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Day Shift At Freddy's Oneshots by --BXMBTHREAT
Day Shift At Freddy's Oneshotsby alex.
just some lovely smut for some fellow freaks✨
:A New Promise: by Madrawstic-Fairy
:A New Promise:by Madrawstic-Fairy
Henry's words had been stuck in Jack's head for years now, what did he mean by his influence has been leaked into reality? Unknown to Jack, Henry is going to come back...
DSAF Fics and Stuff by Paperpage
DSAF Fics and Stuffby Paperpage
Just some fics inspired by DSAF and DirectDogman :)
DSAF / FNAF Oneshots and stuff by His_Legacy
DSAF / FNAF Oneshots and stuffby Legacy
Short stories about everyone's favourite crayon coloured men, and murderous furries! Mostly crack, with some serious stuff sprinkled in. Requests open, lemons allowed. T...
A Second Chance by Paperpage
A Second Chanceby Paperpage
William was alright in Heaven. He had friends (sort of) when he needed them, and he had Blackjack for comfort whenever he felt lonely. However, something was missing. He...
Fun Facts about DSAF!  by ElizMC99
Fun Facts about DSAF! by Elof
So anyway- ... I have nothing to say here- 🗿 ... Just- enjoy reading fun facts.
Random DsaF Gacha stuff ~ Discontinued by Crimson_Borealis
Random DsaF Gacha stuff ~ Disconti...by out of this world
I am only putting in funny situations and funny gacha screenshots here. Most of it will probably involve Dsaf or Fnaf. My Gacha got deleted, and I don't want to put in t...
🍆💕The book of DaveSport💕🍊 by Trashy_Potato_Boi
🍆💕The book of DaveSport💕🍊by Ha! Gae
Ahhah! I'm making a new DaveSport story cus I los all inspiration with the last one, so here you go, ya fellow crack heads. This story takes place after the events of Ds...
DSaF oneshots, I guess by SobbingNoises
DSaF oneshots, I guessby Discount
Horny for herny [henry x herny] by Lord_porky
Horny for herny [henry x herny]by Dr Henry Miller
The fanfic we all have been waiting for Also I suck at writing so yea
DSAF Oneshots by Dat_Taco_Wolf
DSAF Oneshotsby Dat_Taco_Wolf
Scenarios with a lot of the dsaf characters including: -X Readers -DaveSport -Davetrap x Jack -??Do people ship Jacktrap and Davetrap-?? -AUs -Jake x Harry -(Insert Pho...
Love Hurts by Roach-y
Love Hurtsby Roach-y
so basically PG tells Jack that he needs to break up with Dave or else he's fired. Jack doesn't like it but he didn't want to die- even tho being without Dave was just a...
DSaF Oneshots by Leo_SP
DSaF Oneshotsby Leo Miller
Enjoy my terrible writing UwU
FNAF/DSAF Oneshots and Short Stories  by ItsMilkshakeTime
FNAF/DSAF Oneshots and Short Stori...by ItsMilkshakeTime
"You had never experienced the proceeding event before... all you knew was that your mind blurred after you locked eyes with him. Cold air howled and circled around...
Random Ideas by Pokeypaintbrush
Random Ideasby spicybo
i don't update often but here's some things that may be in or out of context for your shitposting pleasures
Dsaf oneshot book by Davescumsock
Dsaf oneshot bookby Dave's cum sock
Probably still as shity as the other bookes but whatever (⌐■-■)
See You On The Flipside by Leopardspot57
See You On The Flipsideby Amber
Let's just talk about this for a moment, dude. The boss is a guy with a phone for a head, the guy at the prize counter is a virgin that nobody likes, there's a purple se...
DSaF One-shots 👁👅👁 by EPNTB-
DSaF One-shots 👁👅👁by Davetrap Simp
don't expect much, I'm new to Wattpad, and I'm writing mostly on iphone, so its gonna take me a while to write chapters-