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Herrrrrrmitcraft by Hitsuji_goat
Herrrrrrmitcraftby 0
Hermitcraft is cool And this book is dedicated to it! Cover art by me (#1 in #hermitcraft7 May 5th, 2021)
Hermitcraft One-Shots by Phantom_Nightz
Hermitcraft One-Shotsby Phantom_Nightz
One shots that are mostly Grian angst. This is where I will post small stories, there will be warnings on 'chapters' that will require them.
Hermitcraft Oneshots by IAmRedXD
Hermitcraft Oneshotsby I’ve lost my mind
Basically where I plant to dump any oneshots I make for the Hermitcraft fandom __ (This will probably be mostly BDoc because I'm attempting to make a ton of BDoc oneshot...
Hermitcraft Oneshots and Requests by _mochii112_
Hermitcraft Oneshots and Requestsby Sky Blue Writer
A collection of one shots and AUs based on Hermitcraft Season 6 and 7. Requests are currently open, I just want to write Note that I don't ship hermits irl, only their m...
Hermitcraft Oneshots  by WelshKitsune
Hermitcraft Oneshots by Wren
~Hiya Lovelies,Welsh here ~ This book is pretty much what the title says,I'm finally going to write some hermitcraft oneshots!! now due to wanting a new start,I decided...
Grumbo (Grian x Mumbo) Fanfic by crystals_d
Grumbo (Grian x Mumbo) Fanficby Crystal Diamond
Okay so I need to point out a few things. 1. I only ship the characters Grian and Mumbo, not Charles and Oli. This means that I am just shipping fictional characters. B...
Hermitcraft oneshots by OhHeyItsVes
Hermitcraft oneshotsby Vesper
~This book contains shipping!~ Exactly as the title says! I try to be diverse in my writings by trying things like angst, but this book will probably mostly be fluff. I...
The Crew's Book of Hermitcraft Season 7 Oneshots by OdalverseCrew314
The Crew's Book of Hermitcraft Sea...by Entropy And Azin
Welcome to my new oneshot book for the new season! In here you'll find oneshots, small AUs, backstory, mini-series and more, all centred around season 7 of Hermitcraft. ...
Has He Changed? (Hermitcraft 7 fanfic) by EaglewingsRPandBooks
Has He Changed? (Hermitcraft 7 fan...by Ezra
[EvilXisuma has joined the game.] The message rang throughout the server, a slight ding coming from every hermit's communicator. Xisuma didn't really pay any mind to th...
Hermitcraft Oneshots - Season 7, Baby! [COMPLETED!] by Casuallyy
Hermitcraft Oneshots - Season 7, B...by inactive account :)
Oneshots from HermitCraft Season 7! CONTAINS SHIPPING! (minesonas only) All chapters/oneshots will be labelled by ship and genre (for your convenience!) Any Impulse ship...
BdoubleO100 x Docm77 Oneshots (HermitCraft 7) [COMPLETED!] by Casuallyy
BdoubleO100 x Docm77 Oneshots (Her...by inactive account :)
Did I make an entire oneshot book dedicated to the Hermitcraft Bdoc ship? Of course I did! Mostly fluff, persona shipping only.
Redstone Freckles by Magzyourboi
Redstone Frecklesby MaggieThePhantom
Mumbo is a normal Redstoner, before he comes even closer with the substance. But its not all what he thinks.
hermi7craf7 book again yes by CallMeSausage
hermi7craf7 book again yesby SAUSAGE AGAIN
season 6 has ended season 7! WOOO so, 7his may include onesho7s, memes, incorrec7 quo7es ec7. all you can ask!
GEXHels Oneshot's by WelshKitsune
GEXHels Oneshot'sby Wren
Welcome Lovelies, to my Grian/Ex/Hels oneshot book! a connected oneshot book , aka all oneshots in here are connected, this is a side book to my main oneshot book ,and...
Hermitcraft and MCYT Oneshots by ARavenInATrenchCoat
Hermitcraft and MCYT Oneshotsby Silvistris
ONESHOTS CUZ I CAN'T HOLD A STORYLINE TO SAVE MY LIFE!!!! WOO!!! *ahem* Anyway, hermitcraft or MCYT oneshots to heal my soul (or destroy it) Mostly angst LONGLIVEGREAMNO...
HIATUS || Hermitcraft & Hermittpad Shenanigans (with Saph :D) || Vol. 1 by saphixe
HIATUS || Hermitcraft & Hermittpad...by Saph
Basically just a book of miscellaneous content like tags, art, and incorrect quotes, as well as Hermitcraft 7 oneshots and drabbles Shipping and triggering content may b...
Pastel Grumbo (Hermitcraft) by Raesunshine_Sunny
Pastel Grumbo (Hermitcraft)by Ntho/Rae
After some debating with myself I have decided to continue So uh this is just a super cute version of hermitcraft! Grumbo will be happing! I love pastel stuff and it's j...
Prevail- Hermitcraft by DerpyDog77772
Prevail- Hermitcraftby Derpy
This story is based off the war between GoodTimeswithScar and Grian. Green Weeds vs Purple Fungus Cover is NOT Mine! It belongs to xXRakuchiXx on Reddit Link: https:...
Hermitcraft Seasevenanigans by SiaFox208
Hermitcraft Seasevenanigansby Siia
(Pronounced Sea-seven-anigans) Okay this has changed into a place where I just put random ideas from anywhere in the universe(or multiple). You may request, just know t...
Setback by Phantom_Nightz
Setbackby Phantom_Nightz
Mumbo's age gets set back and he becomes a toddler. He goes to Grian first, and he knows exactly what happened.