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Choosing Her Future |✔️ by wiselemonpie
Choosing Her Future |✔️by Nesis
Ambra Milanesi is bound to marry a guy she's never met. Arranged to say yes to anyone is something she never thought she would do. She can't phantom being chained much l...
My Thug <3 [COMPLETE] by Msbrowniee
My Thug <3 [COMPLETE]by Msbrowniee
This story is about a girl called Shyla, who is in the last year of school. She ends up meeting a boy called Carlos and they both end up falling for each other. Shyla al...
The Girl Who Sold Herself on Ebay by Jessabellx
The Girl Who Sold Herself on Ebayby Jess
Would YOU trust someone who bought you off Ebay? Grace is sick of being labelled a snob because of her money. She's sick of her backstabbing friends and her mansion o...
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"See For Yourself" [Charlie Puth X Reader] by KIzume_berrybun
"See For Yourself" [Charlie Puth X...by ¦Lee Jooheon's Waifu¦
This is a Charlie Puth X Reader story. The reader will take the role as Amanda Greyson, the protagonist in this story. This story is somehow similar to my discontinued...
Owned By A Werewolf by phanie1996
Owned By A Werewolfby Squeaky
When she was 16, half werewolf/half human Arima lost her parents, who were murdered by another pack. So her father's pack took her in. But Alex, the new Alpha, had other...
Site by converygerber63
Siteby converygerber63
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The Diary of a Bulimic Girl. by volk92
The Diary of a Bulimic Girl.by volk92
Anna Smith does not realize what would of happened when she decided to become best friends with Bulimia. Now she must struggle with becoming free from her best friend be...
Coach by hushamustard87
Coachby hushamustard87
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Lost Brothers: (A Zayn Malik & Louis Tomlinson FanFiction) by ThaniaLovesHarry
Lost Brothers: (A Zayn Malik & Lou...by ThaniaLovesHarry
Authors Notes: Zayn Malik was an only child, with his Mother, and they live a simple life. His Father died from an accident along with Zayn's Brother, which Zayn has nev...
Addiction - an unique love destination  by richa820
Addiction - an unique love destina...by ....
We all are addicted to something .among them some are good and some are bad...but have u addicted to someone ........without that lovable one u have everything but life...
The Sun the Moon and Everything by socks12sox12
The Sun the Moon and Everythingby
She's mysterious and has many sides. What part will you fall in love with?
Build by loveringkanze12
Buildby loveringkanze12
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life's all about fuck ups. by RionaDagli
life's all about fuck ups.by Riona Dagli
a little bit about love and life
When by okechukucogan14
Whenby okechukucogan14
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Here by hirstrosalsky38
Hereby hirstrosalsky38
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All By Herself by apersonwithmanyname
All By Herselfby apersonwithmanyname
everything she did all by herself. based on true story
Keep by atalayahgwinn88
Keepby atalayahgwinn88
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Task by crenshawsasselov18
Taskby crenshawsasselov18
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Sexual by ursontaube96
Sexualby ursontaube96
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