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A Timeless Ballad Ganondorf x Reader by MandyMichaud
A Timeless Ballad Ganondorf x Read...by MikaAoife
You are a Guardian Spirit of the Lost Woods that takes on the form of a kitsune. You have spent countless centuries protecting the Sacred Forest Meadow until one day y...
Goddess Of Time [Link X Reader] COMPLETED by bbub14
Goddess Of Time [Link X Reader] CO...by bbub14
Link and you have been friends together since the day you first came together in childhood. His fate soon comes into hand as you somehow got sucked into it. Will you fin...
Path of Legends HxD by ItheraelFF
Path of Legends HxDby Itherael
From an ideal, a dream is created. This dream gives birth to hope. From hope, courage is forged. Courage springs forth the spirit. And from the spirit, a legend begins...
Breath of The Wild: Links Diary by Mslack22clscubsorg
Breath of The Wild: Links Diaryby Boop
In the hit game Breath of The Wild, DLC allows you to read other champions thoughts and feelings on their journey to the great calamity, but one diary is missing-Links...
Father Time | Legend of Zelda by FirefliesNightcore
Father Time | Legend of Zeldaby Firefly
Eight times where Time unintentionally proves why he is their 'old man.' One where he makes sure everybody knows it. WARNINGS: - nightmares - self-doubt - fear of height...
The Legend of Zelda: Ways of the Wolf by WolfTheWise
The Legend of Zelda: Ways of the W...by Audrey
After a long and hard journey there is yet another epic adventure that awaits The Hero of Twilight. He must learn in depth what it truly means to be a wolf, and to be co...
Courage is the Gift I Offer by Nightstar24
Courage is the Gift I Offerby Nightstar24
***A Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Fanfiction (With some Ocarina of Time)*** When Midna broke the mirror, she did not think of the problems it would cause. She bec...
(Link x reader) The Legends of Y/n by Kiarao7
(Link x reader) The Legends of Y/nby LunaCries
Read the title to know what kind of story. Y/n is a 'normal' seventh grader. Or so she thought. In this story, there is no LoZ game so it is just randomness. Enjoy. Y/n...
One soul two bodies rewrite by Darkness96_0
One soul two bodies rewriteby Darkness96_0
Somewhat same as one soul two bodies as always boyxboy story don't like don't read
Legend of Zelda: Blue Maiden (OT-MM)  by Frozenbeenie
Legend of Zelda: Blue Maiden (OT-M...by Angela
The Future Hero of Time, Link's Triforce within his left hand has broken off into 12 pieces. Because Link's Triforce had broke, it took along his own emotions. When brea...
Legend Of Zelda; Daughter of Malice by Monochromiss
Legend Of Zelda; Daughter of Maliceby Monochromiss
Link, hero of Hyrule, on his mission to appease Zelda and prevent problems, captures the Princess of Darkness. Vowing to take her to Zelda, he takes her with him on his...
Fairy Tail's Hero Of Time (Link x Erza) by TevinMoore92
Fairy Tail's Hero Of Time (Link x...by Tevin Lashawn Moore
After the sages of Hyrule sealed the King of the Gerudo theif Gannondorf, Link and Princess Zelda thought the nightmare was over. But alas, Gannondorf had one more trick...
Hyrule cafe by ilovepit5
Hyrule cafeby Sky/ Adriana
Is't not a regular cafe. Is a special cafe with all the awesome characters of ssb. There is pit, dark pit, link, math, Ike, zelda, peach, and samus. They will serve you...
Chronicles of a Legend by halen6
Chronicles of a Legendby A-Scarred One
This is a mini series set in three parts of the Chronicles as following: a) Of Ganon and Power, b) Of Zelda the Princess, and c) Of Link the Hero This is a narrative tha...
Childish by sir_pepper
Childishby sir_pepper
The hero of time receives a gift after saving this strange mirror Link world The mask he worked so hard to stop Traveling with the mask along with the others Link now h...
Hʏʀᴜʟᴇ by Hylixn-
Hʏʀᴜʟᴇby Link
"Hє ιѕ тнє cнσѕєη нєяσ." SMB/ 10•12•17
What Became of the Hero of Time by Toffeecoco1
What Became of the Hero of Timeby Toffeecoco1
Short thing I wrote a while back. It makes more sense if you have played oot and mm, and have vague knowledge of the Hero's Shade. I haven't played tp though, so it shou...
Fantiality by LoweFantasy
Fantialityby LoweFantasy
You'd think that when Kara and her friend, Amanda, are sucked into 'The Legend of Zelda,' Link and Dark Link would fall in love after many melodramatic scenes (there's o...
The Stable Master's Daughter by cyraclove
The Stable Master's Daughterby cyraclove
With one Divine Beast left to conquer before he must face Calamity Ganon, Link struggles with his fate as his journey to rescue Hyrule nears its inevitable end. Unexpect...
Children of the Hero by ElephantsandPanda
Children of the Heroby Zelda
Linked Universe AU Meet Saria, Nabooru, and Uther Lonlon, the children of the Hero of Time himself. Usually, life is pretty simple, there father comes home every so oft...