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Hetalia Lemons⚠🍋 by Dazai-San-Osamu
Hetalia Lemons⚠🍋by Levi
you know what it is. Don't read and then get mad at me. I'm just the author!
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Hetalia x Reader Lemons by Laurmau_ish_Mah_OTP
Hetalia x Reader Lemonsby Welcome to Hell
No reason to hold back. Let's pull out actual 'x Reader' lemons!
  • yuri
  • anotherjapanesedirtytermthatidontknow
  • hetalialemons
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America lemons by fuck_im_a_perv
America lemonsby Patriotic Pervert
Requests always open! Anywhore, I hope you have fun reading this, I try my best~
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  • hetaliasmut
  • hetalia
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Germany X Reader LEMON by yummybutterscotch
Germany X Reader LEMONby jem
This is rated M for mature audiences. If you're offended with foul language or "sex" scenes please stop reading because this book contains both. PLEASE NOTE I...
  • prussia
  • germany
  • drama
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Germany X reader lemon  by fanficwritor101
Germany X reader lemon by Fanficwriter101
Your in college and you were going to class, you say down, a guy sat next to you... Read more to see what happens next!
  • hetalia
  • hetalialemons
  • lemons
Hetalia One-Shots by Rem-chan12
Hetalia One-Shotsby ℛємೋ 『ʙʟᴜᴇ ᴍᴀɪᴅ』
Just a book of hetalia one shots I thought of. Requests?
  • aphromano
  • aphcanada
  • countries
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Sub!South Italy/romano x Dom!Female!Japanese!blunt! Reader (one-shot) by nuggethell
Sub!South Italy/romano x Dom!Femal...by RAGNAR
Dominate a submissive South Italy as a dom!fem!reader (I don't own the cover, do tell if you know the rightful artist)
  • nsfw
  • ukecharacter
  • uke
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Hetalia Shipping Bible by Iggys_EarlGay_Tea
Hetalia Shipping Bibleby M to the K
The contents of this book will mostly include headcanons, crack, moments you might've missed (from the manga/webcomic), fan speculations, oneshots, fanfiction+ recommend...
  • hetalia
  • usuk
  • spamano
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Hetalia World Orgie by eatmywetazzholie
Hetalia World Orgieby Listerine
please don't do cocaine aye cocaine ruin your brain what. this be a crack fic and lemon
  • germany
  • axisposershetalia
  • china
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Hetalia X Reader by Anime_Girl000
Hetalia X Readerby Anime_Girl000
Ok ok ok I got bored so...I wanted to make this Hetalia X Reader book so please enjoy!
  • hetalia
  • anime
  • hetalialemons
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France X Danielle lemon by KadeCallisto
France X Danielle lemonby Kade Callisto
This is the first lemon I have ever written. It's not as good as others and this was made for a friend. I was very tired while making this.
  • france
  • hetalia
  • lemons
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Quel idiota italiana (Romano X Reader Lemon)  by -theobscure
Quel idiota italiana (Romano X Rea...by -theobscure
Romano x Reader Lemon You had never actually met Lovino, or 'That Italian idiot' as your best friend called him. When your friend Antonio decides to throw a party one n...
  • hetalia
  • aphromano
  • hetaliaxoc
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Hetalia Random One Shots ((Some will be yaoi you've been warnedXD)) by MeganDemaret2002
Hetalia Random One Shots ((Some wi...by MeganDemaret2002
These are basically YAOI and Regular Lemons Sometimes XD
  • hetaliaisbae
  • hetalialemons
Hetalia x Reader by ZettaBraginski
Hetalia x Readerby ZettaBraginski
This has some lemon in it so if you don't like that stuff then don't read. But if you love it then enjoy the heck out of it!
  • hetalia
  • aphcanada
  • hetalialemon
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IKEDEN lemon by shippingforhetalia
IKEDEN lemonby shippingforhetalia
you've heard of IceFridge NOW GET READY FOR IKEDEN. Sweden X ikea furniture lemon
  • hetaliafanfiction
  • ikeden
  • ushouldreadthis
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50 shades of hetalia one shots by Otaku_Freak27
50 shades of hetalia one shotsby YaBoiDoitsu
A collection of one shots requests accepted with any type of genre e.g fluff, angst, smut, songfic. X reader & lemon. REQUESTS NEEDED
  • hetalia
  • aph
  • angst
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Piano's Melody (PrussiaxAustria) by Underhere
Piano's Melody (PrussiaxAustria)by HiddenUnderTheTruth
Things get hot with Prussia and Austria LEMON!!!!
  • prussiaxaustria
  • prussia
  • lemon
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I LOVE YOU GUYS! by PandaxOverlord
I LOVE YOU GUYS!by Panda Overlord
  • hetaliaspain
  • homicidalliu
  • creepypastaxreader
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