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Hellions by Harrington20
Hellionsby Hannah Harrington
Jacob "Thor" had his whole life easy. Everyone was afraid to push the beast inside of him because of his dads legend. His size didnt help either. He never had...
Satan's Sacrifice by XXrogueXlucyXX
Satan's Sacrificeby A.L. Rogue
Isabella had been through so much the past 2 years. Fighting every single one of The First's generals while fighting feels she had for Dalton. But now she defeated each...
Hellions  by RebeccaCoby
Hellions by Y E E T
Karinna Terragem was only 16 years old when everything changed for her. She had already lost her father 10 years ago, but the only adult left that could take care of her...
Frontlines by RunningOnImpulse
Frontlinesby RunningOnImpulse
In the secluded Cascadian Military Base, trouble is brewing.
The Hellions by Adeline_La_Rue
The Hellionsby Ellie Hathaway
The witches of the Hellions are ghost stories to most young girls. But for some, they are saviors. The coven of witches called the Hellions are the first and eternal cov...
Infernal by a_bittersweet_tale
Infernalby a_bittersweet_tale
Born in the infernal world...we ain't the mere creatures of ash and soot, we ain't made from those five elements of life, we are summoned from the tempered reins of our...
Cravings by BlueAvian537
Cravingsby Blue
Travel into Helly's past.
Evolution: Posthumanity (An X-Universe series) by DanielMcEwen4
Evolution: Posthumanity (An X-Univ...by Daniel McEwen
A parallel universe mostly the same as 616 set immediately following the Secret Wars. In this reality the heroes and villains never returned. Without Xavier's School the...
Hell's Princess by Arrows7986th
Hell's Princessby Arrows7986th
Terra a eightteen year old who only has her mother to keep her sane but when she relizes shes more than a mean girl and shes a somthing more worse
Anguish by nrasool
Anguishby nrasool
They feed on the emotions of humans until they become madly insane or die agonisingly. Joanna encounters the Hellion of Anguish whilst protecting her sister. She gets bi...
Heroines & Hellions (Sample Chapters) by JadeKerrion
Heroines & Hellions (Sample Chapte...by Jade Kerrion
NO DAMSELS ALLOWED! 22 Kickass Heroines. 22 Exclusive, Full-length Urban Fantasy and Fantasy Novels. 0 Damsels in Distress. Do you like your leading ladies to save the d...