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Stranded by wolfstarsmainhoe
Strandedby Ashlee
Kiara Michaels has a school trip and she's excited about it. Her plans are changed when famous actor Dallas Jones joins their school. On the trip her friends and her go...
Narrator x Mully,'s mom by acooldeadaccount
Narrator x Mully,'s momby wah
Go fuck yourself Mully. Fucking bottom motherfucker. Actually i guess Narrator would be the motherfucker.
Adrinath {Soulmate AUs} by ImTheP0lice
Adrinath {Soulmate AUs}by the gay police
I was supposed to write this like 5 months ago lmao
Bird Dicks by crying_constantly
Bird Dicksby cr¡es
what happens when Lorena stalks Rupert? find out in this thrilling story about love 😁🥰 Many twist, turns, and big bird? warning: g!p, stabbing, fire?, children, peopl...
College Picks by RyanSalini92
College Picksby Ryan Salini
Pense você na pele de Camila Cabello mais conhecida como pegadora profissional da faculdade de Miami College sendo desafiada a pegar um pedacinho de nuvem cujo nome seri...
zuke x tatiana....the reuinionh-h by tatiana_nsr_real
zuke x tatiana....the reuinionh-hby tatiana
h-hey guys..... um hehe sorry im so shy this is my first story!!! :3 um..... i ship zuke and tittyana a lot..... bc I heard they used to date..... <3 um ... hehe,,,,
Hetero by PartiallyInsane
Heteroby molly
"This was a society, in which, character was nothing and sexuality was everything." Ever since I was a baby, I was told that 'Heteros', as many like to call th...
Mudanças by NathaliaElisa99
Mudançasby NathaliaElisa99
Esse livro irá contar a historia de uma adolescente e suas reviravoltas. Ela vai descobrir um pouco mais sobre sua vida e também ira aprontar muito,como todos adolescent...
Several Short Stories by Sparkly_Cynic
Several Short Storiesby Rainer
I write short stories when I'm bored so expect them. They will likely range in quiality.
Η θάλασσα στα μάτια σου by mommymilkie69420
Η θάλασσα στα μάτια σουby mommymilkie69420
Η Winston μπλε 100 είναι το καινούριο κορίτσι της τάξης. Κανένας δεν την συμπαθεί. Τι θα γίνει όμως όταν γνωρίσει το πιο κουλ αγόρι του σχολείου......;
Passing Notes by disconsolattte
Passing Notesby disconsolate
Gab has always been very smart, always capable of controlling her feelings, wether they were anger, sadness or extreme triggeredness. She was always able to put herself...
The Heteros by sushipanda242
The Heterosby sushipanda242
"As I stood in front of the mirror that night, I had come to accept the truth. I was straight. I was a breeder. I was heterosexual. I was a disgrace to myself, my f...
Ocean eyes  by AlexValentim4
Ocean eyes by AlexValentim4
-NÃO É JUSTO!!!- ele gritou o mais forte possível estava tremendo e com um medo transbordando em seus olhos -v..você realmente sabe me fazer chorar quando me olha com es...
Nuestras vidas son CASI iguales. by GeorR13
Nuestras vidas son CASI iguales.by GeorR13
Lía, Logan y Allison son 3 hermanos que al parecer todo lo que les pasa es igual, sus ex quieren volver con ellos, la gente se encuentra más interesada en los "Mill...
Shules OneShots by geek_and_nina
Shules OneShotsby Nina
Shawn and Juliet from the USA show Psych
¿Quién es? by AzuMtz
¿Quién es?by Mara👽
Una historia como cualquiera; donde va a cualquier rumbo, tomando giros inesperados. La historia de un chico que sin saber encuentra el amor, pero ese amor puede conver...