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I can't [On-Going] by pretty_reticent
I can't [On-Going]by Marie
Once they graduated, they decided to take different paths to go. Alexandra is working in Korea for five years as a Nurse. Until she decided to settle down in Philippines...
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Brave Human by cactusshrew
Brave Humanby cactusshrew
Everyone has the same question: "What if My Chem broke up a day later? What if they were MCR for just one more day?" Turns out, the entire course of history wo...
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Have you ever... (Gerard WayX reader) by deathcupcake67
Have you ever... (Gerard WayX read...by NewSkinSuit
Your fiancé had left for the Intergalactic War, a innocent man who wouldn't hurt a fly. But war never changes, it only distorts its victims views. Ten years later, he re...
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Drugstore Perfume by Gerard_Way13
Drugstore Perfumeby Gerard Freakin' Way
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The Kids From Yesterday (Gerard Way) by OWA1009
The Kids From Yesterday (Gerard Wa...by Nevada
After an incredibly hard breakup with his wife, Lindsey, Gerard falls head first into depression. Not dealing with everything as well as he had planned, Gerard finds him...
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The Adventures of Vic and G by Lilliya_Hunter
The Adventures of Vic and Gby Gone Boy
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Are You Really My Savior (A James Maslow Love Story) by bigtimerushlover7
Are You Really My Savior (A James...by Hannah Maslow (I wish xD)
Colette Adams comes to the Maslow's, her childhood friends, in need of her roots after a dark, terrible year. James is driven crazy by her, and makes it his mission to h...
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I'll Never Forget by frankyou
I'll Never Forgetby frankieryo
I remember that it was sad. It was sad seeing the small boy walk into school, casting his head downwards to avoid the staring of multiple teenagers, making his way to st...
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Hesitant Alien  by LendMeYourWings
Hesitant Alien by LendMeYourWings
The lyric book to Gerard Ways's album Hesitant Alien. I don't own the lyrics, the song titles or the cover, all that belongs to Gerard Way.
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Five Thirty by FlyingOnBrokenWings
Five Thirtyby FlyingOnBrokenWings
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I Will Cry No More by astormiscoming
I Will Cry No Moreby Fallon Darko
These poems are about child abuse. All these writings are written in the voice of one of my characters who is a teenage boy undergoing physical abuse which only escalate...
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Unworthy by YaraSelim
Unworthyby Yara Selim
"I may be unworthy of your love, but I know I'll always have your heart." ...
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Crush // Solby xx by livingsambrock
Crush // Solby xxby Sam Brock
Sam and Colby have grown up together as being best friends, but when Colby Brock can't find a girl he slowly experiments with boys and never noticed the one boy in his l...
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Get Over Him••UNDERGOING A HUGE RE...by BlewNight
Claire Mariani has just lost everything close to her. A month after the marraige, there was an accident that killed the one person near and dear to her. After two long y...
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Derek 🔒 by DelinquentsofLove
Derek 🔒by Delinquents O.L.
Bring it bitches.
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Not Afraid To Walk This World Alone by GigiIke
Not Afraid To Walk This World Aloneby GigiIke
Nirvana Grey and her half sister, Liv Taylor move to Belleville, New Jersey for their mother's new job. After a few days, Nirvana meets the love of her life, Gerard Way...
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