日まで (Mata Aeru Hi made) by sayukeito11
また会える日まで (Mata Aeru Hi made)by Sayu Ukino
Tsuna's class will go on a trip to Italy in courtesy of Reborn. Yet one of the student had decline the offer but was forced to join as it was mandatory. Tsuna got curiou...
Moon Priestess | KHR Gokudera Hayato by KuroJoo
Moon Priestess | KHR Gokudera Haya...by Kuromi
[SLOWER UPDATES] Sawada Mitsuki, Tsuna's twin. Pretty, smart, and troublesome. Now joining in the story of Tsunayoshi and his unusual home tutor, Reborn! Disclaimer: I...
Little Sister AU by AlunaGray
Little Sister AUby AlunaGray
Hibari Kyoya is reborn as Nara Shikamaru's little sister. Chaos ensues. A Naruto and Katekyo Hitman Reborn crossover story. AU. A spin-off of Ruminant.
Vongola Wives by Chocochibi
Vongola Wivesby choco_late~
all X ocs this will be updated wilfully WILFULLY.