America lemons by fuck_im_a_perv
America lemonsby Patriotic Pervert
Requests always open! Anywhore, I hope you have fun reading this, I try my best~
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Germany X reader lemon  by fanficwritor101
Germany X reader lemon by Fanficwriter101
Your in college and you were going to class, you say down, a guy sat next to you... Read more to see what happens next!
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Hetalia One-Shots by Rem-chan12
Hetalia One-Shotsby ℛємೋ 『ʙʟᴜᴇ ᴍᴀɪᴅ』
Just a book of hetalia one shots I thought of. Requests?
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Ukraine x Fem!Reader LEMON by TheFangrellFromHell
Ukraine x Fem!Reader LEMONby • Backup Account •
WARNING: THIS IS YURI WHICH MEANS GIRLXGIRL! Note: This is also on my DeviantArt so if you see it there it's still mine! My DeviantArt is RabidHetalian <3
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Red Ribbon- Hetalia SpUk Lemon by thron_e
Red Ribbon- Hetalia SpUk Lemonby thron_e
Rated: M, English, Hurt/Comfort & Romance, Spain, England/Britain, Words:
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Fruk! ~Lemon~ by Jeffmadstrash
Fruk! ~Lemon~by Jeffmadstrash
L e m o n That's it. No plot.
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Soft Touch (GerIta Lemon) by geritapan-forever
Soft Touch (GerIta Lemon)by σ_σ
After a long day of training, Germany finds Italy being a different kind of annoying than usual. It's not what he's doing that's the problem; it's what he should be doin...
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Hetalia Lemons by Cheese_is_my_DEATH
Hetalia Lemonsby Theodore❤❣
I hope you like them, they'll be really sexy!! --- #ᑕᒪIᑕKᗷᗩIT
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Quel idiota italiana (Romano X Reader Lemon)  by -theobscure
Quel idiota italiana (Romano X Rea...by -theobscure
Romano x Reader Lemon You had never actually met Lovino, or 'That Italian idiot' as your best friend called him. When your friend Antonio decides to throw a party one n...
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♡Hetalia x Reader Oneshots!♡ 《Rėqūëśtš Øpęñ》 by Bunnies-and-Hetalia-
♡Hetalia x Reader Oneshots!♡ 《Rėqū...by ♡B u n n y♡
Hetalia x Reader oneshots! Requests are open, so feel free to comment whatever you would like me to write I might do lemons if requested( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Please enjoy!
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Germany x Reader. France's Little Sister. by ReiIsLonely
Germany x Reader. France's Little...by ~~HIATUS~~
France let his little sister Paris come to a meeting for the first time and happens to catch the eye of a certain (Very tall) blonde man. What happens when France finds...
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(On The Back Burner) What It Means To Be Human {UsUk Fanfiction} by trash_master
(On The Back Burner) What It Means...by B.A.Blackmore
All we wanted to do was create life, artificial life. We worked for over a year on our search for discovery. We worked endless hours, hours that turned into days, and da...
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Hetalia Lemons~ by artkartoffel
Hetalia Lemons~by artkartoffel
Title says everything, SO R-18 STUFF HERE Requests are taken
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Hetalia Lemons⚠🍋 by Dazai-San-Osamu
Hetalia Lemons⚠🍋by Levi
you know what it is. Don't read and then get mad at me. I'm just the author!
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Book of Fanfiction by Artemis_Eveningstar
Book of Fanfictionby Artemis Eveningstar
What the title says Examples of what are in this book: - Lemons: BoyxBoy 🚫DON'T LIKE DON'T READ🚫 - Hetalia Ships - Random stories I made up of Hetalia >>🚫...
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Ruseng Mpreg (one-shot) by BetaRam
Ruseng Mpreg (one-shot)by BetaRam
The art cover does NOT belong to me! Idk, this is just a smut (which is my first time writing one) of England and Russia gonna make a baby, so yea. Warnings: ya...
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Hetalia Lemons 🍋  by Hell__talia
Hetalia Lemons 🍋 by Hell__talia
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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