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The Boxer {h.s.} by ilyharryx
The Boxer {h.s.}by Sam
"I got my hopes up" I whisper, softly closing my eyes. "About what?" Harry mumbles keeping his distance from me. "About you actually loving me b...
Protective  by angelxissues
Protective by systems
The hardest part wasn't leaving the care house. It was taming the man named Harry whom everyone called Dark Soul and learning to live the dangerous life he lives. 2016
Writing Our Story (Complete) by Monsi_Salcedo
Writing Our Story (Complete)by Monsi
Demi Lovato & Harry Styles Demi Lovato moves into a new town after the death of her mother. Her dad wanting a new fresh start looks for a small house. Feeling lonely as...
Was That LOVE?? (A Harry Styles and Demi Lovato Love story) by dropsOfDawn
Was That LOVE?? (A Harry Styles an...by Pia
It's your need when you wait for someone for few hours... It's your trust when you wait for someone for weeks.. It's your friendship when you wait for someone for few mo...
love at first fight [stylato story] by DemetriaMyQueen_
love at first fight [stylato story]by DemetriaMyQueen_
what's when the worldwide #1 known fighter Harry Styles meets the worldwide number 1 fighter Demi Lovato while she's fighting with another female fighter. both fall in...
Three Wishes by dian143
Three Wishesby dian
" And above all, watch with glittering eyes the world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. THOSE WHO DON'T BELIEVE...
beauty with cruel intentions THE REVENGE (Hemi/Diall) by dropsOfDawn
beauty with cruel intentions THE R...by Pia
She got ice in her Veins, Blood in her eyes.. Hate in her Heart and REVENGE in her Mind!! That strong desire for revenge took possession of her vindictive soul!!
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams [ Wattys 2015 ] by maneimjeff
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams [ Watty...by K.
Dεмι ℓ. нαяяү s. NOTE: This book contains explicit content and major character death. If sensitive, please read at your own risk. Demi Lovato is an eighteen years old st...
Irresistible by ilovedemiandr5
Irresistibleby ilovedemiandr5
Demi lovato one of the most inspirational woman alive and not to mention a voice to die for and an army of lovatics supporting her every move.she had a perfect life, per...
Lecture by slutmi
Lectureby Mariana
In which Demi's too into reading and Harry's too into eating. [Explicit] Harry/Demi
Protecting Emily: Forever & Always by Wolfgirl54
Protecting Emily: Forever & Alwaysby Wolfgirl54
Sequel to Protecting Emily. Find out what happens to Liam & Liz, Harry & Emily, Niall & Emily, Perrie & Zayn, and Louis & Eleanor. The original book may be over but the...
Defying Them {Nemi} by NemiSoEpic
Defying Them {Nemi}by NemiSoEpic
People doubted them, some forbid them. One of them wanted her. Her brother wanted to kill them- well, maybe not literally, but it was close enough and still, she carried...
Somebody to Love (Demi Lovato fanfiction) by ashokii
Somebody to Love (Demi Lovato fanf...by ᴡᴡᴡ.ashokii.linodwi.ru
Who is the one that demi choose? The one who cheated on her The one who is ex-bestfriend boyfriend The one who is womanizer Who is the one?