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Omegaverse guide by JustEnoughForACoffee
Omegaverse guideby Coffee/Skyler
To anyone thinking about writing an omegaverse and can't find the "rules" Highest Ranking: #1 in originalstories
Guide To Better Writing by WattpadWritersHub
Guide To Better Writingby Wattpad Writers Hub
This is a comprehensive guide that covers pretty much every aspect of writing, including: descriptions, character development, voice, world building, pacing, and more. W...
Writers Hub Profile Guide by WattpadWritersHub
Writers Hub Profile Guideby Wattpad Writers Hub
Inside this guide you will find a table of contents highlighting the features of Wattpad Writers Hub, links to helpful Wattpad resources, and tips about profile etiquett...
Grammar & Punctuation by WattpadWritersHub
Grammar & Punctuationby Wattpad Writers Hub
Whether you need a refresher on your English grammar and punctuation, or perhaps English is not your first language and you're looking for some quick pointers, this guid...
𝐏𝐈𝐗𝐄𝐋𝐒  ✁ Graphic Lotto by Avengersnerd08
𝐏𝐈𝐗𝐄𝐋𝐒 ✁ Graphic Lottoby Sav
ᵖ𝐢𝐗E𝔩ş AяE G𝔩𝐢t𝓬𝓱𝐢ŇG A place where a burnt-out writing turns to graphic creation. Find all of the examples are forms inside. {Graphic Design student} {Photoshop...
Literary Devices by WattpadWritersHub
Literary Devicesby Wattpad Writers Hub
Literary Devices help readers appreciate, interpret and analyze a literary work. These devices can be broken into two parts: Literary Techniques, such as metaphor, hyper...
Author Branding by WattpadWritersHub
Author Brandingby Wattpad Writers Hub
Here you will find chapters dedicated to the various methods writers can use to create a unique brand, with examples of successful graphic design, logos, and brand mantr...
From Plot To Published by WattpadWritersHub
From Plot To Publishedby Wattpad Writers Hub
Every step of a writer's journey is detailed here, from the plot outline to the published novel, including: how to craft a story arc, researching literary agents, sensit...
The Wattpadian's Guide to Using Canva | Guide for Graphics Designer Pros by TheWordArtistBooks
The Wattpadian's Guide to Using The Word Artist
Hey, you! Yes, you! That Wattpadian who's reading this book now! I'm Canva, and I know most of you just click one of my templates and randomly change the words! I am fru...
Subliminals by RoseMellark
Subliminalsby Alana Miller
Welcome to this Hidden World! This is a book full of information needed in your journey. You can ask me questions or DM about this. I'll do my best to inform you as I ca...
Omegaverse Guide  by WolfGirlLover20
Omegaverse Guide by Meghan Jackson
To anyone thinking about writing an omegaverse and can't find the rules.
The Girls' Guide To Surviving Middle School (Completed) by sam10578
The Girls' Guide To Surviving sam10578
This is a short guide for girls about to go into Middle School. I just got out of Middle School. This might not be the same for everyone but at least I'm trying. There w...
The New Clans: Help Guide! by MoonWatchSea
The New Clans: Help Guide!by MoonWatcherAtTheSea
Hey this is a note from the writer! Yes it is. I wanted to make "The New Clans" , but there as some thing needed to be cleared up from the first book. So i mad...
The Help Guide by nocturnal-owl
The Help Guideby Trashcanmuppet
With this book I try to help you guys out, those who struggle with things like depression, self harm, coming out, or anything alike. Requests are open. I noticed that t...
Lore For The Power of Old by jbnw12
Lore For The Power of Oldby jbnw
For those how need help understanding all the powers and runes read this to make it easier to understand.
mental health help guide by Strawberrycake333
mental health help guideby <3
in this book you'll find explanations, stories and advice about mental health issues, how to help yourself or others struggling. disclaimer: most of the information in t...
How To NOT FanFiction. by The_Criminal_N2
How To NOT chaotic gay
Writing a FanFiction? Don't know HOW to write a FanFiction? Well here's a book on what NOT to do.
i can't write- and neither can you by uhohvicky
i can't write- and neither can youby ☆daMN SOn☆
I've always been the person people come to for advice. This is a book of writing and making your story clickable and readable. We're not professionals and no one is pe...