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AAAAAHHH by thebirdfantasy
AAAAAHHHby birdfantasy
My life is cool. Ok?
  • scar
  • thankyou
  • authormajik™
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hidden away by ilovedevildice
hidden awayby ilovedevildice
a girl with A LOT of phobias and a extrovert that is used to only talking to her online
  • collegeromance
  • fiction
  • love
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random hermitcraft stuff (one-shots, headcanons, etc.) by sheepmilk
random hermitcraft stuff (one-shot...by hermitcrvft
the title talks for itself lol ill just write random stuff about hermitcraft here at 4 am there may be smut? im not the best at writing it lol will do requests there w...
  • hermitcraft
  • minecraftsmp
  • keralis
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Diary of a Lightworker by CalypsoAlaia
Diary of a Lightworkerby Calypso Alaia
At age 12, I looked into a tall antique mirror- it was the first time I had a notion that my brain and my soul are separate things- Consciousness. Who is this person loo...
  • cherubim
  • saints
  • lightworker
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The Wilderness Chronicles Third Person Rewritten by AdamTatler
The Wilderness Chronicles Third Pe...by aurora borialis
When I first came up with the wilderness chronicles, the words came out, spilling onto the page. There was no streamlining. No tidying up. Because of that it never read...
  • sciencefiction
  • wolf
  • hermit
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Should hermit crabs be pets? by HuffingSmarties
Should hermit crabs be pets?by Riley
This is an informative book where I will talk about cruelty to hermit crabs. The first part will be basic information, and the rest will be updates on my crabs life.
  • lifeupdate
  • fish
  • hermitcrabcare
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SAO: Integral Factor (SAO Girl Harem Story) by JPPoole
SAO: Integral Factor (SAO Girl Har...by JP Poole
This is my favorite game to play on my phone. This will basically copy the game and will be updated as the game goes on. There will be changes. This is my take on the ga...
  • wattys2019
  • harem
  • asuna
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A Funny Thing Happened... by DaringLights
A Funny Thing Happened...by DaringLights
Working for the John Montgomery Agency was my life. When I say it was my life, I really mean it. I worked twelve hours a day, brought work home with me, and always took...
  • tiffany
  • wes
  • john
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Henry the Hermits Survival School by pigscanfly120
Henry the Hermits Survival Schoolby Raddest Red Head
Oh, hi! Henry the Hermit here! You want to know how to survive out in the woods? Well you came to the right place, been out here for 15 years and still going strong. We'...
  • forest
  • actuallyuseful
  • chipmunks
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HomeLess by lettieirvin
HomeLessby Lettie
Chris has been homeless living on the streets for several years trying to get his life back together. Before he was living on the streets, Chris was living with his fami...
  • uchemba
  • streets
  • trust
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Star's Lullaby by Ms_Kujo
Star's Lullabyby Starry Platinum
Star Platinum doesn't seem to be calming down, even Jotaro can't get Star to snap out of it. It's up to YOU to help out the Crusaders, will you succeed or will you fail...
  • hierophant
  • jjba
  • crusaders
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Beginnings- A Hermitcraft S6 Fanfiction by HermitFan
Beginnings- A Hermitcraft S6 Fanfi...by Hermitfan
In the large city of Poppyville, a tiny orphanage in the middle of nowhere isn't the first thing to catch one's eye. The orphans in it don't mind not having family; the...
  • mumbo
  • hermit
  • goodtimeswithscar
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Some thoughts about dating by stealingwater
Some thoughts about datingby stealingwater
Some notes i have taken on human behavior over the years
  • dating
  • hermit
  • talk
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SHADOW FIGHT 2 by obinnastanley1
SHADOW FIGHT 2by obinna stanley
This a story of man(Shadow) who unlocked the Gates of shadow and now he must lock the demons he freed. Will he be able to lock the demons? Find out in the next act {Her...
  • shin
  • lynx
  • crane
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Witches cottage  ((original story )) by snakegirly
Witches cottage ((original story...by maki
Arrow was 6 when his parents left him. they were only supposed to be gone a few days maybe a week but instead seemed to just disappear. Arrow not having any one to turn...
  • wicca
  • hermit
  • jinx
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Sword Art Online: Survive, Avenge, Overcome. by Throw_away_account77
Sword Art Online: Survive, Avenge...by Throw_away_account77
Dakota is the average teenage boy, obsessed with video games. But, Dakota isn't average in his online life. With a kd average across multiple COD games (Including all on...
  • firstbook
  • silica
  • feels
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The Children of Algo: The Return by titansday
The Children of Algo: The Returnby Alec Day
The hermit, simply known as O, realizes he cannot remain hidden and in isolation any longer after a falling star quite literally falls into the near by lake. What soon...
  • sciencefiction
  • epic
  • darkworld
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Through the Vortex by majorsilver99
Through the Vortexby Jenessa Harvey
(New Version) It all started when Howard walked in on a top secret meeting between the government and what appeared to be a criminal. This was the last thing he had expe...
  • newplanet
  • professionalthief
  • aliens
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Flies in the Mountains.  by stephpencils
Flies in the Mountains. by Stephanie Derwent
Clarice Stillmann has never left the house. She lives with her loving father, a kindhearted therapist, a motherly matron and a peculiar maid. The live their lives in a r...
  • mystery
  • clarice
  • serial
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Snow Falling by LeahCharlottleSaito
Snow Fallingby Charlotte Hashima
How it all started as a little short story for computer class now is becoming the base for a novel.
  • readerxcharacter
  • hermit
  • winter
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