Hetalia x Reader Lemons by flavoredcatlollypop
Hetalia x Reader Lemonsby Miss Antarctica
Just some Hetalia x Reader lemons by me. The only things I don't own here are Hetalia and you. If you don't know what a lemon is, don't read this. You have been warned.
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America lemons by fuck_im_a_perv
America lemonsby Patriotic Pervert
Requests always open! Anywhore, I hope you have fun reading this, I try my best~
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•Urgency and Desire•                                              -GerIta lemon- by italyreadsyourdiary
•Urgency and Desire•...by gєrítα íѕ mч lífє
A sleepless hour results into an accidental touch of a curl. Feliciano gets in touch with Ludwig's kinky side for the first time; hopefully all goes well, right? WARNING...
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Ukraine x Fem!Reader LEMON by TheFangrellFromHell
Ukraine x Fem!Reader LEMONby • Backup Account •
WARNING: THIS IS YURI WHICH MEANS GIRLXGIRL! Note: This is also on my DeviantArt so if you see it there it's still mine! My DeviantArt is RabidHetalian <3
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Hetalia x Reader Lemons + AUs by Cyannequin
Hetalia x Reader Lemons + AUsby Cyannequinn
This is literally where I put my lemons to see how they go, also to see if I am writing lemons right. Don't worry, this fairly high quality, I check my grammar, I put a...
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Hetalia One-Shots by Rem-chan12
Hetalia One-Shotsby ℛємೋ 『ʙʟᴜᴇ ᴍᴀɪᴅ』
Just a book of hetalia one shots I thought of. Requests?
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Quel idiota italiana (Romano X Reader Lemon)  by -theobscure
Quel idiota italiana (Romano X Rea...by -theobscure
Romano x Reader Lemon You had never actually met Lovino, or 'That Italian idiot' as your best friend called him. When your friend Antonio decides to throw a party one n...
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Our "little" secret [Engport lemon] by ineslopesgomes
Our "little" secret [Engport lemon]by ineslopesgomes
Warning: This is a lemon so you know the drill, don't read if blah blah blah ENJOY
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Red Ribbon- Hetalia SpUk Lemon by thron_e
Red Ribbon- Hetalia SpUk Lemonby thron_e
Rated: M, English, Hurt/Comfort & Romance, Spain, England/Britain, Words:
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Hetalia Lemons 🍋  by Hell__talia
Hetalia Lemons 🍋 by Hell__talia
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Anime one-shots, fluff, limes, lemons REQUESTS OPEN by WalkingTVs
Anime one-shots, fluff, limes, lem...by WalkingTVs
I don't THINK I'll be doing any lemons any time soon *edited hahahahahaha now I've done at least two lemons. Oh past me, still having shame. Smh
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The American Dream Next Door {USUK Fanfiction} by trash_master
The American Dream Next Door {USUK...by B.A.Blackmore
Arthur Kirkland was a young boy from Painswick England. He had a nice life with nice friends. One day his parents decided to pack up and move to a small town in America...
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Ruseng Mpreg (one-shot) by BetaRam
Ruseng Mpreg (one-shot)by BetaRam
The art cover does NOT belong to me! Idk, this is just a smut (which is my first time writing one) of England and Russia gonna make a baby, so yea. Warnings: ya...
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Aph! Japan x reader lemon by XxkiapichuxX
Aph! Japan x reader lemonby Kianna C
I'm going to hell for writing this. But we already knew that. My first lemon lol. Its kinda long so yeah
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Hetalia x Reader Lemons by Laurmau_ish_Mah_OTP
Hetalia x Reader Lemonsby Welcome to Hell
No reason to hold back. Let's pull out actual 'x Reader' lemons!
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