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He's Mine! (Kuroo X Reader) by alyarisori59xhan
He's Mine! (Kuroo X Reader)by alyarisori59xhan
"Your friend can be your worst enemy." You're a very good friend of Kenma. You have a crush on his best friend, Kuroo, who's been your classmate since 3rd grad...
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Mustafa Ali Prefrences  by MagicStar_Taehyung
Mustafa Ali Prefrences by тaeѕeυng lee
Prefrences on the heart of Smackdown
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My Man Is My Man And My Man Only Bitch.❤️ by sophie_oxx1
My Man Is My Man And My Man Only B...by sophie_oxx1
Fucked up love story
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He's Mine  by itsmeaizu
He's Mine by itsmeaizu
Aira terkejut tatkala melihat Aiman di atas katil miliknya. "Arhhhhh .Perompakkkk ", mulutnya ditekup . Aiman menarik gadis itu ke atas katil. Rontaan Aira ti...
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He's Mine (DonKiss Fanfiction) by dalpkdtd
He's Mine (DonKiss Fanfiction)by diane
" Is it a crime? to call you mine?"
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Justin Bieber Facts by Bestlife2
Justin Bieber Factsby The true colors
All about Justin Bieber
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I Fell In Love With My BestFriends Boyfriend (Aaron x WereWolf Reader) by Abby_Wolfhard_0672
I Fell In Love With My BestFriends...by Abby D
Hi my name is Y/N and I'm a werewolf. I have h/l h/c hair and ea/c (ear color) with a fluffy t/c tail! Today I move in with Aph and Aaron. I've had a crush on Aaron sinc...
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I Love You: A Gaurrence Love Story |Discontinued| by PanCakePride
I Love You: A Gaurrence Love Story...by Sebastian ☕️
My be TRIGGERING TO SOME! SMUTTY! STRONG LANGUAGE! Gaurrance and Zanvis. Chapters created with help from Ava will have ?️‍? <-- this emoji next to them. My smut skill...
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diary of a hot girl by Zander555
diary of a hot girlby Zander555
this girl has a hot boy friend and this other girl Is really jealous.
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✨PLAYER MEET NERD✨ by Dobbbyyy75
✨PLAYER MEET NERD✨by 💞Prweetty Hunni💞
Trixie moves from America to New Zealand because her mother said it will help.....Poor Trixie moves with her aunty and attends an all girl school and makes new friends a...
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He's Mine by greatlaurel
He's Mineby greatlaurel
The love triangle by arrie1mclemore
The love triangleby arrie1mclemore
As Hasley,xzaiver,and chrissy are in a love triangle Hasley wants to put it to a end she's making
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His touches ... by just_Katharina
His touches ...by just_Katharina
Halѕey Hacĸιng! by -masontucker
Halѕey Hacĸιng!by d o n e
@offichalsey- hacking! i love youuuuu
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exposing him by exposinghim
exposing himby exposinghim
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That's The One by imShaylaBeauty
That's The Oneby imShaylaBeauty
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The Mauricio Series by mauriciomyman
The Mauricio Seriesby a fan page.
Nothing's going to stop me from getting my man, nothing.
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Naughty things to say to him... by whocares6663
Naughty things to say to him...by Trinity
The title says it all!
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