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Just Breathe (Adopted By Mullette ) by auburnpumpkin
Just Breathe (Adopted By Mullette )by Lee
(Previously adopted by mullette) (Cover credit to me) so obviously this is an an adopted by Hercules and Lafayette. here is a little info about the AU -Herc and Laf...
The Best Thing to Happen to Me (Mullete HIGHSCHOOL Fanfiction) by YourAverageFreakshow
The Best Thing to Happen to Me (Mu...by yes
Cover art by: elesii.tumblr.com Hercules Mulligan is a senior at Revolutionary High, who leads a pretty uneventful life. He's just trying to finish highschool so he can...
A Million Worlds Apart {Lams Soulmate AU} {discontinued} by PumpedUpLams
A Million Worlds Apart {Lams Soulm...by z o o m
~*~ Sequel to If I Could Tell Him ~*~ Art in the cover doesn't belong to me, it belongs to FreeSmooches! Check out her social media for more! (Please read the first book...
Don't change- a very gay hamilton fanfic by Cookiecrzy16
Don't change- a very gay hamilton...by ERYN
THE COVER WONT HECKING FIT GOD DAMNIT anyways,., heres a conversion summer camp fanfic. All characters are depicted as teenagers, meaning no smut. Ships that are probabl...
Raise A Glass To Freedom // Hamilton College AU by irlmadison
Raise A Glass To Freedom // Hamilt...by jimmy james
Alexander Hamilton is a 19 year old immigrant from a small island in the Caribbean, who has just moved to America and enrolled as a law student in King's College. There...
Lams: Werdio by Godangit_Victoria
Lams: Werdioby Dead Acount
(Description in process) John is a gay boy who's obsess with turtles Alex is a weird, stalker bisexual boy who hides in bushes
Hamilton University by Melody_Note10
Hamilton Universityby Melody Note
What happens when the Hamilton characters in modern time go to University? Chaos and crazy shenanigans. That's what. Between Alexander and Thomas's pointless arguments...
{Take A Chill Pill} Lams fanfiction by Possibly-Chara
{Take A Chill Pill} Lams fanfictionby ɧ²0
I clutched the acceptance letter tight against my chest, the smile never leaving my face as I fall back onto my bed. Finally, after being on the waiting list for so...
am i'm falling by lonnilesslie13
am i'm fallingby shotsgun67
jamilton , herlaf, burrmad and john lee i dont known to spell that ship.
Quick Little Hamil-One-Shits by GraffitiPete
Quick Little Hamil-One-Shitsby GraffitiPete
Literally me writing out my angst and smut and fluff stuff on here. This will consist of Hamilton ships. I'm not a good writer? Don't read this lmao. I will try to keep...
• Glass Heart •LAMS by NiceSlythernCathy
• Glass Heart •LAMSby AlexanderHamilton
Okay, soooo....I'm making a Lams story! And I'm making Alexander my own way because I can and I still don't really know what all the people look like.
Hamilton One-Shots by eguillotine
Hamilton One-Shotsby Heather Duke
These are just some Hamiltrash One-Shots made by me and @makingredcoatsredder. Some of the One-Shots are less of One-Shots and more of short chapters that connect to eac...
Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story by RandomUsername666
Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells You...by apprentice fluff
Everyone wants to be remembered, no one wants to be forgotten. Death can take some early though, before a legacy for them can be forged. Dying as a martyr isn't the wors...
Mullette One-Shots by GayHamilham
Mullette One-Shotsby Matthew <33
Prompt requests are open~! **ALL ART MADE BY ME UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE !! THANKS~**