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Hermione Black and the order of the Phoenix (Hiatus) by Hermine-Granger33
Hermione Black and the order of th...by Hermione-Granger33
Hermione finds out she is adopted in the summer before 5th year and the story unravels. J.K Rowling Owns Harry Potter
Hermione Black (Completed) by MuslimOtaku
Hermione Black (Completed)by Shadowstrike
Narcissa Malfoy has a secret, that only she, her son and his cousin Luna Lovegood know about. Hermione Granger is that secret and Draco Malfoy has to figure out how to t...
I am Hermione Granger....Right? by GuineaPigInATree
I am Hermione Granger....Right?by Me
I looked up to see a woman who looked like I now did, just a lot older, running over to me. "Cassie! You're back, and okay! I've missed you so much, my darling dau...
The Twin's Sacrifice by Dramione_Love4ever
The Twin's Sacrificeby Priyasha Mahapatra
Again. Sacrifice all I want and need for my brothers. Again. They'll hate me for this. Of course they will.
Surprise by Mapleblossom12
Surpriseby Ella
Hogwarts is having a Reunion! Two years after the second wizarding war two people disappeared, one of them was Hermione Granger, war heroine and 1/3 of the golden trio...
The Shades of Grey by shadowphoenix55
The Shades of Greyby Yvette Maximoff
What do you want? The hat asked, breaking the silence. And that was precisely the moment when it all changed. When Hermione Granger decided to forgo black and white and...
The Broken Time Turner by multi-shiper4life
The Broken Time Turnerby Jojo Jones
Hermione Black was fight over a timeturner with one Samantha Snape when they both got startled by Harry and the other when they so happened to break it sending off five...
It was never me by InhabitantsOfSpace
"I had a twin sister- Hermione Walburga Black A.K.A. Bagheera," After a death eater shoots a spell at Hermione Granger, she is sent spiraling down into the pa...
In Harmony (Hogwarts rewritten) by NityaAuthor
In Harmony (Hogwarts rewritten)by NityaAuthor
This story will be going in the same storyline as the original. but a little twist. what if harry's parents were alive? if he knew hermione from the start, then nevielle...
Eyes Of Silver Heart Of Gold (On Hiatus) by DreamersWhish
Eyes Of Silver Heart Of Gold (On H...by DreamersWhish
She was in danger, so he hid her. Hid her with a muggle family. Hid her so well no one could ever find her. Not anyone. Ever. But the charms faded away. She undid them h...
Eyes of Silver & Heart of Gold  by Fan_Favorites
Eyes of Silver & Heart of Gold by Fan_Favorites
Hermione Granger had a secret. She was the daughter of one Sirius Black. When Sirius is cleared after Hermione rescued him from the veil, she can finally reveal her iden...